Balla Berries Strain: Not Your Typical Berry Strain

Balla Berries Strain

There is a wide array of lusciously impactful weed flavors to choose from: diesel, nutty, spicy, sour— everyone has their favorites. Among these, the berry flavor is beloved for its rich fruity aroma and taste which can be fresh while carrying a deep edge. For berry lovers, the Balla Berries strain, in particular, is not just another run-of-the-mill berry flavor. This one packs a pretty strong punch which can send you into deep introspection. Plus, it’s one with both mystery and novelty.

Balla Berries Strain Origin

The Balla Berries strain most likely comes from a line of blended berries but no one can trace the very beginning of how the strain was created. It is still a mystery today.  There is one thing we know: this strain comes from Black Mafia Family Cartel although this tip most likely will send you spiraling on a desperate search to find out even more about this secretive and highly coveted strain.

This strain is a rare find with a 50-50 percentage on its indica and sativa typing. This might be the cause for the deep head buzz which combines intense stimulation in a relaxed and calm atmosphere.  Additionally, this unknown combination of berries has a 21-22% THC level and less than 1% CBD content.

Ball Berries Strain Appearance and Flavor


Balla Berries StrainBalla berries have a myriad of eye-catching bubblegum colors which make it an attractive set of nugs to smoke. Shades of candied pink-white crystal trichomes covering candy-like grape nugs highlighting vibrant hints of green and purple. A spicy bomb, patches of orange also run through the course of its body alongside green buds.

Your throat will dance with saccharin sweetness with this strain’s terpene profiles. Spicy and pine-reminiscent notes will reverberate throughout your entire body as part of the gloriously euphoric and powerful experience. Everyone who smokes this strain describes the same woodsy and blueberry tones that make for an earthy and delicious puff.

Balla Berries Strain Aroma

This berry-infused weed invites you with its pungent and strong smell. Sweet tropical berries underlie luscious, fruity, and earthy traces. All of this must be coming from its highly fragrant berry parentage.

Its terpene profile consists of a less than 50% citrus-laden terpinolene, funky spicy beta-caryophyllene, peppery beta myrcene, and the stress-relieving d-limonene. All of these show a unique juxtaposition of a tangy but sweet blend of smells.

How Does the Balla Berries Strain Make You Feel? 

Balla Berries begins by captivating you and making you focus on yourself— no escaping from any of your thoughts. This deep reflection that traps you in your own head is what Balla Berries is widely known for. Don’t worry, this intense hold is still a calming and relaxing start to your session. It’s subsequently followed by Balla Berries rocking you into a couch-locked experience which transitions into a deeply satisfying sleep.

Would you call it a beginner-friendly strain? Far from it. This is exceptionally better for those who are considered THC hardened professionals. It does have that intense effect of kicking you into swimming around in your personal thoughts. Not for the faint of heart.

Medicinal Effects

This sleep-inducing strain is good for insomnia, calms headaches or migraines, and relieves chronic stress. It can also provide some relief for eye pressure or glaucoma. Lights out early for this strain, its sedative properties will be sure to lull anyone into a comfy, fuzzy snooze.

How Do You Grow the Balla Berries Strain?

Be it indoors or outdoors, you can grow Balla Berries just about anywhere, however, it is most commonly planted outdoors. When this strain is grown indoors there will be a flowering period of roughly seven up to nine weeks, but if you do plant it outside, the harvests come in during the first weeks of October. The large bushy structure and medium-sized frame of the plants make it more ideal to plant in an open space rather than in an indoor room.

Another reason to grow Balla Berries outside would be the yield difference. Indoors you might take away fourteen ounces per square meter, however, outdoor plants can yield up to twenty ounces per plant. Veteran green thumbs would best opt for the use of feminized cannabis seeds to ensure that all subsequent plants are also female. No need to watch out too much for bugs and mold; this strain can avoid both without a problem.

Where Can You Find The Balla Berries Strain? 


Balla Berries StrainWhether you want to dive into a contemplative and deeply self-aware meditation or if you are looking for relief from stress and need your fix in a berry flavor, wander around the Explore tab that displays the top cannabis smoke shops and delivery services in DC. Give a shoutout to 420DC when you find your fix of choice to receive a special discount upon placing an order.

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