Zkittlez Cake Strain: Is it as Good as it Sounds?

Zkittlez Cake Strain

Zkittles Cake is what you get when you cross Zkittlez and Wedding Cake. Zkittlez Cake has a distinctive sweet and doughy flavor most people describe as delicious. This is an Indica-dominant strain with a relaxing high and has many medical uses.

Zkittlez Cake is the result of crossing two very popular strains: Zkittlez and Wedding Cake. This strain combines the sweet candy-like flavor of Zkittlez and the milky sweetness of Wedding Cake. The result is an Indica-dominant strain that both enlivens and relaxes with a rich, aromatic profile thanks to its powerful terpenes.

Zkittlez Cake has a delightful flavor and aromas thanks to its lineage. Although it has a high THC content, consuming it will not prevent you from going about your day. This strain can help regulate mood, stimulate creativity, and relax the body.

Where Does Zkittles Cake Come From?

This strain was originally bred by Purple Caper Seeds. This strain owes its fame to the Jungle Boys. The Jungle Boys is a collective of cultivators from Los Angeles who helped make this strain popular. It is the result of combining the legendary Zkittlez and Wedding Cake. The resultant Zkittlez Cake has a sweet and earthy flavor due to the primary terpene, limonene.

The original Zkittlez strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid grown by 3rd Gen Fam, a California-based seed company. It is bred from Grape Ape and Grapefruit, then crossed with a third unknown strain. As its name suggests, this strain tastes like candy. Zkittlez features chunky bud sites, or colas, of a light green hue that burst into fruity, tropical, sweet flavors. It has a calming effect and promotes focus and happiness while relaxing the body.

Wedding Cake, the other strain used in the breeding of Zkittlez Cake, is also Indica-dominant (60% India, 40% Sativa). It is also known as Pink Cookies. This is the result of crossing Cherry Pie, an Indica-dominant strain, and Girl Scout Cookies. It tastes like a mix of cookies and cherry pie, which makes it an excellent appetite stimulant. Wedding Cake also helps people cope with anxiety, and it is recommended for people who struggle with depression, fibromyalgia, MS, and similar conditions. It has a THC level of 25-27%. This is a very potent strain with a sweet, sugary flavor.

Zkittlez Cake takes the best traits from its parent strains to offer users a relaxing but psychoactive high. This strain stimulates creativity and imagination. It can even help with your mood and anxiety. It has a relaxing effect on the body, but it isn’t so strong that it will prevent you from going about your day.

Flavors, Appearance, and Taste

Take one glance at Zkittlez Cake and you’ll know this bud means business. This strain has bright, rich, yellow trichomes and rich green and orange hues. There are some small glimmers of dark green and purple, a result of its lineage. The nugs are dense and sticky, and you can almost pull them apart as if the resin were bonding the buds together.

When it comes to flavour and aroma, Zkittlez Cake has an earthy and sweet aroma profile. The sweet flavor comes from limonene and carene, its predominant terpenes. Carene especially contributes to the delicious taste of berries. This strain’s sour notes of citrus and distinct aroma are the work of two terpenes: limonene and linalool. Last but not least, myrcene contributes with some earthy herbal notes that tie the aroma and flavor profile together.

Zkittlez Cake strain is an outrageously delicious hybrid. It has a combination of a sweet candy-like flavor and milky sweetness. Its powerful terpenes combine in a perfect mix that will leave your tastebuds and nostrils longing for more.

Effects, Medical Benefits, and Uses

This is a powerful and delicious strain. It will give you a body high and a psychoactive high that stimulates your imagination and creativity. It is ideal for a weekend afternoon or weekday night, especially if you struggle with insomnia.

Zkittlez Cake will provide you with a combination of calmness and focus. The combination of these two effects makes this strain an excellent choice for mornings when you want to jumpstart your creativity and have a productive day.

This strain will make your spirits and creativity soar while your focus increases. It will heighten your senses and make your body numb and relaxed, a feature that is ideal for patients with chronic pain.

Zkittlez Cake has a 24-25% THC level. This is a little high for inexperienced users, so be careful if you are less experienced with cannabis. Keep in mind that THC stimulates the neurons responsible for pleasure. As a result, it stimulates and improves memory and thinking. It also helps people sleep and manage pain. Zkittlez Cake has a high THC content, making it ideal for treating ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, anxiety disorders, depression, chronic pain, and chronic fatigue. It can also work as an appetite stimulant.

The benefits of this strain are not just medical. Recreational users report feeling giddy and hungry after using it. Some people also become more talkative. Some people have reported paranoia, dry eyes, and dry mouth as negative side effects.

Growing Tips, Yield, Sales

Zkittlez Cake can be grown either outdoors or indoors. Keep in mind that these plants can grow up to 80 inches tall; they need space to grow and thrive. Expect fat and dense buds in bright green and very small crystal trichomes.

If you place your plants in a spot with enough sunlight, they can flower in 54 to 61 days. They can yield approximately 400g per square meter.

If you feel creative and want to try your hand at growing this strain despite not having enough space, you can raise your own cannabis bonsai. It will not yield as much as a fully grown plant (or plants), but you will be able to harvest your buds while enjoying growing your plant in a new way.

Reviews and Where to Buy Zkittlez Cake

Most consumers agree that consuming this strain is a pleasant experience. After consuming Zkittlez Cake, people report feeling relaxed with increased creativity and enhanced concentration.

People agree that this strain will hit you harder than expected. It will begin with a heavy feeling in your head that may make you sleepy. After the initial relaxation, this weed will generate feelings of euphoria. Others have reported a tingly sensation and feeling more creative. Happiness and sleepiness are two common side effects mentioned in the reviews.

Zkittlez Cake has beautifully scrumptious bright green buds with tinges of yellow, looking almost like someone wrapped them in a fuzzy yellow blanket. The aroma of this weed reminds users of caramel, candy, and sponge cake, making the scents quite delicious.

Users also report that the taste is not as sweet as the aroma, as this weed has a more herbal, even musky scent, very much like pine.

If you want to try Zkittlez Cake, try a quick internet search for dispensaries in your area. Those in the DC area can check out these cannabis delivery services. Keep in mind that availability and services will change depending on the dispensary and where you live. If you have not bought online before, you should check out this guide to buying real cannabis online. If you want to find out about this strain or any others, make sure you check out this guide, which is full of helpful information for cannabis enthusiasts.

Related Questions

What Strain is Cake Strain?

Cake, Birthday Cake, or Wedding Cake is one of the parent strains for Zkittlez Cake. It is an Indica-dominant hybrid with incredibly balanced effects. This THC-heavy strain was bred from Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. Both Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies lend their slightly fruity flavor and euphoric and uplifting effects to this strain.

Cake has a content between 25% and 27% THC, which is the reason it gives you that feeling of euphoria. It is an excellent mood booster, as it calms the mind with a cerebral high. Eventually, it will make you very sleepy and with a feeling of being glued to the couch.

This is an excellent strain for medical patients as well as recreational users. It has a delicious buttery flavor and is very relaxing. This is a dessert-like strain that is great for laughing with a few friends and winding down at the end of a long day.

What is Zkittles strain?

Zkittlez, sometimes referred to as Skittlez or simply Skittles, is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It has a THC content between 15 and 23%, so if you have ever wanted to taste the rainbow, this is the strain for you. In fact, this strain may also show you the rainbow.

Created by Dying Breed Seeds, a Northern California collective, Zkittlez is the result of crossing the fruit favorite, Grape Ape, and a tangy Sativa called Grapefruit. This strain combines the effects of both of its parents to offer consumers a smooth and multilayered high.

The flowers can be thick and chunky and appear in different tones of green and purple with bright orange hairs. The trimmed buds look like a typical Indica structure, tight and densely-packed with small leaves. A dusting of white trichomes makes these nugs sticky and boosts their psychoactive effects.

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