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Baklava Strain: Get Ready For a Doozy

Baklava Strain

Heralded by weed pros for its high potency, this strain is not to be taken lightly. The Baklava strain is distinguished, not only for its full-body high, but also for its famous origins and delicious flavor. Perhaps it helps that rapper Action Bronson also goes by the moniker “Mr. Baklava.” Continue reading to know all about the origin, visuals, aroma, flavor, and effects of one of the hottest varieties of marijuana.


Baklava StrainOrigins

There are two cultivators with their own versions of Baklava: AlienLabs and Plug Seedbank. Plug Seedbank’s Baklava Strain is a cross between the Wedding Cake strain and Gelato, both widely acclaimed for their sweetness. Its overall high potency mirrors the version by AlienLabs and its bountiful yield only endears it to its supporters. This particular kind of Baklava placed 6th at The Emerald Cup 2019. It competed in the category Mixed Light (Greenhouse).

On the other hand, the strain referred to in the rest of this reading is the one developed by AlienLabs, a craft Cannabis company based in Northern California. The main focus of the team is on creating high-quality exotic strains. Parented by Kosher Kush and Gelato 41, it has quite the name to live up to. For starters, Kosher Kush was a winner at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in 2012 and was even blessed by a Rabbi. Gelato 41 isn’t far behind, being the talk of the town for its potency. Consequently, Baklava is doubly known for its heavy-hitting status with a THC level of around 23-25%. Additionally, its roots reveal an aroma with OG hints and touches of creaminess at its edge, although finding a plant to clone or seeds is a challenge.


Nothing compares to the look of Baklava. Its nugs have a pale green backdrop and hold gloriously bright orange hairs that almost lean to a yellow hue. Forest green shades underlie the outer layers of light green. Purples also sprinkle through the trichomes. Narrow, but long buds, along with compact oblong-shaped ones, make for an interesting toke.


As soon as you hold the bud in your hand, you will be able to inhale its creamy sweet scents, strong punches, and hints of citrus and berry. A combination of nuts and mint notes makes for a soothingly warm embrace to the senses carried by earthy undertones. Some say it also has a spiciness to it and a diesel tone that matches its overpowering potency. There is also a gas-like and maple leaf fragrance that creates a deep smell that only adds contrast to its saccharine side and highlights it even more.

Baklava StrainEffects

Now the experience of Baklava is what most truly rave about. The full-body high is long-lasting and packs quite a big punch. Energized and euphoric, your clear-headedness will boost your mood but relax your body at the same time. These early effects make it great if you want to socialize and chat without inhibition. Its ability to make the mind active also makes you motivated to accomplish tasks. It is extremely potent which makes it inadvisable to beginners. Meanwhile, longtime weed fans will appreciate Baklava’s ease and speedy delivery on that high. Nearing the end it will probably weigh you down and end with a couch-locked sedated feeling.

Feeling constant pain, anxiousness, and extreme sadness? The dynamism and tranquil comfort brought upon by Baklava are often used to help with anxiety, depression, chronic stress, nausea, insomnia, and chronic fatigue. You might also get the munchies with this one making it useful to boost the appetite as well. Additionally, some claim that it is the go-to for cancer patients.

How To Grow Baklava

The unforgettable highs from Baklava prompt many cannabis users to try and plant them at home; however, it is rare to find a plant source for clippings or buy seeds online to begin with. AlienLabs’ version of Baklava is harder to come by for green thumbs.

Plug’s version of Baklava is available in feminized seeds and takes 63 days to flower. Baklava is as strong in its growth as it is in its aftermath. It grows quickly and firmly in its vegetative stage and does so again at its flowering stage leaving only 9 weeks at most for you to expect gorgeously rich and abundant yield. Growers love its generous harvest.

Where To Buy Baklava

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