Weigh Your Weed With Your Smartphone Using a Weed Scale App

Weed Scale App

Stoners, rejoice! You don’t have to carry a bulky gram scale around with you when you buy weed anymore. Can a smartphone be used as a scale? Yes! You can use weed scale apps to measure your weights using only your Android smartphone. Here’s everything you need to know about digital scale apps and which ones work best for weed.

Yes, You Can Weigh Your Weed with Your Smartphone

Digital scale apps aren’t the most accurate way to measure your weed, but they do indeed work and work well in a pinch. And unfortunately, weed scale apps are only available on Android devices since iPhone screens aren’t pressure-sensitive like Android devices.

With a weed scale app, all you have to do is calibrate your screen to get a weight reading on your bag of green. With that in mind, if you ever leave your weed scale at home when you go pick up bud, you can still avoid getting cheated by your supplier. They’re a great option when you’re in a pinch, though they work best with small weights. A weed scale app works best for the 1-5g range.

You Can Weigh Your Weed with Your Smartphone


How Does a Weed Scale App Work?

Weed scale apps are pretty straightforward as long as you follow the calibration instructions, which we’ve outlined a bit below. A weighing scale app requires a pressure-sensitive screen and for your cell phone to have a gyroscope. Your phone doesn’t have a scale built into it, so it can only make guesses on the weights you provide with the calibration and pressure applied to the screen.

Downloading a weighing scale app doesn’t download a scale, so it isn’t precisely accurate, but it can give you a close estimate of what you’re weighing. When we tested a few weed scale apps, we found that they were mostly accurate with a 10-15% margin of error. Considering the app isn’t on a true scale, that isn’t too bad at all and can save you from getting ripped off if you’re in a pinch.

How to Calibrate a Weed Scale App

The Scale Estimator app is very easy to use as long as you calibrate the screen correctly using the instructions from the application’s publishers. They can be a little tricky to calibrate accurately, but once you have it calibrated, it’ll be easy to get a pretty accurate weight from your smartphone. Out of all the apps on the market, the Scale Estimator app is the best weed scale app for android.

To use it, you’ll use a bag of chips or a ziplock bag full of air to help keep your phone’s gyroscope active while you calibrate it. Once it’s laid on the bag with the screen facing up, you can use a quarter to calibrate the screen to the weight of the coin. The coin has a standard weight that you can use as a sort of control to help the screen measure the pressure and additional weight using the combination of the gyroscope and the screen pressure. From there, you can add your weed to the screen and get an accurate reading on its weight.

If you have the time, we always recommend testing weed scale apps before you rely on them for semi-regular use. Since they’re not actual scales, they’re not always accurate. You can still get decently close results when you calibrate your screen correctly. Compare whatever app you choose to a control scale to make sure the app is comfortable for you to use. Test your app a couple of times using the same weight to see if the app comes close to the real thing.

Do Weed Scale Apps Work?

Weed scale apps work, but they don’t compare to the accuracy of an actual weight scale. Calibrating the screen incorrectly can change your weight results and ultimately render the weed scale app useless. While they’re not perfectly accurate, they’re accurate enough to be something you can use in a pinch.

At the end of the day, if you’re trying to avoid getting cheated by your supplier, a weed scale app on your phone can provide you with a semi-accurate weight within a gram or two of inaccuracy. They shouldn’t be relied on for all of your measurement needs, but they can come in handy in an emergency.


420VL.com digital scale appIs There a Weed Scale for the iPhone?

In short, no. iPhone screens are not pressure-sensitive like Android screens are, so they can’t get even remotely close to an accurate reading of the weight. For this reason, there are no accurate scale apps available on the App Store. If you have an iPhone, you can always keep an extra scale in your car. It’s not likely that iPhones will be able to support scale apps anytime soon.

Best Weed Scale Apps to Try

If you’re looking for a weed scale app, you’ll only be able to use ones available on the Android market. We think this is the best weed scale app for Android. However, if you’re looking for the best ad-free weed scale app, check out this one. If you’re in a pinch or a tight spot, a weed scale app is the next best thing to get the job done.

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