Get the Dessert You Deserve With the Banana Cake Strain

Banana Cake Strain

Ready for dessert? The Banana Cake strain is born from some top confectionary strains and its delicious flavors do not disappoint. Below is the need-to-know info before you decide to get your hands on your very own supply of Banana Cake.

Banana Cake Background

Banana Cake was first developed by Paisa Grow Seeds, a breeding team with innovative and trendy techniques and creations under their belt. In some circles this strain is also called “Banana Cream Cake”  but its origins spell the true story of its name. A cross between Wedding Cake and Monkey Banana, this strain is not to be confused with Banana Cream Cake from any other parents.

Wedding Cake, in itself, is the true desert aisle permanent, having earned the title as Winner of the Best Hybrid of 2018 at the SoCal High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. Meanwhile Monkey Banana adds zany and fresh flavors to the mix. The combination spells “heavenly” all across the board for Banana Cake.

Banana Cake is a hybrid cannabis strain famous for its luscious terpenes and potency with THC levels rounding off at around 20%. It might be a little too powerful for newbies in the cannabis community but experienced tokers will enjoy the massive shock to the system.

What Does the Banana Cake Strain Look Like?

Banana Cake StrainThe Banana Cake strain’s plant is fuzzy and furry wherever it can be. With soft but sticky leaves and flowers complementing each other, each part of the greenery features trichomes complementing forest green and amber foliage. Growers will tell you its buds are dense with light green hues, coated with frost all over. The nugs are compact and sense with each break giving off the scent it is well-known for.

How Does Banana Cake Smell?

This is the part every Banana Cake lover will gush about. It’s no secret that the strain is glorious in the aroma department. When you sniff the nugs you will instantly get a whiff of cream and grass. Its fruit and tangy taste with hints of citrus make it give off a fresh and cool vibe. Its terpenes marked by the creamy but spicy caryophyllene emit a vanilla-like smell. An undertone of herbal and earthy notes rounds it out pretty well.

What Does the Banana Cake Strain Taste Like?

The “Banana” in its name isn’t for nothing. Banana Cake tastes just like its sounds but with an added depth and earthy tone to each inhale.

This strain features a banana forward flavor profile that will hit you in the nostrils upon opening your stash. The aroma is similar, with a creamy and cool finish on the exhale.

Fruity, gassy, epic. That’s what you get from the flavors and aromas of this hybrid strain. Of course, that fruit vibe is strong, with the tangy taste of citrus fruits provided by one of the dominant terpenes present, limonene. This is combined with the spicy terpene, to give that strong GSC style cheesecake-like tone.

How Does Banana Cake Make You Feel?

Banana Cake feels like when you’ve gone through a bad day and you just want to go to the fridge to pig out on your favorite dessert. Just as you take your first mouthful, you know this is the bliss that will lift your entire mood. But, don’t limit your Banana Cake to the end of the day, it’s just as scrumptious as a breakfast pancake when you take it in small chunks. No exaggerations: Banana Cake is a heavenly treat punctuated with fruit-filled, comforting flavors.

With THC levels that can reach around 25%, it will bring on a bright and creative cheerful mood, a buzz kicking strongly. Again, this one is not for new stoners out there so be careful with intense euphoric highs bringing you to a giddy, talkative phase. Banana Cake is a long ride but certainly a sweet one.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Banana Cake?

Banana Cake can provide relief for medical marijuana patients struggling with chronic pain as well as depression and nausea. It boosts the appetite so it can also help those who deal with appetite loss. The caryophyllene and myrcene present in Banana Cake can be quite soothing, alleviating pain from migraines and fibromyalgia.

How Do You Grow the Banana Cake Strain?

Banana Cake StrainBanana Cake feminized seeds are available on the market. All you need to look out for when growing this strain are the extreme heights this cannabis plant reaches. This is something to look out for especially for indoor gardens. You can grow this strain in both inside and outside setups, but using SOG or SCROG methods could be the right track to go when managing this strain’s growth. Conventional growing practices can also work if you like trimming often and keeping track of how tall your plants can get.

Early October harvests go for outdoor plants while 8-9 weeks is the average flowering time for indoor growth. You can expect a yield of 500 grams per plant outside and medium to high yields indoors.

Where To Get Your Hands On Banana Cake

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