Velvet Clouds of LA Kush Cake Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

LA Kush Cake Strain

Imagine a smooth hit of a sweet peppermint taste smoked with the aroma of a vanilla-pine forest. That’s the experience of the award-winning indica-dominant hybrid cannabis LA Kush Cake strain. It’s the strain you choose when you want a body high with a beaming rhapsodic mind delight.

The cannabis flower buds flower into frosty trichome-rich nuggets with bright orange hairs and hues of indigo purple.


What Is the Cannabis LA Kush Cake Strain?

Los Angeles Cake Kush, known as Kush Cake and Kush Cake #11, is a 2019 Emerald Cup award-winning cannabis created by Seed Junky Genetics and Liberty Health Sciences.

LA Kush Cake is the hybrid cannabis child of its parent plants, Kush Mints and Wedding Cake. It’s an indica-dominant cannabis strain with sativa ancestry from the sativa cannabis strain Durban Poison. It’s blended and bred with indica flowers such as Bubba Kush and mixed with flowers such as GSC, Cherry Pie, and Animal mints.

However, folklore and competing mysterious origin stories have arisen in the attempt to trace the origins of the modern-day hybrid cannabis. Depending on the cannabis seeds, LA Kush is also said to have the genealogy of Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4), OG Kush, and Abusive OG.

And despite the genetic controversy, Kush Cake ranks as a hybrid cannabis species.

Cannabis is the only plant known to deliver tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a highlight psychoactive compound that helps users feel the sensation of being “high,” euphoric, and even giggly.

The Decadent Profile of Award-Winning LA Kush Cake

Kush Cake is decadent with a THC content that sits between the high teens and the low 20s. Depending on your batch, Kush Cake can offer you a lovely relaxing high or a deep couch-locked sleep high. Check your batch THC level before fashioning a bowl or two.

And due to its low Cannabidiol (CBD) level, Kush Cake is not the best option for edible use. Kush Cake does not contain enough CBD to physically trigger an anti-inflammatory response, lower high blood pressure, or other benefits particular to CBD. Kush Cake has less than 1% of CBD.

Instead, Kush Cake has an impressive terpene profile, including limonene, beta-caryophyllene (BCP), and linalool.

For Kush Cake, limonene terpenes produce aromatic scents of pine and cannabis in the flower’s resin glands from its parent plant, Wedding Cake. In addition, limonene may alleviate anxiety and stress relief with cake-like aromatherapy.

The terpene BCP creates a funky profile that Kush Cake fans identify as a funky musky scent with a spicy, peppery taste. BCP can be present in other plants like clove, oregano, cinnamon, and even rosemary, which can appear as remnants of Kush Cake.

And the sudden aroma of linalool terpenes enriches the cannabis with full floral perfume and flavors that improve the cannabis’ physiological benefits. For example, Kush Cake gets its linalool from the parent Wedding Mints steeping scents of sweet vanilla and calming lavender notes.

Now that you’ve understood Kush Cake’s profile let’s get into the experience.

The LA Kush Cake Experience

The LA Kush Cake is not for new enthusiasts or casual smokers but rather the relatively regular recreational and medical patrons looking for an intense, euphoric, long-lasting smoke.

Its sticky buds are dense with purple-tinted nuggets, heavy green leaves, and white frosted trichomes that layer between bright orange hairs.

And if you’re smoking LA Kush Cake out of a bong, pipe, or joint, you will experience the velvety taste of vanilla underneath that beloved stench of sour diesel petrol.

And upon inhalation, Kush Cake fills the palette with a dramatic blend of an earthy fall season with an aftertaste of spicy pine, skunk, pepper, and buttery scents of lavender.

How Do You Use the LA Kush Cake Strain?

Underneath the radical blend of aroma and texture, LA Kush Cake is the perfect candidate for cannabis seekers searching for an uplifting and soothing experience.

LA Kush Cake is the slow-rising relaxation and creepy enough to not feel high at first hit — it emits a relaxed, euphoric, and sedative-like feeling. The aftereffects include hungry, thirst, and dry mouth. It is the ideal strain for unwinding with absolutely nothing to do. So, take your time working on this bowl.

Due to its relaxing nature, Kush Cake can help aid in fitness recovery and muscle pain and relieve muscle tightness. In addition, other users with insomnia and chronic health conditions such as fibromyalgia can benefit from the profound sedative effects of LA Kush Cake.

However, people sensitive to indica-dominant cannabis may encounter dry eyes, sleepiness, or dry cotton mouth.

Ways To Use LA Kush Cake

Finding your perfect dose can be challenging if you’re attracted to the taste and effects of the notoriously potent LA Kush Cake. Try microdosing to get the most out of your benefits without the intense high.

Microdosing cannabis involves taking a personal-prescribed amount of cannabis that allows your body to receive the medical benefits of THC without interfering with everyday life. And depending on your medical condition, microdosing may be perfect.

For example, if you use cannabis to reduce anxiety, using LA Kush Cake without guidelines or regimens can induce stress with paranoia. In this case, microdosing LA Kush Cake would be the best alternative.

The goal of controlled microdosing with cannabis tinctures, oils, and edibles is to skillfully consume the right amount of cannabis that causes a minimal effect without getting you completely stoned.

However, if you want to get stoned, skip the microdosing and consume LA Kush Cake according to your preference at the end of your day. Or, during the day when you don’t have much to do.


How Should You Grow LA Kush Cake?

LA Kush Cake is reasonably easy to grow into dank resinous buds indoors and outdoors under nutrient-dense conditions.

The key to growing seeds indoors is ensuring your cannabis seed has protection by using wire, elastic, or nylon mesh that helps with low and apical pruning of the plant more leisurely and less strenuous as the branches grow over time.

However, cultivating LA Kush Cake outdoors requires meticulous care that keeps moisture away from the buds once they are mature. These buds grow tightly together to allow minimal internal ventilation. Humidity will irritate their exterior.

Signs that your LA Kush Cake is ready for harvest:

  • Blossoming fragrance of petrol
  • Bright coating of snow-white crystals
  • Rocktight sticky buds with resin weighing between 400g and 550g

The plant is quick to flower, taking nearly eight weeks to yield heavy, pungent batches of dense indigo buds indoors. And outdoor growers can expect to harvest their buds the first fortnight in October in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of April in the southern hemisphere.

Locating LA Kush Cake in DC

Now that cannabis culture is blooming in Washington DC, locals and visitors are wondering where they can find the best LA Kush Cake cannabis in the area to share their favorite Kush Cake stories.

Some devotees experience flavors of apricot, pine, and menthol. Others share fruity plum tastes on inhalation and spicy exhalation. And some have proposed that the flower even has traces of nutty pecans.

Other buffs describe LA Kush Cake as a time-traveling bud that amplifies after the first inhalation — followed by a prowling sensation of euphoria sprinkled with joy, bliss, and creativity after 15 minutes, and it slows down your sense of time.

You can find available LA Kush Cake flower and its parent strains at Baked DC, whiles it’s available. In addition, Baked DC has a consistently rotating, lavish menu of premium indoor sativa, indica, and hybrids.

Lucky Chuckie DC is a premier cannabis hub famous for high-quality LA Kush Cake, cannabis experts, and weed tours that wander upon legendary landmarks around Washington DC.

Or you can find LA Kush Cake and its parental strains at the DMV’s most trusted and recreational 71-compliant business District Connect. They also offer intensive medical and recreational expert advice and high-quality cannabis from local growers.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality LA Kush Cake Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Still Unsure if LA Kush Cake Is Right for You?

LA Kush Cake is award-winning easy-to-grow cannabis designed to relax the mind and replace achy pains with a heavy-hitting euphoric sensation. But if you’re still hesitant, you may have a few of these questions in mind.


Common Questions About Kush Cake

We’ve got answers to the most commonly asked questions about the LA Kush Cake strain.

How does LA Kush Cake make you feel?

LA Kush Cake is a classic OG strain that creates a solid, uplifting cerebral effect that is relaxing and becomes more intense over time. If you believe that you have low tolerance, Kush Cake can feel overwhelming as it tends to overstimulate the senses into deep sedation. And a high tolerance can expect the classic deep-seated stoner effects.

How strong is the LA Kush Cake strain?

LA Kush Cake is exceptionally potent, showcasing its indica effects with deep states of mental tranquility that can help support people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and appetite loss. However, if you’re not a recreational smoker, LA Kush Cake should not be your first choice. Instead, try its grandparent, South African Sativa Durban Poison, without the risk of couchlock.

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