How Much Is A Zip Of Weed?

Zip Of Weed

The cannabis industry has always been extremely innovative and creative, not only in its ingenuity and technologies but also in its unique wordplay and terminology. Cannabis culture has adopted a unique range of terminology to refer to various aspects and elements of the culture. For example, cannabis or marijuana can be referred to as flower or tree when referring to the buds.

Another popular bit of terminology that most people have probably heard circulated by word of mouth or from the lyrics of various rappers’ songs, is a zip. The industry is notorious for its unique jargon since the cannabis industry has had a tumultuous relationship with the law and the greater public for the larger part of its existence in modern society. As cannabis becomes more popular, however, the need to educate people on the culture of the cannabis industry becomes a necessity.

For individuals that want to know what a zip of weed is, how much it is, and whether it is the right choice, stay tuned. This article explores everything there is to know about a zip of weed including how much it costs and whether it is the most economical choice for different types of smokers. Stick around to find the answer to the question, “how much is a zip of weed?”

What Is A Zip Of Weed?


A “zip” is referring to one ounce of cannabis (i.e. 28 grams) and got its name because it happens to fit perfectly within a Ziploc bag. Depending on the cannabis strain, the size of the Ziploc bag ranges from the average sandwich bag to the larger freezer bag since cannabis strains come in uniquely different shapes and sizes. This is how an ounce of weed is typically sold on the black market or the streets. In certain states, an ounce of weed is the legal limit, and obtaining any more than that could lead someone into some trouble.

To help illustrate and break it down further, one ounce represents 1/16th of a pound since there are 16 ounces in a pound. One unique feature associated with the various amounts of cannabis that are available for purchase is that although the amounts are sold as fractions of a pound or ounce (i.e. an eighth, a quarter, a half-ounce, etc.) they are always weighed out using a scale that measure to the nearest tenth of a gram. Although an ounce may not sound like a lot since that measurement is equal to the same weight as a CD or pencil, but an ounce is a significant amount of weed, especially to those who are light to moderate smokers.

For reference, a zip of weed can be broken down in the following ways:

      • 28-56 joints
      • Around 56 bowls
      • 9-14 blunts

Now, these numbers can vary depending on the size of the bowl or the average size of joints or blunts that are rolled, but this can at least provide a benchmark for further understanding what a zip of weed is and how far it can go.

How Much Does A Zip Of Weed Cost?

There is quite a bit of variety when it comes to the pricing of a zip of weed. The cost of a zip of weed can vary deepening on the supply, demand, quality, and location as well as the impact of the various laws and regulations. To make things simple, lower-quality strains can be found for as little as $150 to over $300 for exotic or top-tier flower. It may sound like a lot of money but it could be a worthwhile investment for those who smoke on a more regular basis or those that don’t but prefer to stay stocked at all times.

Is A Zip Of Weed The Best Economical Choice For You?


Now that it’s clear what a zip of weed is and how much it costs, it then begs the question: is a zip of weed the most economical choice? The answer to the question varies from person to person and relies solely on their smoking habits and financial budget.

Light/Casual Smoker

For individuals who smoke very casually and at low doses like a bowl or small joint before bed, a zip of weed will last a long time, probably close to around a month or two. But an ounce might more weed than needed, however, it would ensure a plentiful supply of weed at all times. Some casual smokers are willing to pay a little extra for quality and to enjoy their favorite strain for repeated uses.

Moderate/Heavy Smoker

Now, for more moderate smokers an ounce will last closer to around two weeks which is assuming that they smoke at least 2 joints or a few bowls a day. This is another situation where a zip of weed could be a better investment for the long haul or because the individual prefers top-shelf quality. Lastly, it should be highlighted that individuals who smoke more consistently and at higher amounts should be aware that a zip could last a little as a few days to a week at best, so it’s important to budget and plan ahead of time to ensure that a zip of weed is the right choice.

Purchasing at a larger amount like an ounce can save on trips to the dispensary and save on extra taxes and fees from repeated purchases. Buying a zip of weed can end up being more economical than purchasing smaller amounts of weed especially for individuals who are moderate to heavy smokers.

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