Miami White Strain: Is It Too Good To Be True?

Miami White Strain

As more cannabis strains enter the market, you may wonder how Miami white compares. Whether you need a pain reliever or a euphoric experience, Miami white strain is worth a look. Read on to learn about Miami white’s lineage, effects, and more.

What Is Miami White Sd Mediatrain? Miami white strain is a marijuana hybrid strain obtained by crossing white widow with Humboldt OG Kush. It has a five to six weeks flowering period, producing white small-sized buds surrounded by light green leaves. Miami white strain relaxes body muscles and relieves chronic pains, including migraines. It has an 18% THC level and tastes similar to lemon.

Though not as white as other “white” strains, the layer of white trichome crystals on each nugget gives the Miami white strain its name. Its aroma is a combination of pine scent and earthy essence.

Miami White BudMiami White Strain Specifics

The Miami white strain specifics focus on genetics, its hybrid classification, and THC and CBD levels.


The strain comes from breeding 50 Sativa cannabis and 50 Indica from Humboldt OG Cannabis and white widow bhang strain.

The Humboldt OG is Indica dominant, pain-relieving, and very relaxing. It is a sturdier OG than other strains, making it easy to grow and breed.

The white widow bhang is a Sativa dominant strain, producing a cognitive boost to your brain while soothing anxiety and stress. As it is also a hybrid strain, the white widow also provides some Indica effects, which accounts for the relaxation users feel.

Hybrid Classification

As the Miami white strain is a hybrid plant, it contains attributes from both Sativa and Indica plants.

Sativa cannabis plants have higher levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), meaning they will produce a feeling of being “high.” Because Miami white strain is about 50 percent Sativa, it will also give you euphoria or a high. It can also help with alertness and concentration, making you feel less anxious and more productive.

In contrast, Indica cannabis plants have higher levels of CBD (cannabidiol), which helps with relaxation and pain relief. Indica strains often result in sedation, where you feel more sluggish and relaxed.

The CBD aspect of both plants primarily focuses on pain relief and does not produce a high. Therefore, Indica cannabis plants are less likely to make you impaired or euphoric.

Because Miami white strain is equal parts of both Sativa and Indica plants, you can experience both effects. You can experience pain relief, sedation, euphoria, alertness, productivity, or a mixture.

The effects will depend on the manufacturer and your body composition, as different people might experience different symptoms.

THC/CBD Content

Miami white strain contains an 18 percent level of THC. This level is a potent one, meaning you will feel the effects of THC in the forms of euphoria and sedation.

Though we don’t know the exact levels of CBD content used in Miami white, there is enough that you will feel its effects. The pain relief and deep relaxation brought on by CBD levels are evident in the Miami white strain, so many people use it specifically for this purpose.

Miami White WeedMiami White Strain Appearance and Flavors

If you want to know what this strain looks, tastes, and smells like before buying, read on!


Miami white strain flavors generally lie in the realm of mellow, earthy tones. You can get more lemony flavors, though they may have an aftertaste of chemicals. Subtler sweet flavors provide a more natural taste to the strain.


As mentioned above, the Miami white strain smells similar to a pine and earth mixture. This combination lends each nugget a fresh yet comforting aroma. Some users describe the pine scent as more citrus, similar to lemons.


The Miami white strain is a pleasing mixture of light green leaves and brown pistils. Each nugget has a sprinkling of white trichomes, making it look dusted with frosting. Unlike other “white” cannabis, the Miami white is more brown and green, with the white trichomes less visible.


The taste of the Miami white strain is sweet and earthy. Depending on the manufacturer, Miami white can take on a minty taste or a more fruity, citrus one. Generally, most people find the taste is similar to Earl Gray tea.

Miami White Strain Effects

Miami white strain does induce cerebral euphoria or the “high” sensation. It also induces body relaxation and sedation.
Miami white has both positive and negative side effects. In terms of the positive, it promotes laughter, boosts energy, uplifts your mood, and relieves stress. In contrast, the negative effects include dizziness, paranoia, anxiety, cottonmouth, and dry eyes.

Medical Benefits

Miami white strain has several medicinal benefits, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Reduced nausea/vomiting
  • Eliminating cancer cells
  • Reduction of tumor growth
  • Managing nerve pain and Multiple Sclerosis effects
  • Reducing migraines, chronic pain
  • Treating chronic stress, insomnia, and mood disorders

Miami White Strain Usage

Users who undergo chemotherapy or have chronic disorders may benefit from using Miami white. Miami white has low enough THC levels that doctors can prescribe for nausea and pain relief if necessary.

Miami White KushHow To Grow Miami White Strain

Miami white strain is a moderately difficult plant to grow. This is largely due to the lack of information surrounding the plant’s needs. However, there are a few things to know when you want to grow this plant in your home.

To grow Miami white strain at home, cultivate a temperate environment with a constant temperature of 70-80 degrees F.

Then, you can plant Miami white seeds or an adult plant in a pot of soil.

As a shorter plant, Miami white does not grow as tall as other cannabis options. This means it can stay indoors where it’s warmer, and you don’t need to build a greenhouse.

Pruning the plant as it grows will help keep it healthy and sprout more leaves. Thinning, or removing specific leaves to cull the overall leaf growth, can help the plant to grow stronger and less weedy. Thinning should take place before the plant begins to flower.

As the plant begins to flower, you can supplement the nutrients by adding a nitrogen-heavy fertilizer.

Miami White Yield

The flowering period for Miami white strain is five to six weeks. In that time, you will get a moderate crop yield. Higher or lower yields will depend on the strength of your plant and how well it is doing. Unlike some plants, Miami white isn’t picky and does not need a lot of coaxing to flower.


Selling this particular strain can be tricky, mostly because there isn’t a lot of demand for it. As a hybrid of other hybrids, Miami white does not have a lot of recognition in the market.


Reviews for this particular strain are mostly positive, with some mixed reactions. Some users found Miami white to be less of a pain reliever and more of a relaxation or sedation drug.

However, the effects will depend on the manufacturer, especially since some versions of the Miami white are not exactly a 50-50 split between its two parent plants. Some versions may favor one side’s attributes over the other, and vice versa.

OC Weed Review said this strain did not offer much in the way of pain relief. Instead, it was a sedation and relaxation experience.

CannaSOS claims that this strain is good for day use, meaning it does not impair your judgment and will not sedate you to the point of being unable to drive.

Where to Purchase Miami White Strain

If you live in Florida, you can access and purchase the Miami white strain from the Marijuana Dispensaries in Miami. You can also find it at the White Buffalo Cannabis Care Clinics of Miami, among other areas in the United States of America.

Near Me

If you do not live in Florida, you can still gain access to Miami white strain. The most common way to access it is through online stores that can easily ship nuggets or seeds to your door.


The cost of a package of seeds or a gram of Miami white strain will depend on the supply and the demand. It also depends on the quality you choose, and where you get it from. Websites may offer various shipping costs as well, which can impact the overall price. Generally, though, this strain can cost anywhere from five dollars an ounce to three hundred dollars an ounce.

Miami White MarijuanaRelated Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Miami white strain.

What is the best strain of Miami white cannabis?

The best strain of Miami white cannabis depends on the user’s needs and preferences. Some of the more common strains include; Purple Haze, Gelato, Blue Dream, Forbidden Fruit, Sour Diesel, Kush Mint, and Grem Crack.

The White Widow strain, one of Miami white’s parent strains, is also a highly popular choice if you cannot find Miami white.

What is the rarest Miami white strain?

The rarest Miami white strains include Malawi Gold, Lambs Breath, Panama Red, Amnesia Haze, NYC Diesel, Sweet Tooth, Hindu Kush, and Bruce Banner.

Miami white itself can be a fairly elusive strain. It’s not a common choice for most users, as its parent strains are usually good enough for most people.

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