Bruce Banner Strain Review


The Bruce Banner weed strain is mostly Sativa, meaning it’s excellent for mental stimulation while providing physical relaxation. This perfect combination of effects makes it ideal for those who want to stay alert and focused while also getting rid of any physical pain or stress they might have.

Delta9 Labs produced this strain by crossing OG Kush with Strawberry Diesel. The Bruce Banner strain is recognized to have three primary phenotypes, all of which deliver a potent THC punch.

You’ll feel elated after taking this drug and may have deep or meaningful thoughts due to the happiness it induces. The body becomes elated and lax while the mind completely relaxes.


Upon opening its storage container, the Bruce Banner strain fills the air with a strong diesel aroma that balances sweet and floral. The undertones of fruit give it a unique edge.


Sweet, naturally-flavored sweets with earthy, berry, and fruity undertones abound. They’re juicy and robust like fresh-picked strawberries on a hot summer’s day. It has a flavor reminiscent of sweet, naturally flavored candy with fruitier tastes that are hearty and juicy, like fresh-picked berries.

The flavor buds can also pick up on subtle notes of flower, which makes this strain unique for people seeking to be more involved in the actual “cannaisseur” experience rather than just the smoke’s quality.


The Bruce Banner strain is healthy and vibrant, with a mix of bright green shades and potent orange pistils. The trichome-laden sugar leaves give it a resinous appearance, making it appear alive. This bud’s correlation with the world-famous comic book superhero, the Hulk, is most recognizable when seen in person. The water leaves expand far out, turning the Hulk’s color into various hues. 

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Benefits of the Bruce Banner Strain

People use Bruce Banner weed to relieve the symptoms of chronic stress and pain disorders. The buzzing and relaxed state it induces numbs the body, which could provide users with relief from pent-up physical stress and discomfort.

In addition, Bruce Banner may help migraine and fatigue sufferers. People who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, sadness, and anxiety can benefit from this pharmaceutical cannabis strain. They should only use it in little doses if they decide to do so.

We urge caution when consuming edibles, candies, concentrates, hashish, bubble hash, live resin, and extracts because they contain higher-than-average doses of THC and can cause intense levels of intoxication.

Side Effects of the Bruce Banner Strain

It’s important to note that using Bruce Banner for a mental health condition comes with the potential side effects of THC-induced paranoia and anxiety. Some Bruce Banner users have also reported Cottonmouth (dry mouth), dehydration, and dry/itchy eyes. Before, during, and after using this strain, an individual can combat the discomfort by remaining hydrated. Additionally, it would be worth investing in moisturizing eye drops to reduce dryness and itchiness experienced within the eyes.

Final Thoughts

The Bruce Banner strain is extremely potent marijuana due to its quick effects and high THC content. MMJ patients use it for conditions including depression, chronic pain, and fatigue. Use this strain of marijuana carefully, as it is potent and may lead to increased anxiety or paranoia.

Growing Bruce Banner is low-maintenance and resistant to mold and pests, making it ideal for first-time growers. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, but indoor growing is more realistic for most people.

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