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Pink Berry Strain

Cannabis lovers seeking the best of both worlds, a cannabis strain that is not only potent but deliciously flavorful and sweet, the Pink Berry strain is the jackpot. This indica-dominant hybrid is enhanced with sweet, fruity undertones and a hard-hitting high. Pink Berry is a unique and wonderful addition to the cannabis industry, drawing its lineage from

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Afternoon Delight Strain

Just like what the Starland Vocal Band might croon on about, this bud is one you might want to wait for the sun to go down before you pick it up, a smooth smoke on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But what is this strain all about? Below are some facts about the Afternoon Delight strain

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Orange Crush Strain

One of the traits that makes cannabis so unique and enjoyable is the range of wonderful scents that intoxicate the senses. The most noteworthy and recognizable cannabis aromas is the skunk or gas smell; however, some cannabis strains produce more earthy pine smells or even refreshing fruit and citrus scents. If you are someone with a sweet

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Pink Cookies Strain

The centerpiece of an extravagant sensation celebration, Pink Cookies is more commonly known as Wedding Cake. It is considered illustrious for stoners everywhere due to its potency and saccharine aroma. One might already know about it from its other nicknames such as Marijuana Cake, and Birthday Cake. If you are looking to get your creative

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