Take a Break With the Gelato 33 Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

Gelato 33 Strain

The Gelato 33 strain is popular due to its potency and savory flavors. With its cookie genetics, you can use it both during the daytime or evening for relaxing and euphoric effects.

The Gelato 33 strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a 55/45 split. It’s a cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies, giving it its sweet, fruity aroma with earthy undertones. Its buds are dense and covered in frosty trichomes that make it look like gelato ice cream.

If you’re looking for a new favorite strain, Gelato 33 might be just what you need. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Gelato 33 strain’s taste, smell, usage, and effects.


Gelato 33 Strain: A Breakdown

The Gelato 33 strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross between the Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains.

Thin Mint GSC is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison, known for its strong full-body effects. Sunset Sherbet is an Indica-dominant hybrid itself and offers a potent high. Crossing Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies creates Sunset Sherbet.

Classified as a high-THC strain, Gelato 33 will typically include THC levels of up to 25%. Gelato 33 offers a sweet and earthy taste, as well as relaxing effects that can help relieve pain  and stress.

The strain typically includes less than 1% CBD level. This makes it a quality choice when looking for relief from conditions such as anxiety, though it won’t have the same relaxing effects as a high CBD strain. Gelato 33 offers a 45% Sativa and 55% Indica split.

What Does the Gelato 33 Strain Look, Smell, and Taste Like?

Gelato 33 is a deep purplish-blue color, with yellow, green, and orange pistils that wrap around its buds. You’ll notice thick, lumpy, grape-shaped nugs on its buds.

The flavor mix makes it popular among those looking for a sweet and fruity flavor, as well as an uplifting effect. The strain offers a mixture of sweetness, earthiness, berries, cookies, and citrus. The THC levels provide a powerful effect and intensify the flavor.

You may also note flavors of sweet vanilla and earthy pine, as well as a creamy aftertaste. Sometimes, Gelato 33 will taste sickly sweet with additional hints of sherbert, orange, and blueberry. Its aroma is a mix of earthy sweetness and pungent berry. You’ll also note an herbal and fruity scent.

The four dominant terpenes that aid in giving the Gelato 33 strain its taste and aroma include the following:

  • Linalool
  • Myrcene
  • D-Limonene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene

The fragrant, fruity flavors of the strain come from D-Limonene, which also lends to its earthy undertones. This particular terpene is what gives citrus fruits their signature smell and taste. Myrcene’s function is to unite terpenes and produce a distinctive smell.


What Are the Gelato 33 Strain’s Effects and Usage?

The Gelato 33 strain remains popular among medical users for its ability to provide both physical and mental relief. The fact that you can use Gelato 33 to effectively treat many different conditions is one of the reasons why it remains so popular.

Gelato 33 can relax your mind and improve your mood within minutes, making it an effective depression treatment, anxiety reducer, or for other mood disorders. It will melt away your anxieties and transport you into a more tranquil state of mind.

In addition, the physical effects of Gelato 33 are rather substantial. You should feel a wave of euphoria wash over you as the THC sets in, followed by a disappearance of any previous aches and pains.

The Gelato 33 strain does not just provide pain relief but also helps to reduce swelling for those coping with chronic conditions. It helps with insomnia, as it is a quality solution for promoting relaxation and peace, both of which are crucial for a good night’s sleep.

The only known side effects of Gelato are the same as those found in other cannabis strains. You may experience dizziness for a brief moment after your first few hits. This happens because Gelato 33 kicks in fast and hard. You might need to deal with a light headache until you become used to it.


How To Grow the Gelato 33 Strain

The cultivar of the Gelato 33 strain is exceptionally generous, creating large buds with high THC levels. It takes approximately two months to grow inside. Outside, you should grow it at the end of September to mid-October.

One challenge for growers in DC is finding Gelato clones or seeds. Not every dispensary in the area will have it, but some of the more popular shops should stock it. If you know somebody with access to Gelato marijuana seeds, they may be your best bet.

Use a large container for your Gelato seedling to avoid repotting it as it grows. The Gelato plant tends to experience a lot of stress when moved, so try to keep its environment as consistent as possible.

Gelato cannabis strains grow most effectively in humidity. To create the best possible environment for your plants, keep your grow room dry and warm with plenty of light.

Growing Gelato indoors requires a tent. The tent provides the correct temperature and light to help the plant grow. Fertilize the crop with dried seaweed for extra nutrients, but take care not to overwater them. Your yield should come in at about 16 to 18 ounces per three square feet.

One advantage that Gelato offers over other strains is its resistance to pests. The branches are far enough apart from each other as the plant grows, so pruning is also seldom necessary. A struggle involved with indoor gardening is the potent smells that amplify as the plants enter their late flowering stage.

Growing and monitoring Gelato 33 may take some effort, but it is worth it when you can experience the finished product. When you finally have Gelato 33 buds ready for sale, you can expect a lot of interest from buyers. This strain sells out quickly in dispensaries, so many people are on the lookout for independent growers of this strain.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Gelato 33 Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Where To Buy the Gelato 33 Strain

In Washington DC, you can find the Gelato 33 strain at several popular dispensaries. For example, you might want to hit up one of the following dispensaries when you’re ready for new Gelato.

  • Heady Club DC: Heady Club DC specializes in Gelato 33 and other marijuana strains. They offer the Gelato 33 strain at reasonable prices, along with pre-rolled joints and concentrate products.
  • All the Buzz: You’ll find all the hybrids, Indicas, and Sativas that you could ever want at All the Buzz. Of course, the Gelato 33 strain is well represented. Pick up one of their branded t-shirts while you’re there.
  • Legacy DC: Legacy DC carries Gelato and other cannabis strains from various farms around the US. Their expert staff can help you find what you’re looking for. At Legacy DC, you can often find quality deals and discounts. Write a review for them to pick up these promotions.
  • DC Lab Direct: You’ll find Gelato 33 at DC Lab Direct. As well, it’s a quality dispensary to investigate other strains and find new favorites. They offer a 15% discount to new customers so consider heading down to DC Lab Direct first.

Try one or more of the above dispensaries to find your favorite strains or check out a weed delivery service to bring this delightful strain right to your door.


Wrap Up on the Gelato 33 Strain

Gelato 33 is a unique and powerful strain enjoyed by both recreational and medical users alike. It’s known for its pleasant aroma, flavorful taste, and potent high. There are several ways to enjoy it, such as smoking or vaping the flowers or adding Gelato 33 to your favorite dishes. However you choose to enjoy it, Gelato 33 is sure to become a staple in your rotation.

Related Questions

Below are a few commonly asked questions about the Gelato 33 strain.

How does Gelato 33 differ from Gelato?

Gelato 33 stands out from the standard Gelato strain due to its intense fruit flavors and citric aftertaste. When it flowers, Gelato 33 gives off a sweet herbaceous smell that can fill the room. Additionally, Gelato 33 has a higher THC content than Gelato, which can provide an even stronger experience.

Why is it called Gelato 33?

Gelato 33 gets its name from a former NBA player named Larry Bird. The 33 in the strain’s name is a reference to Bird’s jersey number.

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