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Zip Of Weed

The cannabis industry has always been extremely innovative and creative, not only in its ingenuity and technologies but also in its unique wordplay and terminology. Cannabis culture has adopted a unique range of terminology to refer to various aspects and elements of the culture. For example, cannabis or marijuana can be referred to as flower or tree

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Best Cannabis Strains

Obesity and cannabis is a subject that is seldom debated. If you like your spontaneous pot delight on occasions, you might have found that cravings often accompany it. Though it is not known that a marijuana-induced consumption binge contributes to obesity, it is critical to understand that the strains can slim people down.   It’s

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5 Best NYC Smoke Shops!

Many people wrongly assume that, with the legality of marijuana in certain states across America, head shops in the US would take a hit. After all, many dispensaries sell the same smoking products—pipes, papers, grinders, lights, and more. Why would someone need to hit up a separate shop? But, in fact, the opposite is true! Head shops represent a

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OG Kush Breath

OGKB is relatively new to the DC weed scene, though it’s been making its rounds around the west coast for quite some time now. This powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain makes for ultra-soothing nighttime medicine and offers some of the most unique flavors you can find in a cannabis strain, making it a popular new addition

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Orange Creamsicle Strain

There’s something about popsicles that sends most people right back to their childhood, and there’s no type of popsicle that does this better than orange creamsicles. These citrus-sweet treats are a hallmark of long, sunny afternoons and time spent with friends. Fittingly, the Orange Creamsicle strain can be just that, encouraging comfortable socialization and easy relaxation. This

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