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Read This Before You Try The Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner Strain

On the hunt for a new, exotic strain of marijuana to experiment with? There are endless strains out there to choose from, so where to start? How about a unique strain of marijuana named after a popular and legendary Marvel superhero? If that isn’t great marketing, not sure what is. This popular strain is known as Bruce Banner and has cemented its stake within the cannabis industry, permanently. This strain won’t have you raging out like Bruce Banner when he transforms into the Hulk, but it will hit you hard with its potency and strong aroma.

If you are interested in trying the Bruce Banner strain or if you are looking to try growing this action-packed strain, then keep on reading. This article seeks to explore all there is regarding the Bruce Banner strain to help you decide if this is the right strain for you to try. This cannabis strain review breaks down the known information surrounding this strain as well as its appearance, smell, and various effects. Like Bruce Banner himself, there is more to this strain than meets the eye.

The Bruce Banner Strain Background

This super-powered strain was created by cross-breeding Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush, two popular and potent strains. It was bred by Dark Horse Genetics located in Los Angeles, considered one of the most potent cultivators on the cannabis market. The Bruce Banner strain is a sativa dominant hybrid that’s truly a powerhouse when it comes to the experience of the high.

There are three different variant strains with Bruce Banner #3 coming in as the most popular among them. This phenotype of Bruce Banner won first place at the Denver U.S. Cannabis Cup, and, according to the High Times Cannabis Cup, this strain was awarded the third most potent strain that had ever been tested.

When it comes to potency, it’s hard to match that of the Bruce Banner strain. This strain has been known to test in levels of THC as high as 30%. During the High Times Cannabis Cup, Bruce Banner #3 tested in at 25-29%, sticking true to all the hype surrounding the strain.

The Bruce Banner Strain Appearance And Smell

Staying true to its name, the Bruce Banner strain produces large green, dense buds that are blanketed in frosty trichomes. Deep purple hues are hidden throughout the bud, laced with frosty red hairs, and presenting an appearance as exciting as its name. Overall, this strain is jam-packed with THC to deliver a potent high to anyone who has the pleasure of smoking it.

The Bruce Banner strain inherited traits from both its parent strains, exuding sweet, diesel undertones mixed in with spicy, earthy flavors.

How To Grow The Bruce Banner Strain

If you’re planning to start growing this strain, there are some things you need to be made aware of. First, this strain is considered an exotic strain and; therefore, can be a little more complex to grow compared to other strains. Another key factor to note is that this strain grows at its optimum while grow indoors. When it is grown indoors, cultivators can expect to a flowering period of around 9-10 weeks. The Bruce Banner strain is highly resistant to disease, mold, and pests, so rest assured that as long as you have the proper environment, the plants will grow healthy.

This strain grows significantly tall and produces very long, dense buds coated with crystal-like trichomes. A perk to growing this strain, aside from the fact that it is a very powerful strain, is that it produces a very high yield compared to its parent strains which are great for those who are looking to grow strains with large harvests.

Before growing any strain, make sure you conduct your research and provide the proper environment for it to grow. There are plenty of resources to flock to if you are looking to educate yourself on the process and the equipment required to grow cannabis. There are cost-effective ways to grow as well as expansive ways to grow and modernize your operation.

How Does The Bruce Banner Strain Make You Feel?

Time for the most important part, how does the Bruce Banner strain make you feel? Although the Bruce Banner strain is considered a sativa dominant hybrid, it still provides those who smoke it with balanced benefits from both sides. Akin to its name, this strain packs a wallop and the effects hit you swiftly. However, after some time, the effects will mellow out and produce an inspired sense of euphoria. Piggybacking off this euphoria is a heightened sense of focus and creativity.

The Bruce Banner strain will also make you feel relaxed throughout your entire body and even aids with easing the symptoms of chronic pain. This is a popular strain for treating anxiety or stress and has even been known to relieve symptoms of ADD/ADHD and other mental disorders; however, it is always important to consult a medical doctor regarding the treatment of your health concerns.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect, balanced strain look no further than the Bruce Banner strain. This heroic strain packs a heavy punch and promises potent results to all those who smoke this legendary strain. The Bruce Banner strain is a coveted strain within the cannabis industry and if you have the chance to get your hands on this strain, you should leap on the opportunity. It’s not every day that you get to smoke a marijuana strain named after an infamous Marvel superhero. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Bruce Banner Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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