How Good Is OG Kush Breath AKA OGKB?

OG Kush Breath

OGKB is relatively new to the DC weed scene, though it’s been making its rounds around the west coast for quite some time now. This powerful indica-dominant hybrid strain makes for ultra-soothing nighttime medicine and offers some of the most unique flavors you can find in a cannabis strain, making it a popular new addition to many of the gift menus available her in DC. Here’s everything you need to know about the famous OGKB strain, also known as OG Kush Breath, including its lineage, phenotypes, smell, taste, effects, medical uses, and cultivation best practices.

OGKB (AKA OG Kush Breath): Background 

OGKB, also known as OG Kush Breath is a bit of a genetic mystery. As a possible descendent of the Girl Scout Cookies family, this indica-dominant hybrid provides a unique warm vanilla flavor and deep-rooted physical effects. Some sources claim that OGKB is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and an unnamed cross between Durban Sativa (North California) and Florida Kush. Regardless of what she’s made from, she packs a wallop at 23-27% THC.

The OG Kush Breath strain blooms in shades of purple and green and envelop a room with its earthy kush-like funk. However, the flavor profile is a complete surprise, showcasing mentally uplifting flavors of nuts, berries, and vanilla. It’s a great choice for nighttime relief against stress, pain, and sleep-related conditions.

OGKB Cultivation

Similar to many strains in the Girl Scout Cookies family, OGKB (AKA OG Kush Breath) grows to be quite dense. A hybrid cross between 3 distinct strains, OGKB grows similar to both indicas and sativas in the sense that it grows tall and wide with broad leaves. With that in mind, a lot of training via trellis netting will need to occur early in her vegetative cycle to ensure her growth stays manageable and her colas don’t get burned by the lights. As with many other strains that produce densely packed colas, watch your humidity and flowers to avoid mold and powdery mildew. Other than that OGKB is pretty straightforward and rated moderately difficult to grow.

OGKB Appearance 


OG Kush Breath looks like your standard exotic cannabis plant while going through the veg cycle. The plants grow tall and bushy, producing several large top nugs showcasing its high-yielder status. It grows thick foliage in shades of dark green and produces huge, dense colas that break into smaller individual nugs. Each nug ranges in shade from dark, dank green to eggplant and electric purple, which contrasts beautifully with its vibrant orange pistils and crystalline trichome heads. All in all, the strain appears quite subdued due to its lack of pistils, but that doesn’t make her ugly. The contrast between the foliage and the trichomes gives her a nearly alien-like appearance.

OGKB Scents, Flavors, and Effects 

OG Kush Breath has a unique scent and flavor profile that is the reason in part for its highly in-demand status. While growing on the plant, it has a unique herbaceous scent that can take on a musty earthiness as the flowers mature. As the flowers dry, their scent develops a little further to offer a rich nuttiness, similar to what you’d smell in a sharp white cheese. However, when the flowers are ground or chopped up, they release a ton of unique fresh berry terps that become spicy and pungent as they’re burned.

The flavor profile of OG Kush Breath is similar to the aroma in the sense that it’s all over the place and definitely not what you’d expect it to be. While the aroma is definitely a little funky, the flavor is absolutely delicious. The first impression on the inhale is a fresh, nutty vanilla flavor that reminds you of other strains in the Girl Scout Cookies family. The smoke itself is where that spicy smell comes back into play. The smoke is thick, pungent and funky, making for a cough-inducing smoke. However, it mellows out into a berry-tinged vanilla funk flavor that gets a little spicer with each hit.

As you exhale the final hit of OGKB, you’ll have noticed the effects have already taken hold. It promotes a subtle mental boost that can make you feel more positive, uplifted, and happy. This effect becomes a lot more muddled as the indica-dominant effects kick in, though. As you begin to relax and unwind, your mind will begin to feel positive, happy, and hazy, making it a little more difficult than average to focus. After that initial lift, your body sinks into a state of deep relaxation, leaving you feeling a little couch-locked and sedated with a sleepy but positive mentality.

Medical Uses of OGKB

OGKB makes for heavy-handed, whole-body relief from even the most debilitating conditions thanks to its high levels of THC and effects. Many medical patients choose OG Kush Breath to help with many sleep-related conditions including insomnia and difficulty staying asleep. However, its powerful physical relief also makes it a good choice for managing chronic pain, muscle spasms, cramps, inflammation, and headaches. The mental effects, while soothing, also make OGKB a great choice for dealing with the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and a lack of appetite.

OGKB Strain Review 

OG Kush Breath is a great choice for anyone looking to find long-lasting relief from insomnia, stress, and pain with a strain that boasts natural fruit and nut notes. This Indica-dominant hybrid is excellent for any time of day thanks to its ability to help without hindering and its above-average levels of potency. Its frostiness, potency, and unique smell and flavor make it a popular choice among terp heads all over the country. If we had to give it a star rating, it would have to be a 4.5. The only place she loses points is her unique kush-like flavor. To most it’s delicious, however, many people don’t care much for the standard kush-funk. Other than that, you’ll most definitely love OGKB. The next time you see it on the shelves at your favorite smoke shop or through any of the other compliant gifting companies in DC, be sure to give it a try.

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