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Orange Creamsicle Strain

There’s something about popsicles that sends most people right back to their childhood, and there’s no type of popsicle that does this better than orange creamsicles. These citrus-sweet treats are a hallmark of long, sunny afternoons and time spent with friends. Fittingly, the Orange Creamsicle strain can be just that, encouraging comfortable socialization and easy relaxation.

This strain is a creamy, sativa-dominant hybrid that comes in a wide range of potency, so it’s accessible for users of all levels of experience. If you want to know more about this versatile strain, keep reading to learn about its background, its flavor, its effects, and how to grow it.

Orange Creamsicle Strain Background

When MTG Seeds was in the process of developing Orange Creamsicle, they were working to create the sweetest, fruitiest strain possible. To do this, they used two great tastes that taste great together: Juicy Fruit weed and Orange Crush. The goal was to combine two delicious strains and get the best from both.

Most people would agree that MTG Seeds succeeded. Orange Creamsicle is now a 60/40 sativa-dominant strain that’s known for its delicious flavor and its ease of growth. It’s received the best of its indica and sativa parents and become a sensation in its own right. It’s one of the best introductory strains out there, since it often has a lower THC content; tests have found anywhere from 7% to 18% THC levels. Combined with its irresistible flavor profile, Orange Creamsicle can help newcomers to the scene experience the best that cannabis can offer without getting overwhelmed.

How the Orange Creamsicle Strain Smells and Tastes

The first impression of Orange Creamsicle is its intensely citric scent. It’s marked with undertones of berry and cream that nicely balance the brighter notes.

The flavor is brightly fruity and free from unpleasant earthy notes. The smoke is clean and easy to smoke, without triggering a cough. On the exhale, you’ll notice just a hint of vanilla that rounds out the experience.

What Does Orange Creamsicle Weed Look Like


Source: AllBud

Like many sativa-dominant strains, Orange Creamsicle bud tends to be longer, almost cylindrical in shape. They are generally well-packed and dense, without too many popcorn nugs or fluffy buds. They lean towards dark green leave, accented with white and amber trichomes that frost the buds nicely. The bright orange hairs that cover the buds accent the other colors nicely.

How to Grow Orange Creamsicle Marijuana


The Orange Creamsicle strain isn’t just great for beginning smokers. It’s also an excellent jumping-off point for new growers. There aren’t many hazards to watch for when cultivating these plants, and they’re forgiving and bounce back easily from neglect. As a result, new growers can learn on the job without risking their entire harvest.

These plants learn towards their sativa heritage heavily when it comes to their patterns of growth. Expect tall plants that grow quickly. Indoors, plants can reach up to six feet tall, and outside they can rocket up to seven or eight feet in the right climate. This speedy growth can be a minor problem indoors unless you top the plants. However, they recover from topping and other high-stress training techniques quickly, and you’ll see more colas and better yields because of it. In particularly small indoor grows, you can also shorten the vegetative cycle to keep your plants from outgrowing your space.

These plants thrive in warm, even tropical environments. With plenty of daylight and warmth, they’ll grow like weeds. If you live in a cooler climate, however, growing indoors may be a better option. Instead of relying on finicky outdoor conditions, you can recreate a tropical environment inside. As long as you can provide bright light, moderate humidity, and relatively consistent temperatures, your Orange Creamsicle plants will thrive.

They’ll thrive quickly, too. Orange Creamsicle plants are generally ready to harvest in just eight to nine weeks indoors, or in early October outside. Expect 12 to 16 ounces per square meter indoors, depending on your training techniques, and up to 18 ounces per plant outside. Drying and curing your plants appropriately will help you retain as much of these plants’ flavor as possible and make your harvest worth the time.

How Does the Orange Creamsicle Strain Make You Feel

There’s a reason Orange Creamsicle is such a great strain for new users. It’s a great example of the prototypical cannabis experience. It comes on in five to ten minutes, with a gentle head high that encourages free association, creative thoughts, and calming of tension. It’s not going to generate a euphoric, intense high, but it’s an easy strain to use during the day or when you need to get other things done at the same time.

The Orange Creamsicle strain’s body buzz is equally mild. Over the course of the buzz, you’ll notice your muscles slowly relaxing and tension melting away. There’s no couchlock or sedation, so it’s just as useful for daytime use as it is as a method to unwind at the end of the day. In fact, many users of Orange Creamsicle weed use it as an easy way to keep their mood and their muscle even all day long.

This is also the case for medical marijuana users. The mild but noticeable effects of the strain don’t interrupt your normal functions, so people with anxiety and depression can use it as a pick-me-up while still achieving their goals for the day. Dark thoughts are muted and worries aren’t as worrying while Orange Creamsicle is in effect.

Similarly, it’s a stellar solution for chronic pain. The smooth and comfortable muscle relaxation can relieve neuropathic pain, inflammation, and tension without tying them to the couch all day. It allows activity without the discomfort that people with chronic pain face every day.

Whether you want to wake and bake or just drift off to sleep comfortably relaxed, Orange Creamsicle can be the treat that treats you right. If you or a friend is looking to start using or growing marijuana, Orange Creamsicle is the perfect place to get started. Also if you want to get your hands on some high quality Orange Creamsicle Strain seeds here is a great place to try.

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