Black Dog Strain: A Hit Among Party Goers and Couch Users Alike

Black Dog Strain

The Black Dog strain is held in high regard among California cannabis connoisseurs and growers alike. Whether it became the talk of your circle because of its dreamy and relaxing aftereffects or its easy-to-grow reputation, it lives up to all the gossip and more. There is something for everyone who seeks out the Black Dog strain otherwise known as Black D.O.G.

Who First Bred Black D.O.G.?

This Blackberry Kush and Emerald Headband child was developed by one of the groups leading the pack when it comes to specialized cannabis breeding and strain development, the Humboldt Seed Company. The team aims to provide quality resources to grow their own premium cannabis.

Black Dog is unique because of its status as both an indica-dominant hybrid strain and a feminized plant. This means that they have been cultivated specifically so that only female cannabis plants grow. They are sought after as rich sources of terpenes and cannabinoids in their flowers especially in Black Dog’s place of origin, Northern California.

What Does the Black Dog Strain Look Like?


RESIZED Black Dog Strain 2 768x480 1True to its name, Black Dog has an almost-black, dark hue. It is an average-sized strain that sometimes produces larger-sized nugs as well. Those that are larger have their fan leaves spread about 30% when they do. Its thick buds are syrupy to the touch.

What Does It Smell Like?

Those in it for the fragrance will be glad to know that it has a sweet scent that is reminiscent of forest-like berries and grape, giving whiffs of deep fruity flavor. Traces of pine and oil also permeate through the smoking sit-down. The more the strain is combusted the ever-present floral and candy-like smells start to emerge. This strain is beloved for its organic aroma which tends to make it more tolerable for novices.

How Does the Black Dog Strain Make You Feel?

Many users rave about how fast the high comes on as well as the consistent state of relaxation that persists. Others who have tried Black Dog say that it takes a while for the complete high to build up, but when it settles, it drifts you into an enticing full-body experience. It is said to lessen anxiety as the aroma fills you with a warm and tranquil sensation.

The Black Dog strain emits a woodsy aroma as you peel each bud away. With its THC concentration roughly around 16-21%, it pushes for a kick of focus and then a calming lull cradling the user throughout the journey.

However, most stoners will say that the 80/20 Indica dominant hybrid is still a hangout strain, lessening inhibition in the social setting and allowing for chill yet fun parties. It forces you into a smile, with highlights of joy and uplifting tones in the mood you experience. You can have creative conversations with friends and be bold in your interactions. After all of the jumpy energy, it might be good to grab the couch for the calming part of the ride.

Medical Benefits

While there are plenty who want to use Black Dog during social events, there are other ways to enjoy it as well. Some use Black Dog to help cope with depression and chronic stress. Insomniacs will find comfort from its lulling and sedative effects as they drift off to enjoy a good night’s rest. Individuals suffering from chronic pain, in specific areas, can also mitigate their discomfort due to the high-THC concentration, and full-body effects.

This strain is also prized for its calming herbal effects. Many experiencing emotional troubles, struggling through depression, anxiety or PTSD can find respite in the fumes of Black Dog. Additionally, its head-focused activity makes it one of the go-to choices for glaucoma patients.

Why is Black Dog so Popular Among Novice Growers?

This plant is well known because it grows quickly, within 48-55 days. It flowers at a rapid rate, with each plant yielding around 400-500g. If you want stronger THC content, you can give the plant a longer timeframe to grow, allowing for all of its parts to expand to their full potential. Not only is its overall growth rate rapid, but Black D.O.G also boasts a moderate resistance to bug infestation. Overall, this strain is quite friendly to novice growers and green thumbs alike.

Where Can I Get My Hands On the Black Dog Strain?

Black Dog StrainBlack Dog is a hit among its loyal users. It’s top-grade for pain relief, growing ability, and for those just dipping their feet into the pool of the cannabis lifestyle. If you want to experience what everyone is gushing about, try smoking or growing Black Dog by checking out the Purple Penthouse Exclusive Designer Flower to browse their vast collection of purple flower strains and all the famous brands in D.C.

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