Is the Jungle Cake Strain Worth It? [Ultimate Strain Review]

Jungle Cake Strain

The Jungle Cake strain has garnered much attention from avid and beginner marijuana users alike. Is it too potent? Just right? Learning more about whether it’s worth the hype or if you should pass it by is crucial.

Jungle Cake strain is a 50 percent Sativa, 50 percent Indica hybrid with high levels of THC. This strain produces feelings of energy, creativity, positivity, and happiness while also causing some adverse side effects. Jungle Cake is an immensely flavorful and aromatic strain.

Generally, a person’s experience can vary, but it largely depends on your tolerance.
Please keep reading to understand better what Jungle Cake strain is, how it affects your mind and body, how to grow it, and more.

What Is the Jungle Cake Strain?

Seed Junky Genetics cultivates the Jungle Cake strain, a perfect balance of 50 percent Indica and 50 percent Sativa. The parent strains are White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake.

Its lineage begins with Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies, the parents of Wedding Cake, and White Fire 43 is a phenotype of White Fire OG. Both the parent strains to Jungle Cake are known for potent levels of THC and a lasting, trippy high.

Jungle Cake is no exception; those who have consumed this strain mention its long-lasting effects and a heavy and unsuspecting high. The THC levels are high, averaging between 30 to 33 percent. It contains little to no CBD and around one percent CBG.

Jungle Cake offers an escape into a more easygoing and euphoric state. It’s hard to focus though you may feel incredibly happy, and it’s common to experience random laughing spells while under its influence.

You’ll slowly but surely become more and more relaxed without feeling like couch-lock is settling in. Don’t be surprised if you start to develop a ravenous appetite in the midst of the high, which is commonly reported. We suggest enjoying Jungle Cake strain in the afternoon or evening.

What Does Jungle Cake Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?

A mature Jungle Cake plant has a sweet, somewhat sugary marshmallow flavor reminiscent of vanilla. You also pick up notes of butter, pine, citrus, and diesel.

The aroma begins as zesty and dank. You may pick up on hints of cherries and soil with a nutty scent, such as nutmeg and cashews. The end notes are spicy and sweet.

The plant is very tall, sometimes reaching over six feet. The buds are tight and round, shaped like grapes. There are thin red-orange hairs with green nugs and frosty white, thick trichomes. Jungle Cake has an earthy taste with herbal undertones. It tastes slightly sweet, with a nutty aftertaste when you take a few puffs.


  • Marshmallow
  • Vanilla
  • Pine
  • Butter
  • Diesel
  • Citrus


  • Zesty
  • Soil
  • Cherries
  • Nutty
  • Spicy
  • Sweet


  • Tall
  • Rounded buds shaped like grapes
  • Green nugs
  • Thin hairs with a red-orange color
  • Thick and white trichomes


  • Herbal
  • Sweet
  • Nutty
  • Spicy
  • Fruity
  • Earthy


What Are the Jungle Cake Strain’s Effects and Usage?

There are multiple ways that you can use Jungle Cake strain. You should use it by vaporizing or smoking it, which has effects that last for two to three hours after consumption.

Positive Effects

The positive effects of using Jungle Cake strain are:

  • Being giggly
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Talkative
  • Aroused

Adverse Effects

There are other side effects to consider besides near sedation and the munchies.

Paranoia and anxiety are common among those who choose marijuana strains that have high levels of THC. Jungle Cake is in this same category. Anyone that’s not familiar with THC or is THC-sensitive should begin slowly.

Dry eyes and cottonmouth are also typical effects, but if you plan accordingly with the proper knowledge beforehand, you should be able to manage your experience to an extent.

Firstly, you’ll want to stay hydrated from start to finish. Before you use Jungle Cake, during your high, and after it’s over, you should consume a lot of fluids. To combat red or dry eyes, consider purchasing eye drops from the pharmacy or local drugstore.

Everyone’s experience with marijuana is different; the wisest way to go about trying cannabis is to use a small dosage your first time and increase it when and if it seems tolerable. Be aware of your limits.

Medical Benefits

Jungle Cake strain is very popular even with many medical marijuana users because of its unique effects; it can treat both physical and mental ailments.

It contains energizing and uplifting cerebral effects that can relieve anxiety, mood swings, depression, PTSD, and chronic stress. If you are someone struggling with depression or anxiety or you just need to relax your mind after a tough day, the Jungle Cake strain will undoubtedly be helpful.

This strain’s intense body highs happen to be beneficial for people who suffer from inflammation, muscle cramps, and body pains.

Individuals who struggle with appetite loss—can regain it with the help of this Jungle Cake strain. You’ll indeed have a substantial appetite by the end of your high. Therefore, it is terrific for people dealing with appetite loss, eating disorders, or side effects from various medications such as chemotherapy.

The strain is uniquely therapeutic and quite helpful for people with insomnia, nausea, and other sleep disorders.

You should consult your doctor before taking marijuana for any medicinal benefits; this will help you avoid potential long-term health consequences.


How To Grow Jungle Cake Strain

Seed Junky Genetics has not chosen to make the seeds for this strain publicly available. Unless another person has cloned the strain, it wouldn’t be possible to grow it from scratch.

Notwithstanding, the Jungle Cake strain grows wide and tall. For optimal flowering, the plant requires regular trimming and training during its early stages of development.

The plant reaches six to eight feet and requires a good amount of airflow; it is very prone to powdery mildew and mold if you are unsuccessfully controlling the humidity in the space.

Also, you’ll have to ensure that your plant is getting the correct amount of nutrients during the growing phase for optimal results.

Growing Jungle Cake Indoors

Choosing to grow marijuana indoors allows you to have more control over the environment. You can adjust and monitor the humidity, temperature, light, CO2 levels, and more without contemplating the weather for the day.

If you choose to grow your plant indoors, expect it to take around two months (60-70 days) for it to flower. For every square meter, the plant should yield 16 ounces.

Growing Jungle Cake Outdoors

This strain does well in sunny, warm, and dry weather. You’ll get the same yield amount as if you grew it indoors, and you can plan for the harvest around mid-October.

This plant is moderately challenging to cultivate, and the strain will be harvest-ready in eight to ten weeks.


The strain can cost anywhere from as little as $20 to as much as $630, depending on where you buy the strain from. With that said, most businesses are beholden to many permits, registration, and licensing requirements; These are instituted for tax, public safety, and other reasons.

Where To Buy the Jungle Cake Strain

Most reviews of the Jungle Cake strain are overwhelmingly positive. Users felt it was the much-needed break they’d anticipated, a unique flavor profile, and a potent high they could appreciate.

You can purchase Jungle Cake strain via delivery services in the area that will bring your order directly to your door. When you purchase weed online, ensure that you thoroughly vet the company.

There are also numerous reliable dispensaries in the area, but it’s best to check the reviews before selecting. Go in person to view the quality and ask questions, which isn’t possible online.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality marijuana seeds, here is a great place to try.


Final Thoughts on the Jungle Cake Strain

Jungle Cake strain is an excellent option for those searching for a heavy-hitting high with a unique flavor profile and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

It’s readily available online and at dispensaries throughout the DC area. Don’t hesitate to try it, but ensure you’re aware of all the effects and stay within your limits.

Related Questions

Here are the quick answers to a couple of common inquiries rehashed to the Jungle Cake strain:

Is Jungle Cake suitable for beginners?

Jungle Cake is suitable for experienced smokers who tolerate high levels of THC. This strain may be too much for someone’s first experience consuming cannabis. Because the effects can cause your mind to race, if you’re not yet aware of your tolerance or reaction to weed, you may not have a pleasant experience.

Which terpenes are prevalent in the Jungle Cake strain?

There are multiple terpenes in Jungle Cake, but the most abundant terpene in Jungle Cake is myrcene, followed by caryophyllene and limonene. They’re responsible for the citrus, earthy, and herbal flavor and aroma of the strain.

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