What is the Mandarin Cookies Strain? [Ultimate Strain Review]

Mandarin Cookies Strain

As the cannabis market grows across the country, dispensaries continue experimenting with different strains to appeal to different market segments. Most strains of cannabis remain either indica or sativa strains, though the hybrid strain market is growing because dispensaries are figuring out specific ratios to use in cross-breeding different sub-strains for specific effects.

Some of these desirable effects are alleviating anxiety or insomnia. If you suffer from one of these disorders or are curious as to why hybrid strains of marijuana are becoming more popular, keep reading as the strain in question here, Mandarin Cookies, might be a good strain for your uses.

The Mandarin Cookies strain is a hybrid strain of cannabis, cross-bred from about 70% sativa and 30% indica strains. It is a crossbreed of Mandarin Sunset and Cookies and has proven effective against anxiety and depression.

The Mandarin Cookies strain is growing in popularity for several reasons. Primary among those reasons are its effects, but its taste and aroma have also contributed to that popularity. Understanding just how this strain came to be and what it does is key to understanding if this might be a strain you want to use.

The Mandarin Cookies Strain Has Exceptional Pedigree

The Mandarin Cookies strain is an American strain that first appeared in Colorado. It was pioneered by Ethos Genetics, a company often at the forefront of cannabis innovations. Ethos states that they crossed their Mandarin Sunset and Cookies #12 strains to create Mandarin Cookies.

The former of these strains is the more recessive of the parent strains as it is an indica-dominant hybrid, a cross of Herojuana and Orange Skunk strains. This strain is known for its soothing, almost tranquilizing effect, an effect present but minimized in the  Mandarin Cookies strain.

The Mandarin Cookies strain’s other parent, Cookies, dominates its flavor and effect. Though Cookies strains originally came from the Bay area in California, Colorado dispensaries made this hybrid strain popular. Cookies combines the Durban Poison and OG Kush strains, creating a profound mental calming effect.

That mental calming effect is present in the Mandarin Cookies strain, which also inherited the strong genetics of its parent strains. When Ethos Genetics first created Mandarin Cookies, their first 18 out of 18 plants were keepers. Thus, the hybrid nature of this strain and its parent strains have endowed it with good genes and high yields.

The Mandarin Cookies strain is classified as a depressant on account of its mentally calming effect and use against anxiety disorders. That effect likely comes from the combined psychological and physiological properties of parent strains and THC content.

Mandarin Cookies’ THC content runs from 15% to 25%, which helps produce its effect quickly. The Mandarin cookies strain brings its high without any CBD, as its CBD levels stand below one percent.

This Strain Tastes Like Orange Cookies

Mandarin Cookies strain’s appearance is standard for a cannabis strain: pine-cone shaped, coated with trichomes, and colored a deep green. Occasional shades of purple and deep orange break up the green, but its standard appearance says nothing about its unique flavor.

Mandarin Cookies does not just get its name from its parents. According to one of its growers in Colorado, the strain is high in caryophyllene and limonene, making it taste like orange cookies. The relaxing effects are due to the high levels of linalool and myrcene.

High terpene concentration also gives this cannabinoid a sweet, citrusy aroma, one that pairs with diesel and earthier notes. Its flavor remains bright and sweet as it burns, pairing perfectly with its aroma, which becomes sharper and more like tangerine with heat.

The Versatile Effects Act Fast

Though Mandarin Cookies is known for its relaxing effect, it has several other effects that are useful in medical contexts such as:

  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Body numbing
  • Pain relief
  • Calmness

Its initial effect comes with a burst of energy and a clearing of the mind. On account of its potency, it acts within minutes of using it, a trait that continues to attract cannabis users to it.

Many users report Mandarin Cookies’ initial high is particularly useful for artistic efforts as its energy burst grants them an ability to focus without worry lurking in the background. Others report its uplifting effect helps amplify the enjoyment of social situations.

After the initial high settles, Mandarin Cookies brings euphoria, relaxation, and continued focus to the user, courtesy of its sativa-dominated genes. With this euphoria comes a loosening of tension in the body and a numbing of any chronic pain or aches.

As the high fades, it often helps its user with a sedative effect and thus can be particularly helpful for insomnia patients or others whose chronic pain keeps them awake at night.

With such effects, Mandarin cookies has become a common medical strain used mostly to treat those afflicted with mental illness. As a mostly sativa strain, Mandarin Cookies’ powerful effects can mollify:

  • Anxiety disorders, such as OCD or GAD
  • Stress
  • Depression

By clearing the mind, its high enables its user to devote themselves to tasks that make them happy or tasks that anxiety, stress, or depression have obstructed.

It also has benefits, however, for those who suffer from migraines or other chronic pain conditions, as its indica genes work to alleviate these conditions too. Thus, Mandarin Cookies’ versatility as a strain has made it a fixture in the medical marijuana strain and a fixture in communities where it is available.

Easy To Grow But Hard To Find

Though its Sativa composure makes this strain reliable, Mandarin Cookies is a trademarked strain and heavily protected by Ethos, its creator. Only female seeds are available on the market, which limits the capability of growing this strain sustainably at home or away from the eyes of its creator.

In addition, its producer does not always stock or produce the seeds for commercial use, though at the moment, the “version 2” seeds are widely available.

Therefore, the Mandarin Cookies plants that people grow at home often cannot reproduce. Those that continue to produce this plant after the initial seed investment often use cloned male seeds. If you manage to find such seeds for home growing, you can expect a smooth experience — as long as your growing environment complies with DC law.

Most sativa and sativa hybrids grow to be tall and skinny and therefore need support to make sure they do not fall over and stop growing. After acquiring Ethos’s seeds and planting this strain, you can easily tether this plant to a stick or other support.

You will also need to prune or “top” the plant and cut off its main stem’s bud or above side buds to encourage better growth. Ethos recommends topping the plant after ten days of flowering to achieve maximum yield.

Beyond the topping process, supporting the plant, and ensuring the growing environment meets the standard light and temperature requirements for cannabis, this strain does not require much work.

It typically takes around 70 days to reach its optimal flavor profile and potency, but those 70 days are worth it, as its yields are often very high. No exact statistics exist on its yields, but according to Ethos, the Mandarin Cookies strain produces a significant amount of usable cannabis in proportion to the effort needed to grow it.

A Strain Universally Beloved

Mandarin Cookies enjoys nearly universal acclaim in every review published about it. On several review aggregators, the strain currently holds over 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Users note its wonderful flavor profile, and those who experience anxiety and stress universally report that this strain has helped them cope with these afflictions. Others report boosts in productivity and that the strain has helped them sleep.

Older users who suffer from joint and back pain have also universally reported positive effects and that they are more able to enjoy their lives.

Luckily for you, the strain has made it far beyond the bounds of Colorado and is available right here in DC for medical marijuana users. The strain is available from Antidote DC, Tropix DC, and District Releaf, all of which you can order from using these delivery services.

All-in-all, Mandarin Cookies has enjoyed popularity since it emerged into the cannabis scene, and for good reason. Its genetics and lineage grant it powerful and versatile effects for medical usage and are paired with a great flavor and aroma.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Mandarin Cookies Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

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