Lemon Pound Cake Strain: A Sweet Slice of Sativa [Pros & Cons]

Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Not to be confused with the delicious dessert, the Lemon Pound Cake strain is one of the sweetest Sativas you can buy. If you’re looking for something with a good flavor and a good high, Lemon Pound Cake may be the strain for you.

Lemon Pound Cake is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with bursting citrus flavors and undertones of funky cheese. It offers users a stellar high that makes them social, comfortable, and euphoric! Keep reading to learn everything there is to know about this yummy strain.

Lemon Pound Cake’s origins may be a little mysterious, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying this delicious, cakey combo. Here is everything you need to know about the Lemon Pound Cake strain.


Lemon Pound Cake Strain Profile

This strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with moderate levels of THC and CBD. The CBD levels can be as high as 1% but typically hovers closer to 0.3%. The THC content of this strain can range widely, as some cultivators grow the strain differently. Lemon Pound Cake can have between 15% and 22% THC, so it falls in the middle of the THC spectrum.

Some Sativa-dominant strains are closer to a 50/50 hybrid, but this strain is firmly a Sativa. The makeup is about 80% Sativa, so it can energize you and help you focus. The effects of this strain will be detailed further on in this article.

The lineage of Lemon Pound Cake is debatable, as is the name. Most consider Lemon Pound Cake to be the hybrid from Heavyweight Seed cultivators, who combined the Lemon Skunk strain and the Cheese strain.

Another lineage for this strain may be Lemon OG and Jesus OG, but this crossover is less common. Most Lemon Pound Cake strains you can find at dispensaries come from Lemon Skunk and Cheese.

While the most used name for this strain is Lemon Pound Cake, some people call it other names. In some places, this strain goes by Lemon Skunk, Lemon Cheese, Lemon Cake, and Lemon Cheesecake. The problem with this is that these strain names are also the names of other hybrids, so it can be confusing to differentiate between them.

When shopping, try to determine the parent strains so you know exactly what strain you’re getting. For example, a common strain called Lemon Cheese is a cross of Exodus Cheese and Super Lemon Haze. Technically, referring to Lemon Pound Cake as Lemon Cheese is incorrect. The most interchanged names are Lemon Cake and Lemon Cheesecake.

The unique flavor profile of this strain is discussed in detail below, but the terpenes are an important part of the strain’s makeup. The top terpene in this strain is limonene, the terpene found in lemons and other citrus fruits! But other terpenes, like phellandrene, myrcene, humulene, carene, and valencene contribute to the powerful aroma.


Lemon Pound Cake Strain Characteristics

Lemon Pound Cake has one of the most distinct flavor profiles of any strain, perfectly encompassing the name. It has funky undertones with a prominent citrus flavor. Some smokers report an aftertaste similar to ammonia, but it’s very subtle and often combined with a strong lemon taste.

The strain’s smell is undeniably lemon, as the sweet, citrus aroma hits your nose the moment you crack open the bag. It has a robust earthy aroma with notes of citrus, cheese, and diesel. Some detect sugary flavors in the strain, but most people consider it a citrus strain with a few chemical notes.

The combination of sweet, citrus, and cheesy is how this distinct strain got its tasty name! While it may not be as sugary and sweet as some strains, like Gelato 41 or Wedding Cake, it still has a cakey element that makes the name perfect. And compared with strains like Lemon Diesel, it doesn’t have as much of a chemical aroma, leaning more toward an earthy skunkiness.

There is nothing delicate about the flavor profile of this strain. It is super pungent and smelly, so the citrus smells are impossible not to notice. But the most notable taste is often the funky cheese mixed with citrus fruits.

The appearance of this strain also suits the name. The buds are super fluffy, like pound cake, and have thin yellow hairs with clear crystals. Most of the nug will be a soft green, so the yellow strands give it a yellowish appearance, like lemons!

Lemon Pound Cake Strain Experience

Now, onto the high this strain offers smokers! While the strong aroma and distinct taste define this strain, the high it gives you is also something to love.

Since this strain is 80% Sativa, it doesn’t make you sleepy or sluggish the way a heavy Indica or 50/50 hybrid can. The effects of this strain make you feel energized, focused, and talkative.

One of the most prominent effects is being social! Many strains can make smokers quiet or uncomfortable in social situations, but Lemon Pound Cake relaxes users in a way that makes socializing easy.

The strain has a strong cerebral effect, helping you to feel relaxed and euphoric. Lemon Pound Cake can calm your nerves, making it excellent for people with anxiety and stress. But the energizing effects also make it ideal for people struggling with fatigue or depression. Medicinal uses for this strain include treating PTSD, anxiety, and other mood disorders.


Growing Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Lemon Pound Cake isn’t a difficult strain to grow, but it’s still not the best choice for beginners. The strain can grow wildly, developing super bushy nugs that take up a decent amount of space.

It’s best to grow outside, as each plant will yield about 15 ounces of flower. When grown indoors, they yield less, offering around eight punches per plant. It has a relatively short flowering period of 60 days, and you can harvest around day 64!

One of the best parts of growing this strain is that once it enters its flowering period, you can leave it alone until harvest time!

Lemon Pound Cake Strain Review and Prices

Lemon Pound Cake is typically an easy strain to find in major cities like NYC, DC, or San Francisco. Check your favorite weed delivery app to see if it’s available near you! However, it’s more popular as wax and shatter, so finding flower can be hard.

If you do find Lemon Pound Cake flower, you can expect it to cost between $40 and $50. This is about the average price of a strain, so it’s not top-shelf, but it’s still reputable.

Most people say this is a delightful strain, but it’s not one that you’ll want to take if you’re looking for a relaxing evening. While it does have relaxation effects, its prominent Sativa characteristics make you more likely to mix and mingle.

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Wrapping Up the Lemon Pound Cake Strain

If you love fruity, funky weed strains, you’ll likely enjoy the flavor and aroma of Lemon Pound Cake. While newbie smokers sometimes report paranoia, this Sativa-heavy strain is one of the most relaxing and energizing Sativas you can find.


Related Questions on the Lemon Pound Cake Strain

Below are some questions that new users of the Lemon Pound cake strain may have.

What strains are similar to Lemon Pound Cake?

Strains similar to Lemon Pound Cake are Chocolate Oranges, Jungle Cake, RS11, and Appalachia.

Does Lemon Pound Cake cause dry mouth?

Yes. Like most weed strains, Lemon Pound Cake can cause dry mouth in some smokers. Be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand if you decide to try this one!

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