Black Diesel Strain Review

Black Diesel Strain

Cannabis connoisseurs can’t put their finger on what it is about Black Diesel that makes it so infamous.  Is it the 4-star reviews when you would expect 5 stars? Is it the fact that it has won multiple Cannabis Cups despite its low grumbles in certain circles? Is it the strain’s strong but unique flavors? Whatever it is, here you’ll get the lowdown on Black Diesel, its visuals, smells, flavors, and vibe to decide for yourself if it is truly infamous or deserving of top-shelf commendation.

Black Diesel Strain Background

Black Diesel is a hybrid with a ratio of 70-30, leaning Sativa. What’s surprising is many stoners can mistake it for an even hybrid due to its ability to lull you to a peaceful sleep. Black Diesel’s legendary roots in NYC Diesel gives it its pungent kick. Meanwhile, its THC content ranges from 17-19% giving it a potent high that can be enjoyed by both veterans and newbies alike. Developed by Advanced Seeds, Black Diesel is a Cannabis Cup awarded strain for a specific reason. Let’s find out by starting with its aesthetic appeal.

What Does Black Diesel Look Like?


The marijuana plant has bejeweled colors to crown its glorious yield. You will see a hefty amount of amber and deep orange colors that hint at its strong flavors. Complementary is its pink, orange, and purple flowers, ready for the taking. Its nugs are compact and gorgeous as well, not the least bit frosty— more of a vibrant and clear festival of colors.

What Does Black Diesel Smell Like?

When you get a whiff of Black Diesel you will feel an intense surge of its strong yet complex aromatic profile that combines the unique smells of earth, moss, and skunk. Its undertones of grapefruit and orange support its powerful punch to the nose, with sour notes to round it out. The diesel fragrance also carries itself through each puff playing with the other smells and creating that robust nose experience.

What Does the Black Diesel Strain Taste Like?

If you’re partial to peppery tastes then you’ll love Black Diesel. That flavor isn’t too common and Black Diesel has it down pat. Hints of grapefruit and citrus add a freshness to the mix and wonderfully support the diesel taste. Undertones of earthiness make for a chill but savory toke.

How Does Black Diesel Strain Make You Feel?

While it is a sativa-dominant strain, Black Diesel is highly regarded by many medical patients for its indica effects. You will have that intense euphoric high from Black Diesel’s Sativa-leaning nature but this long joyful buzz will then collapse into a sedative couch-lock. Throughout your body, you will receive signals to calm down and enjoy yourself. It’s a top choice for medical patients who want the joys of Sativa while also getting the comfort of Indica leaning strains.

Black Diesel uplifts and relaxes, stimulating the body with energy, focus, and creativity which later on turns into drowsiness. It’s perfect for those end-of-the-work-day blues. Need to pick me up before the next jam-packed day? Black Diesel will cheer you up, tuck you in, and have you enthusiastic by the morning. Just don’t forget to set your alarm!

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Black Diesel?


Medical patients will find many uses for Black Diesel. In particular, it can treat glaucoma, migraines, arthritis, and all sorts of mild aches. The strain also helps with depression but one must be careful with this because it can cause anxiety and paranoia if taken in huge volumes. Side effects include dry eyes and mouth as well as dizziness.

How Can You Grow the Black Diesel Strain?

Black Diesel can get moldy pretty fast so make sure to keep your dehumidifier handy with this one. It would be considered easy to grow for many cannabis harvesters but keep in mind that it can grow mold or mildew. Check on your plants often to stop any of those results from worsening. Feminized seeds are available for you to plant without acquiring a clipping that can be purchased from several websites.

The flowering cycle is about 9-10 weeks with each plant yielding around 450-550 grams per square meter. Its height indoors could be around 70-100cm while it could grow to about 3-4 meters. Harvesting time comes every October when grown outside.


Where Can You Get the Black Diesel Strain?

You’ll want to try this award-winning strain if not for its diesel and pepper aroma and flavor then probably for its even and smooth high. Growers will find it ease to work with too. Want your hands on your supply? Look no further than 420VL. Check out our wide selection of shops for your delivery needs. Give 420VL a shoutout when you place an order at any of the listings to get a discount on your items.

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