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Weed Delivery Services in DC

Our meticulously researched list highlights the crème de la crème of DC weed delivery services, taking into account crucial aspects such as customer feedback, product diversity, swiftness of delivery, and exclusive promotions. Each entry features captivating imagery accompanied by succinct summaries designed to pique curiosity and facilitate informed decisions.

Washington, D.C., welcomes visitors to a unique cannabis culture where both medical and recreational use are legal. The city's cannabis journey began with Initiative 59 in 1998, seeking to legalize medical cannabis, delayed by Congressional interference.

In 2010, medical marijuana became legal, with the first legal purchase in 2013. Decriminalization followed in 2014, supported by 80% of residents. Congressional opposition briefly stalled progress.

Initiative 71 in 2014 marked the full legalization of recreational use, allowing possession, cultivation, and gifting. However, retail sales face Congressional obstacles. Federal law still prohibits marijuana on federal lands, impacting about 29% of the city.

Congressional opposition remained a challenge, as seen in the 2014 omnibus spending bill, lifting the federal ban on medical marijuana but targeting D.C.’s Initiative 71. Arrest patterns reflected changes, with an 80% decline in distribution arrests from 2010 to 2015. However, public consumption arrests increased in 2016.

Activists faced arrests for distributing cannabis during public events, emphasizing the ongoing activism shaping D.C.’s cannabis narrative. The National Cannabis Festival, held annually, showcases music, education, and vendors, highlighting the city’s evolving cannabis culture.

Explore Washington, D.C.’s landmarks, parks, and events while embracing the freedom to responsibly engage with cannabis. Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment where history, activism, and legal developments intersect, defining the city’s unique cannabis identity.


Embark on a journey through DC’s dynamic weed scene with our comprehensive directory of delivery services. Discover the top delivery services based on customer reviews, product variety, delivery speed, and promotions.


Dispensaries with knowledgeable budtenders that provide curated selections of flower, edibles, concentrates, and more. Convenient locations, welcoming vibes, and competitive prices define these establishments. Whether you seek specific strains, medical recommendations, or simply a great experience, DC’s dispensaries have you covered.


From heady bongs and sleek vaporizers to rolling papers and funky accessories, DC’s smoke shops are a haven for smokers of all styles. These establishments boast friendly experts who guide enthusiasts through the latest trends, offer high-quality glass pieces, and showcase unique smoking accessories. Immerse yourself in shops with knowledgeable staff, diverse options, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Top Delivery Services for I71 in Washington 2023

What is Initiative 71?

Initiative 71 (I71) plays a crucial role in DC’s cannabis legalization. This initiative allows adults over 21 to possess and cultivate cannabis, regulates gifting within limits, and prohibits commercial sales through dispensaries.

Top I71-compliant Delivery Services

    • The High Guru: This service strictly adheres to I71 regulations, ensuring safety, legality, and quality control.
    • Cali Kitchen: With a focus on I71 compliance, Cali Kitchen provides a curated selection of cannabis products, adhering to the gifting framework.
    • Buddaflies: Known for their adherence to I71, Buddaflies prioritizes legality and customer satisfaction.

Benefits of I71-compliant Services:

Choosing I71-compliant services ensures safety, legality, and quality control. Consumers can enjoy cannabis products with confidence, knowing they align with DC’s regulations.

Classic & Exotic Strains in DC

Understand the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains and their effects. Indica provides relaxation, Sativa offers energy and focus, while Hybrid blends aspects of both.

Popular Indica Strains

Popular Sativa Strains

Exotic Strains

Weed Delivery Hours in Washington, D.C.?

For those with varying schedules, many services in DC offer early morning and late-night delivery options. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, these services cater to your specific timing preferences, ensuring a seamless and timely delivery experience.

DC Weed Purchasing Check List:

Age Verification:
When engaging in weed delivery in DC, understanding the age verification process is crucial. Most services require a valid government-issued ID to confirm that the recipient is of legal age. Make sure to have your ID ready to ensure a smooth transaction.

Valid ID:
Having a valid government-issued ID is not only a legal requirement but also a key aspect of a hassle-free transaction. Ensure your ID is up-to-date and readily available for the delivery person to verify your age.

Order Minimums:
Before placing an order, be aware of any minimum order requirements that delivery services may have. Some services may have a minimum purchase amount to qualify for delivery, so check the specifics to meet the necessary criteria.

Payment Methods:
Explore the accepted payment methods for weed delivery in DC. While many services accept cash, some may also offer the convenience of credit card payments. Understanding the available payment options ensures a smooth and straightforward transaction.

Delivery Fees:
Understanding how delivery fees work is essential for budget-conscious consumers. Delivery fees may vary based on location or order size, so be sure to check the specifics to avoid any surprises when your order is delivered.

How Does DC Cannabis Delivery Work?

Step-by-Step Guide:
Ordering weed in DC is a straightforward process, but understanding the steps can enhance your experience. Begin by browsing menus on the delivery service’s listing, selecting your desired products.

Ordering Platforms:
Delivery services offer various ordering platforms, including websites, apps, and phone orders. Each method has its pros and cons. Websites and apps may provide a more visual and interactive experience, while phone orders allow for direct communication with the service.

Discreet Packaging:
Discreet packaging is a priority for most weed delivery services in DC. This ensures privacy and maintains the confidentiality of your order. Services take measures to package products discreetly, allowing you to enjoy your cannabis without drawing unnecessary attention.

Is Recreational Weed Legal in Washington?

Yes, but with limitations:
Recreational weed is legal in Washington DC for adults over 21; however, there are limitations to be aware of. Possession limits and restrictions on public consumption exist, and it’s important to understand and adhere to these regulations to stay on the right side of the law.

Can You Get Weed Delivered in Washington?

Yes: Weed delivery in Washington DC is legal through licensed and I71-compliant services. These services ensure adherence to local regulations, providing consumers with a safe and legal means of accessing cannabis products. Keep in mind potential delivery zone restrictions based on the service’s coverage areas.

Delivery Zones: While many services cover a broad range of areas in DC, it’s essential to be aware of potential delivery zone restrictions. Check with the delivery service to confirm whether they deliver to your specific location, ensuring a seamless ordering experience.

Can You Order Weed to a Hotel in DC?

Generally no:
Most hotels in Washington DC prohibit cannabis consumption on their premises, including deliveries. It’s crucial to respect these policies and avoid ordering weed to a hotel. Instead, consider alternative options, such as private residences or designated consumption lounges.

Alternative Options:
To enjoy cannabis in Washington DC without violating hotel policies, explore alternative options. Choose private residences where cannabis consumption is allowed, or look for designated consumption lounges that cater specifically to cannabis enthusiasts.

As you navigate the cannabis scene in Washington DC, keeping these guidelines in mind will contribute to a positive and enjoyable experience. From understanding delivery logistics to practicing responsible consumption, make informed choices to ensure your cannabis journey in DC is seamless and legal.

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How much cannabis can I purchase and possess in Washington D.C.?

An individual 21 years of age or older may possess up to two ounce of cannabis in Washington D.C.

Is it Legal To Smoke Marijuana In Washington D.C.?

Yes, marijuana may be smoked in Washington D.C. However, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places in the District of Columbia, and you can only consume marijuana on private property.

How can I get marijuana delivered?

Go to our delivery services section and choose a vendor. Select the product you’d want to order from their menu and call them or shoot a text message to schedule your delivery.

Is Marijuana Legal in Washington D.C.?

Yes, both recreational and medical marijuana are legal in Washington D.C. However, there are still some regulations that need to be followed. Read weed laws in DC here.

How do I find a dispensary near me that offers pick-up?

You can go to our Smoke Shops section above to find a dispensary that offers pick-up. To discover the closest store near you, go to the map by clicking the ‘View All’ button.

As the cannabis culture in DC continues to flourish, our comprehensive guide ensures you navigate the capital’s weed scene with confidence. From top delivery services to unique strains and legal insights, discover everything you need for an elevated experience in Washington, DC. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a first-time buyer, let our guide be your go-to source for all your cannabis needs in the DC area..