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Lemon Lava Cannabis: A Sweet Stoner Treat

Lemon Lava Cannabis

Trying new flower strains and experiencing various highs is one of the most exciting activities for stoners. If you love a citrus strain and a good body high, Lemon Lava may be your new favorite strain. Consider this your complete guide to Lemon Lava marijuana.

Lemon Lava is a citrus, sweet hybrid strain that offers a focused but comfortable high. Users can focus on tasks and remain alert while enjoying a numbing body high and heightened euphoric state combined with the earthy and fruity flavor.

For more information on this delicious strain, you can find a complete review and description of the strain here. If you want to explore this strain further, keep reading to learn about classification, characteristics, and growing periods.


Lemon Lava CannabisOverview of Lemon Lava

This is an in-depth overview of the lineage and chemical characteristics of the Lemon Lava strain.

Chemical Breakdown

To understand how consuming the Lemon Lava strain will feel and interact with your body, you should know the chemical makeup of the strain. The chemical makeup includes what percentage of each compound is present in the strain.

  • THC: 12-14.5%
  • CBD: 0.8-1.5%
  • CBC: 0.1-0.45%
  • CBG: 0.25-0.8%
  • Terpenes: 1%

Most cannabis consumers prefer a higher level of THC to increase their high, but the presence of CBD, CBC, and CBG are all relevant as they contribute to the relaxing, anxiety-reducing effects of marijuana.

The terpenes play into the flavor and aroma of the strain, which will be discussed in detail further on.


Lemon Lava is a Sativa-leaning hybrid. The estimated makeup is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, curating a more alert feeling than some hybrids.


Four parent strains contributed to the creation of Lemon Lava. The final strain combines two hybrids derived from the four parent strains. Below is a brief review of each strain, and how they contribute to the final result of Lemon Lava.

Brazilian Lemon

Brazilian lemon is the Sative-dominant hybrid derived from the breeding of Brazilian Haze with Lemon Head. It results in a THC-heavy Sativa that mostly takes on the lemon citrus flavor.

It leaves behind much of the CBD for a more alert and creative high compared with its parent breeds.

Lemon Head

Lemon is a popular flavor and scent associated with weed. Many people love lemon-forward strains, using Lemon Head to produce many favorable hybrids. Lemon Head is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that has a calming effect with a side dish of paranoia.

The prominent citrus flavor and high level of CBD have given this strain a reputation for being sweet and relaxing.

Brazilian Haze

Brazilian Haze is a Sativa-heavy strain best known for producing a full-body numbness, ideal for people looking for mild pain relief or sedation. The strain has mild notes of citrus and tropical fruits with a skunky smell.

This strain is wonderful for kicking back with some snacks and a movie, but not great if you plan on getting some errands or chores done.

Lemon Lava CannabisLava

Sometimes referred to as ‘Lava Cake’, Lava is the parent strain of Lemon Lava, coming from a mix of the Hawaiin and African Purple strains. It is THC-heavy with low levels of CBD, offering a unique rich flavor with notes of coffee and sugar.

Lava has a much earthier flavor than its parent strains, offering a unique flavor combined with euphoric effects.


Hawaiin is a potent strain with high levels of THC and CBD. It produces a feeling of happy euphoria with physical side effects like dry mouth.

This Sativa-heavy strain has notes of tropical flavors and sweet smells that offer a delicious smoking experience. Just make sure to keep some water on hand to cure that dry mouth.

African Purple

African Purple is heavy with tropical scents and flavors. It is a 50/50 split of Sativa and Indica for a relaxing but euphoric high that last a while.

It is relatively low in THC but high in CBD, so it’s ideal for a gentle high to numb pain or discomfort. It’s also commonly used by insomniacs to lull them to sleep.

Characteristics of Lemon Lava

Many smokers like to know the smell, flavor, and appearance of the weed. Especially, if you can’t go to the dispensary in person and utilize weed delivery in DC or another area.


The flavor of Lemon Lava is extremely citrus-forward with hints of grape, apricot, and a sweet flavor, like sugar. The taste of this strain comes from the lemon-heavy parent strain and the African Purple, which has tropical fruit notes.

The grape flavor comes through with an earthy aftertaste attributed to the Lava Cake parent strain.


The aroma, like the flavor, has strong notes of citrus, mainly the smell of lemon candy. There are also notes of herbaceous plants like mint and sage in the aftertaste when smoking it.

While the Lemon Lava has that sweet, citrusy smell, it is not as sweet-smelling as many of its parent breeds, offering a more dulled and subtle scent.


Lemon Lava has densely packed bugs with underlying green leaves covered with colorful resin. It features dark shades of purple from the African Purple parent. It also has yellow and orange fuzzies on the leaves. The yellow and orange accents come from the Lemon Heads parents and the Brazilian Haze.

The strain has a thick and dry texture compared to other strains that have plump leaves. Don’t be deceived by a small nug of Lemon Lava, but it will likely grind into more shake than you would expect.

Lemon Lava CannabisEffects of Lemon Lava

This section will inform you of what kind of high you’re in for when you smoke Lemon Lava. Stoners generally love this strain because of the euphoric high it offers.

Type of High

Lemon Lava has a full-body and mind high with therapeutic and euphoric effects. Many users report that the strain heightens your focus and alertness, but not in a paranoid manner.

If you have a task or want to watch a serious movie or TV show, Lemon Lava is an ideal option. It produces a complete feeling of calm and serenity while also sparking creativity. Users report a numb and tingly feeling in their body that adds to the euphoria of the high.

Negative Side Effects

Negative side effects reported by users of Lemon Lava include mild headaches a few minutes after smoking that subside after some time. While most love the numb tingles they get throughout their body, some find them uncomfortable.

Medical Uses

Lemon Lava is used to relieve both mental and physical ailments. The strain is best known for regulating and reducing mood disorders, including but not limited to the following:

  • anxiety,
  • fatigue,
  • insomnia,
  • stress, and
  • depression.

Lemon Lava is also said to lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure can contribute to lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Lemon Lava is used less to aid in physical discomfort or pain, but it does have a mild full-body numbing effect from the Brazilian Haze. It can help soothe mild aches and pains in your body.

Growing Lemon Lava

Now that weed in DC is legal you can even grow your own Lemon Lava plant if you can get your hands on the seeds. Adults of legal age in DC are permitted to grow up to twelve marijuana plants on their private property!

Lemon Lava seeds can be tough to find online as they are a rather rare strain. But if you find them, you can expect a flowering time between 69 and 83 days, which is on the longer side. You can typically harvest 88 days after germination.

A single indoor-grown plant will yield around 400 grams of flower, and an outdoor grown plant will yield 550 grams each. An indoor-grown Lemon Lava plant can grow as high as 5 feet but average around 3.5 feet.

Trying Lemon Lava

If you want to give Lemon Lava a try, you can expect a full-body and focused high reported by most users. People love to smoke this strain in the morning, especially because it won’t make you sleepy or ruin your focus.

If this sounds like your kind of high, the DC dispensaries below often carry Lemon Lava:

  • Lala Land
  • Weed Locker
  • DC Aroma
  • High-Class DC
  • DC Finest

Lemon Lava CannabisRelated Questions

Is Lemon Lava expensive?

It depends on the dispensary you visit and what region of the US you are shopping in, but typically, Lemon lava is a mid-high shelf strain that isn’t the most expensive but certainly not the cheapest. You can expect to pay around $150-$190 for an ounce of Lemon Lava.

Where did the Lemon Lava strain originate?

Lemon Lava was bred by Jai Malloy of pHinest Cannabis. The company creates new hybrids and strains at their state-of-the-art growing facilities in California. So you can thank the Golden State for this delicious citrus strain.

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