Apple Gelato: A Knockout

Apple Gelato

For most old-school marijuana users just the word “gelato” can elicit a familiar feeling of joy under the aroma of a luscious dessert. The Apple Gelato strain is not too far off from this nostalgic experience. A sweet tooth’s dream, this strain has much to offer once you get to know it. Below is a run-down on the Apple Gelato strain.

What is the Apple Gelato Strain?

First thing’s first: its THC levels. If there is anything Apple Gelato fans will tell you is that its THC level ranges around 35%. It is truly a potent treatment with a soaring high and a delicious touch on the palate. It is a Backpackboyz strain cultivated by crossing Gelato 33 and Sour Apple.

The combination of these two massively strong strains gives you an inkling of the kind of robust strain Apple Gelato is. As a hybrid, it has a good mix of sedative as well as mood-lifting qualities. Another variation of Apple Gelato also comes from Alien Genetics.

Apple Gelato Strain Profile


For growers, Apple Gelato’s presence is magnified by its structure. The plant is majestic, with huge leaves and flowers, the tones of green, purple, and orange meld together into a sight to behold. A generous amount of trichomes spread throughout its amazing breadth. The nugs are of the same collection of colors in a densely packed form. The medium greens are backed up by pale greens for a diversified collaboration of colors and dimensions. These fresh colors are emphasized alongside a prominent, juicy orange color.

Aroma & Flavor

When you take your Apple Gelato out for a whiff you will notice its revitalizing smell, a forest and pine kind of vibe. Peeking through are some spicy notes on your nose. Get yourself a grinder moving forward, this one is a little challenging to break down by hand. Once you do, you will find the candy-like profile that Gelato strains are known for. When you exhale you will also smell a tinge of gas.

Its prominent terpenes are Beta-Caryophyllene, Myrcene, and Limonene. Beta-Caryophyllene brings out a peppery fragrance— the spiciness in the mix. Myrcene provides the herbal part while Limonene and Myrcene are what make Apple Gelato reminiscent of a citrus smell. Limonene, in particular, is what gives Apple Gelato a chewing gum scent. Some stoners say this strain reminds them of the OGs, the mark of a rising classic in itself.

Your mouth will be filled with the taste of cream and apples, a confection to the senses. Its sweetness on your tongue will keep you coming back.


If you are new to cannabis you might want to sit this one out. It is a force to reckon with much like its famed predecessors. It will last you hours and will show no signs of mercy on even the more experienced members of the weed community. It can be dangerously enticing with its candy flavors, luring you in with flavor during its meek beginnings.

Once you are in a place of comfort you will enjoy each toke too much, not noticing the deep couch lock you are about to go into. The euphoria is still amazing as is with any Gelato. Once everything is in place though it will hit you hard.

Medicinal Effects

Its hybrid nature makes Apple Gelato an uplifting strain for concentration as is most sativa but only for a limited period. Its potency allows it to actively aid medical marijuana patients much like many indica strains are preferred. Stoners looking for relief from chronic stress will wipe some sweat off their foreheads from the relief offered by Apple Gelato. It can be incredibly relaxing on the body. Additionally, those with depression use this bud to increase their energy and happy feelings.

Activities to Pair with Apple Gelato

The majority will assure you Apple Gelato is enough for a quiet evening of relaxation. While this is true it can also be used to pique your interest in some to-do tasks for the office. You might also want to use this as a pick-me-up in smaller doses. For medical marijuana patients, this is also the choice for relief from stress and mood swings.

Growing Your Own Apple Gelato Strain

The seeds might be rare to come by but once you get your hands on those you can try planting them both inside or outside. After 8 to 9 weeks, its gigantic plants will be overflowing with yield and ready for drying and curing. Outside plants will see the harvest in early October.

Where to Get the Apple Gelato Strain

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