Everything You Need To Know About Weed Delivery In New York

Weed Delivery In New York

Weed delivery services are becoming a booming industry within the cannabis world. But it’s safe to say they have been existed in New York for decades. Ever since audiences were introduced to Mr. Nice Guy in the stoner classic Half Baked, the wonderful world of front door weed delivery has been booming. But this underground economy has stayed underground because of the strict regulations New York has placed on cannabis. But now with decriminalization and a path to legalization. The weed delivery business in NYC is picking up.

Whether you are a local or tourist reading this we will show you how to get your hands on high quality marijuana. We will tell you everything you need to know about cannabis dispensaries and weed delivery services in New York including exclusive weed events and the best smoke shops in NYC.

Is Weed Legal In NYC?

First, it’s important to ask the most important question. Is weed legal in NYC? Marijuana has been decriminalized in New York since 2019; however, cannabis for recreational use is still considered illegal. Possession less than 2 ounces is not a serious offense and will result in a fine of $200 or less. And smoking weed in public is not allowed anywhere tobacco is prohibited.

In 2019, there was hope for recreational use in the state of New York, but after some serious debate, the New York Legislature was unable to come to a consensus on the issue. The divisions arose from differing options regarding social equity provisions and protecting communities of color who have been especially criminalized. Even though cannabis was not decriminalized for recreational use, it was expanded and the medical marijuana program has grown.

The law does not; however, change the punishment for larger amounts of cannabis nor did it make any attempt to decriminalize marijuana sales and trafficking. The new provisions also expunged the records of previous minor marijuana offenses and modified the categorization of smoking, to diminish the disproportionate effect that cannabis laws subject on minorities and people of color. It should be noted that there is current discussion over legalizing marijuana in the state of New York, so keep your eyes peeled to the news to see how this issue is resolved.

How To Find Weed In NYC?

With all that in mind, you might be wondering if it is possible to get weed in NYC? Rest assured, whether you have a medical card or not we can show you how to get weed easily. If you are a certified patient with a registered ID card and certifications, you can purchase weed and other cannabis products from certified dispensaries anywhere in New York. But if you aren’t you can also visit one of the many delivery services operating throughout New York. 

Weed Delivery In NYC


Weed delivery services in NYC are extremely popular among locals and tourists alike. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of having weed brought straight to your doorstep? It’s important to find a reputable delivery service because there are scams out there. Stick to conducting your own research and reading reviews online. That’s why we have done the vetting for you and recommend you try Jumpin Jack Flash. They have been around for a while and get tons of positive reviews. You They have an expansive menu and provide the highest-quality customer service compared to their competitors.


Tourist vs Local 

Finding weed for a tourist will be a different experience than as a local. If you live in New York most likely you have a friend or someone you know who can “hook you up”. But if you are from out of town and still want to get high, not to worry you too can find some high quality cannabis.

One of the best parts about New York is that no matter if you are a local or tourist there is always something new to explore. And exploring while high can make your experience even better. With so many places to see, eat and play in NYC its hard to know where to start.

Whatever mood you are looking for, NYC can deliver. If you are on the hunt for some nature hidden within the steel architecture of the city, head to Central Park and take your time to explore all there is to see. If art is more of your thing make sure you check out the MOMA. Along the way though make sure you try some of the amazing food NYC has to offer.

Dispensaries In NYC

There are various dispensaries spread out throughout the state of New York. Whether you live in Brooklyn or Staten Island, there is somewhere you can get weed. If you have the proper certifications and identification, you can head to any of the medical marijuana dispensaries near you to get what you need. One of our favorite dispensaries is The Botanist, they offer in store shopping at their beautiful store as well as convenient home delivery during this pandemic. Place an order and make sure you tell them 420DC sent you.

Read about The 5 Best Dispensaries in New York and find the closest dispensary near you. Make sure to check out the reviews customers leave and see what they have to say.

Weed Events In NYC

Nightlife in New York is always exciting and there is something for everyone. Weed parties in New York can be super fun but there are hard to find. In order to stay under the radar the addresses are not public and you must be invited. This is the same as the dc weed scene except even more elusive. Although parties have slowed down during this pandemic there’s always something going on if you know where to look. Check out our daily weed events and see if there’s an event near you.

Our Favorite Smoke Shops In NYC


There are plenty of smoke shops out there, but it takes time to find the one that has everything you need. Whether you are looking for a new vape pen, bong, CBD or even some delta 8 flower we have the best shop in your borough.


If you live, or are planning to travel to Manhattan, and are in need of some smoking supplies, there are plenty of smoke shops you can go to, to get everything you need. Check out Smoke Scene or Holy Smokes, both with 4+ star ratings on Yelp and boasting an expansive inventory of products.


If you find yourself in Brooklyn, check out Master Piece Smoke Shop and Sunflower Glass Company if you are in need of any smoking accessories. They are among the most popular head shops in Brooklyn and have garnered over 4-star ratings, with positive reviews from customers.


If you forgot essential smoking tools, or maybe you just ran out, head to Continental Smoke Shop if you live or are traveling to Queens. This smoke shop has a helpful staff and various products to choose from.


For those of you who are cannabis lovers living in the Bronx and you’re in need to replenish your smoking supplies, head to Pelham Manor Smoke Shop or 207 Smoke N Vape to get everything you need. They have positive reviews and plenty of products in stock with various options to choose from.

Staten Island

You can find some of the best smoke shops in Staten Island. If you find yourself in the area and in need of some smoking supplies, head to Forest Smoke & Vape and Smoking Kulture. They have multiple positive reviews and offer great products at reasonable prices.

Is It Safe To Buy Weed In New York?

Yes, it is safe to buy weed in New York. Although the laws are still rather restricted at this point, public opinion has shifted and there is the potential for a change in legislation as it is something that politicians are currently debating in NYC. If you are a certified patient, then marijuana is simple and easy to get. If you are just looking to find some marijuana to smoke at home or with friends you wont have anything to worry about. However If you cant find what you’re looking for you can always take a visit to DC.

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