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Pink Candy Strain

Pink Candy, sometimes known as Pink Candy Kush, has been on our radar heavily this week. Several gifting companies here in DC have it on the menu, and our experience with this exciting exotic strain made it a top priority to write about and spread the word. This bud packs a powerful punch of THC and promotes

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Gorilla Cake Strain

If you’ve stopped in your local dispensary or if you are shopping around online, you’ll notice the overwhelming number of cannabis strains out there. With so much variety, it can make things challenging to pick the perfect strain for you. Each strain has unique features and effects, providing you with a different experience every time. Whether you

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Snowland Strain

Snowland is guaranteed to give you an intriguing, Indica-derived psychoactive effect that may pleasantly surprise consumers with its potency. This cannabis’s relaxing effects on consumers are unique due to the bud’s genetics, flavor, and health benefits. Snowland Strain is a high-yielding, Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It has a distinctive flavor, setting its consumption process apart

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7 Types of Plants That Look Like Weed

The cannabis plant may be one of the most iconic and recognizable plants out there, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get mistaken from time to time. In nature, there are various types of plants out there that resemble the cannabis plant’s various physical features. This could pose a problem, however, since cannabis is not

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