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Baklava Strain

Heralded by weed pros for its high potency, this strain is not to be taken lightly. The Baklava strain is distinguished, not only for its full-body high, but also for its famous origins and delicious flavor. Perhaps it helps that rapper Action Bronson also goes by the moniker “Mr. Baklava.” Continue reading to know all

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Mag Landrace Strain

Most of the marijuana users know that nowadays, there are numerous strains available to try out. They can have diverse tastes, smells, or colors, and most importantly, they provide a massive variety of different experiences. You may wonder, why are they so different from each other? The reason for that is the environment, genetics, and

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AskGrowers How to Choose Top Weed Plants

In recent times, there has been a shift in the attitude of countries towards the use of weed. More countries worldwide are now on the move to legalise weed use. It is a result of the health benefits of the plant and also the rapid growth of different sectors and social innovations worldwide. Following this

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The Apple Jack Strain

With a rush of cerebral energy and a potent, fruit-blasted flavor, the Apple Jack cannabis strain has soared into popularity and deserves a place in every cannabis lover’s must-try list. Apple Jack is a hybrid cannabis strain that promotes an uptick in cerebral functioning as well as the spark needed to get the creative juices flowing. For

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