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Grandma’s Approved Apple Fritter Strain [Ultimate Strain Review]

Apple Fritter Strain

Just like grandma’s warm cinnamon apple fried donut recipes drenched underneath a warm sweet glaze, the Apple Fritter strain is a sweet buttery apple marijuana strain that is too potent to enjoy with a cup of milk alone. Instead, it is renowned for inducing munchies and sedating you with a pleasant high.

What is the Apple Fritter Strain?

The Apple Fritter strain is a beautiful award-winning hybrid cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies by way of northern California Napa region Lumpy’s Flowers– focusing on high-quality cultivation that delivers terpene strains with gold-star a “high”.

Sour Apple or Sour Apple Diesel is the hybrid parent plant that taught Apple Fritter how to deliver an extremely potent high that couch locks you to the sofa and pays your dues with deep relaxation and laziness. Sour Apple is a blend of Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 strains.

On the contrary, Animal Cookies or Animal Crackers is the hybrid parent that gives Apple Fritter its sweet earthy flavor and hunger stimulation. However, the high potency is similar to Sour Apple’s indica qualities, leaning into deep sedative relaxation.

In addition, Apple Fritter classifies as a rare balanced sativa-indica hybrid cannabis. However, some growers breed the herb to be Sativa-dominant or indica-dominant. Nonetheless, the cannabis sustains its reputation as sativa enough to experience an uplifting euphoric mood and indica enough to relax you into a deep rejuvenating sleep.

Depending on the growing conditions, Apple Fritter has a THC concentration that ranges from 22% to 32%. However, cannabis contains less than 1% CBD. Read on to learn more about this sweet strain.

The Apple Fritter Strain Is a Donut Without the Calories

Before you take a toke of Apple Fritters, you’ll notice the buds are olive in color with traces of cookies and cream swirls of indigo streaks and tangerine whiskers under a bed of frosty angelic trichomes. And the cannabis tastes just as good as it looks.

Do you remember how grandma’s apple fritters recipe was rich with fruity apple flavors, vanilla, and a little cheesy? That’s exactly how the Apple Fritter cannabis strain tastes without the donut calories.

Instead, the Apple Fritter contains various terpenes that help the cannabis appear sweet, with pine and citrus fragrance. Terpenes such as limonene give cannabis the signature fruity apple scent. While the myrcene terpenes are peppery, resembling an herbal whiff, and caryophyllene triggers the pungent cheesy stench. However, after the taste may follow an intense hunger.

So, when your appetite increases, you may be unsure how to satisfy your hunger. But don’t worry– follow this quick munchie guide for the best Apple Fritter food pairs.

First, Apple Fritter contains a highly potent high that chronic users do not recommend consuming in the morning. Instead, consume in the last afternoon or evening and finish the day with a nighttime pastry. Preferably a warm apple danish, cheese, bacon puff, Nutella croissant, or the classic apple fritter donut.

When pairing the Apple Fritter cannabis strain, seek pastries with warm apple, cheese, bacon, and butter. Or combine them and create the perfect breakfast classic dish: apple bacon turnover.

Second, despite Apple Fritters indica’s hunger-mongering characteristics, the sativa aspects boost creativity for some and reduce appetite for others. In this scenario, soothing the creativity boosts with a green tea, dark roast coffee, or a golden milk turmeric latte.

Green tea contains the perfect amount of caffeine and antioxidants without the typical tired-foggy hangover that chronic coffee drinkers get from espresso. On the contrary, dark roast espresso or coffee beans have a bit less caffeine than lighter roasts. And the golden milk latte does not have any caffeine, just anti-inflammatory, and mood-boosting goodness.

Lastly, pair the Apple Fritter strain with your favorite fall apple cider, apple cider cocktail, or hard cider. Doing so may enhance the cannabis apple flavors and mellow out the citrus, earthy pine odor.

The Apple Fritter Strain Is for Cozy Evenings

The experience of the Apple Fritter strain is not a lightweight high. Instead, it is a heavy hitting high that begins as a bright boost of creativity with a sense of euphoria and bliss. And as time passes, it transforms into tingling sedation that can make your body feel calm and tranquil.

Other signs and symptoms that the Apple Fritter strain is activating as the hybrid is:

  • Cerebral state of mind
  • Tingly body high
  • Relaxation of aches and sore muscles

Due to its dramatic transition from invigorating to tranquilizing, it is best to use Apple Fritter late afternoon or early in the evening. And it pairs well with spa days, painting, or sitting back to binge-watch your favorite show. However, consuming this strain in the morning may inhibit daily activities and interfere with productivity.

Aside from leisure dosage, cannabis enthusiasts seek the Apple Fritter strain as a therapeutic remedy for anxiety, stress, and chronic pain.

However, new users should consume the strain with caution, as cannabis can induce anxiety and paranoia for some. In addition, seasoned smokers may experience headaches, dry eye and mouth, and extreme appetite if consumed under dehydration.

Apple Fritter strain tastes and experiences the best as an organic floral herb. However, the strain can also be baked or infused into edibles, steeped into tea blends, and found in concentrates.

Grow the Apple Fritter Strain by Trial and Error

Growing the Apple Fritter strain is relatively tricky. The breed is new to the market, and the growing conditions remain unknown. However, new breeders speculate that the growing conditions should yield growing behaviors similar to their parent plants Sour Apple and Animal Cookies.

The Apple Fritter strain grows best under temperate Mediterranean conditions into dense, medium-size evergreen buds. And they don’t require much trimming, topping, or acclimation to their environment.

They take 9-10 weeks to flower into a mature, well-balanced indica-sativa hybrid ready for harvest in mid-October. However, the maturity time varies depending if the plant is Sativa or indica dominant.

Outdoor plants can yield up to 16 ounces per bush under hot, humid, and temperature conditions. Under controlled conditions, indoor plants can grow as tall as 5 feet yielding 12 ounces of buds per square yard. In addition, balanced hybrids, Sativa-dominant and indica-dominant Apple Fritter strains tend to be a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Apple Fritter strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

How Can I Find Apple Fritter Strain in DC?

The fans of Apple Fritter rave that the strain has a range of flavors ripped from a bong. Others praise the strain for its full-bodied high and deep relaxation, perfect for a D.C. weekend getaway lounging on the couch.

And cannabis fans that have never experienced Apple Fritter complained that the high forced itself upon them, but the combination of productivity and deep-state tranquility wasn’t a bother. Instead, Apple Fritter fans across the nation consider the cannabis strain to be well worth the high.

Although Apple Fritter is a Cali bud, you can find Apple Fritter at D.C.’s DC-171-compliant dispensary favorite cannabis dispensary Hidden Leaf D.C. via delivery by Gentleman Toker. However, this cannabis is always in high demand and available for a limited time. Contact Hidden Leaf to find out if this strain is in stock today.

You can also find the premium hybrid at Lucky Chuckie DC. If Apple Fritters is unavailable, Lucky Chuckie carries its parent plant Sour Apple alongside the cannabis-grandparents Sour Diesel. Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a happy, heavy Sativa with a delightful, zesty yet earthy taste and a classic sour kush odor.

Lastly, Apple Fritter has a home at D.C. Dash delivery – with a wait of under two hours for the entire D.C. area. Unfortunately, the floral strain is not always available. Contact DC Dash to inquire about availability. However, Apple Fritter is available as a live resin or liquid diamond from Jetter Juice.

Apple Fritter Is the Cannabis Dessert You Didn’t Know You Needed

The apple fritter is not just for the oven as a delicious oven-baked dessert. It’s also for the stoner seeking a new high to treat a lazy weekend or bothersome anxiety. And even better, it’s a west coast strain traveling east, so get your hands on the tastiest strain around while supplies last.

Questions Related to Apple Fritter Strain

Did your mouth begin to water thinking about how you would fit the apple strain into your life, but you’re still unsure if it’s the right cannabis for you? Then, check out these commonly asked questions about the hybrid Apple Fritter cannabis strain.

Is Apple Fritter Rare Strain?

The award-winning hybrid Apple Fritter strain is evenly balanced, combining the best characteristics of indica and Sativa cannabis. Unfortunately, that makes cannabis extremely rare, as doing so is challenging and uncommon.

Is Apple Fritter Strain Purple?

Sure, the Apple Fritter strain can be purple. However, the balanced hybrid is equal parts sativa and indica– even when it comes to color. That means a balanced hybrid typically has beautiful olive buds with streaks of purple. However, Apple Fritter, predominantly purple, would suggest that the strain is not balanced but rather an indica-dominant hybrid.

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