AskGrowers: How to Choose Top Weed Plants

AskGrowers How to Choose Top Weed Plants

In recent times, there has been a shift in the attitude of countries towards the use of weed. More countries worldwide are now on the move to legalise weed use. It is a result of the health benefits of the plant and also the rapid growth of different sectors and social innovations worldwide.

Following this rapid growth of the cannabis industry, weed growers are making more money than ever. One of these top platforms covering topics on the plant is AskGrowers. While it is pretty easy to buy weed plants these days, there is a lot that goes into the process of selecting the right one.

You have to first identify potential plants by observing the type of strains. Identifying cannabis strains can help you discover top weed plants on AskGrowers. There’s a strain detail for each weed plant available on the site, and other information tailored towards potential growers.

What is AskGrowers?

AskGrowers is a cannabis network dedicated to providing consumers with enough resources and information to explore all the latest information about weed plants. You can find all the price listings of weed plants on the site, as well as detailed information about these plants. It is a spotlight where manufacturers and growers meet, doubling as a weed ad placement network designed to serve as a hub of information on weed plants.

AskGrowers consists of a team of cannabis devotees with a real passion for the growth of the cannabis industry. Despite all the promotion and growth they are fronting in the weed industry, they also promote social responsibility. Thus, they provide the needed awareness and activities that help orient consumers on the appropriate ways to use these plants.

Tips for Choosing Top Weed Plants

Several factors come into play when choosing the right weed plant for high-yield growth.

Below are some of these factors:

Growing Method

Different variations of weed plants require varying growing conditions. For example, some weeds grow better in outdoor farms, while others yield better indoors. Getting an outdoor weed for an indoor farm is not the best idea if you want to record high-yield harvests. Thus, it is best to consider this factor when selecting any of the top weed plants from AskGrowers.

Desired Result

Your desired effect can influence the type of weed plant you need. Different strains are available on AskGrowers, including primary variants like sativa and indica. If you want a weed plant with a more relaxing effect, then the indica strain is the right option. The sativa strain is known for its energising effects. But regardless of the outlined expectations, weed reacts differently to different people.

For more customisation on your desired effects, you can also go for strains with the right amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol profiles.


Some weed plants are more potent than others, and it all depends on the concentrations of THC and CBD content. Some have higher medical benefits, allowing for more usage and professional attraction. On the other hand, there are some side effects attached to the heavy use of weed plants with imbalanced concentrations.

AskGrowers How to Choose Top Weed Plants 3While cannabis is slowly gaining acceptance worldwide, it is illegal to market CBD in most regions, even by adding it as a dietary supplement to foods. To date, the Food & Drug Association has only approved a single CBD product for the treatment of seizures associated with specific syndromes in patients who are at least one year or older.


Strains come in different flavours. You can choose the aroma of a weed plant based on your personal preferences. It has little to do with the quality of the weed itself. Thus, it is a matter of choice.


The price range of strains varies according to the type and quality. The higher the quality of a strain, the higher its price point. Thus, the price is one of the quick ways to estimate the quality of a strain on AskGrowers. There are strains available for every budget. Whether you want a cheap strain or an expensive high-end one, your budget should be the first factor determining what you’re looking for. 

What To Know About Weed Plants 

Though all top weed plants come with different concentrations of THC and CBD, certain combinations are harmful, and some are less beneficial medically.

AskGrowers How to Choose Top Weed Plants

A recent Harvard study also revealed that while there are several health benefits attached to cannabis, dried cannabis flowers have strong links with side effects like short-term memory and other mental-related issues.

It all concludes that while weed plants are beneficial, their benefits are within certain boundaries which you should not exceed.

Final Thoughts

The best weed plant for you depends on your desired goal. If you intend to get the best plant for a budget price, always watch out for other factors to ensure you grow the right plant. AskGrowers is a hub of weed information. It means you can find all the information concerning the right weed plant.

You only need to draft your aims and the type of strain you prefer, then follow through with some tips for generating a high-yielding farm.


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