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If you’re looking for a new strain to try while you explore all of DC’s excellent smoke shops and delivery services, we can’t recommend the Wedding Crasher strain fast enough. Below, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Wedding Crasher along with our final thoughts on the strain.


Wedding Crasher Strain Background

The Wedding Crasher strain is a hybrid cross between a ton of really mellow strains and strains that promote bright, cerebral energy. It was first propagated by Symbiotic Genetics when they crossed their Wedding Cake phenotype with the famous Purple Punch strain. These two strains come together to produce a cakey offspring with sweet grape notes and an earthy, gassy aroma. All in all, Wedding Crasher is a very balanced hybrid offering the best of both worlds for symptom management and a clear mental effect.

Cultivating the Wedding Crasher Strain

Growing the Wedding Crasher strain is considered a moderately difficult task. Physically, she takes after the Wedding Cake parent and tends to grow in a more indica-dominant fashion. Her leaves are broad and her foliage is thick, so regular trimming will be necessary to encourage the plant to put its energy towards making flowers and not water leaves. She grows short, but wide, so she also requires a fair bit of training early in the veg cycle to keep her growth under control. Other than that, she grows thick, dense flowers, so take care to manage humidity levels carefully to help reduce the risk of powdery mildew. You can expect her to be ready to harvest around 8 weeks. If you want high quality feminized wedding crasher seeds Crop King Seeds is the best place to go.

Wedding Crasher Strain Appearance

Wedding Crasher is a beauty both on the plant and cured in a jar. She boasts dark green water leaves against light green stems. Her colas are thick, dense, and frosty and range in shade from yellow to purple. The flowers themselves (when broken from the main colas) are small and compacted. When dried, they tend to be a dark shade of yellowish-green with bright red pistils curling through the thick blanket of trichomes.

Wedding Crasher Strain Aroma

Wedding Crasher tends to take after Wedding Cake in the scent department. Cakey strains are very unique in the sense that they offer a sweet vanilla scent with a very mild dank undertone. On the plant, Wedding Crasher smells like an actual vanilla cake. When the flowers are dried, the odor mellows into something more herbal and earthy, though those sweet vanilla tones still shine when the nugs are broken open.

Wedding Crasher Strain Flavor

Wedding Crasher offers the best flavors that both the parent strains offer. Like Wedding Cake, Crasher offers a smooth vanilla flavor. On the other hand, it gets sweet grape notes from its Purple Punch parent. On a deep inhale, you’ll notice these two key flavors upfront along with thick, vanilla smoke that doesn’t normally cause a ton of coughing. The flavors become complex upon the exhale as the strain mellows into a rich earthiness and a sharp fuel-like kick. The aftertaste is like the inhale, sweet vanilla, and berry.

Wedding Crasher Strain Effects

Wedding Crasher truly offers an amazing mix of relaxing physical effects and positive mental energy. While it is an extremely potent strain, the high is notably clear-headed. It melts away pain and sore muscles while amplifying happy feelings, leaving the user feeling uplifted, physically relaxed, and mildly euphoric. The cerebral effect is so clear that many creatives use the strain for its slightly energetic and focusing effects. It’s truly just a free and clear strain. It typically doesn’t cause a crash or an extreme case of the munchies. However, like most strains, side effects include dry mouth and dry eyes.

Wedding Crasher Strain Medical Uses

Wedding Crasher’s amazing balance between physical relaxation and a clear-headed cerebral effect makes it a great choice for managing the symptoms of a variety of ailments. It offers an extremely soothing effect in the muscles, making it a great option for chronic pain and arthritic conditions. However, we really can’t express our love for this strain’s mental effects enough. The uplifting, euphoric sensation mingles with a focusing sensation that allows for appropriate paranoia-free management of mental ailments, like anxiety and depression. It’s also great for managing stress in patients suffering from PTSD.

Final Thoughts: Wedding Crasher Strain

All in all, the Wedding Crasher strain is one of the most medicinally valuable strains available. However, it’s also a great choice for helping you to feel more positive and relaxed. Between it’s stress-relieving and pain-reducing properties, amazing aroma, and mouth-watering flavor profile, Wedding Crasher is a great choice for just about anything at any time of day. If we had to give it a star rating, it would be a resounding 5 across the board. If you want to grow some at home here is the best place to get your seeds from. If you’ve ever tried the Wedding Crasher strain, let us know what you thought! Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Wedding Crasher seeds here is a great place to try.

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