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Cannabis Strains

In the cannabis industry, there are a lot of misconceptions that you might encounter if you’re a first-time user. One of these beliefs is that consuming cannabis will turn you into a “stoner,” causing you to just stay in the couch all day.   Some cannabis strains have been shown to improve productivity. The loss

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Raskal OG Strain

For a cannabis strain that delivers both energy and calmness simultaneously, look no further than Raskal OG. This potent strain delivers long-lasting results. You can use it for social situations, project inspiration, personal motivation, stress relief, and pain relief. The Raskal OG strain is a 60:40 Sativa/Indica hybrid strain created by Cali Connection. It’s a

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Italian Ice Strain Review: Premium Relaxation

Nothing says premium like the name Italian Ice and this strain’s heavenly effects combined with luscious flavors back it up. While the big talk surrounding this flower can be both encouraging and a little suspicious, the rumors have surely gotten many stoners to try it out of curiosity. But how good is the Italian Ice

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Magic Mushrooms

Everyone is always wondering are shrooms legal in DC and if so how do I get them? Well it’s common to find mushrooms and cannabis in the same smoke shop. But just like cannabis you can’t just buy them, they must be gifted. With their increasing popularity because of their psychological and physical benefits we thought we

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