The Mystery That Is The Alaskan Purple Strain

Alaskan Purple Strain

Cannabis strains inherit lots of their hype effects from their unique genetic origins. With popular families such as the legendary OG Kush and Tangie, the heritage that comes in the form of delicious flavors and potent highs continually influences stoner culture. This makes knowing everything you can about a new strain more important when choosing the next addition to your stash. The Alaskan Purple strain, on the other hand, has a different appeal. Let’s dive into this strain’s profile and why it is shrouded in mystery.

Alaskan Purple Background

This indica-dominant hybrid strain offers an optimal THC concentration with THC levels of 15-27% making it potent but not too much of a knockout strain for newcomers on the scene. Its genetics are where the secrecy truly lies because it is a cross between a Kush variety and an unknown Brazilian sativa. The hush-hush has everyone desperately trying to find out what family this strain belongs to. The “Purple” in its name causes cultivators and stoners to speculate that it is a member of the Purple family derived from Granddaddy Purple.

Alaskan Purple Strain Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

Alaskan Purple Strain
The Mystery That Is The Alaskan Purple Strain

Alaskan Purple is a sight to behold with a gorgeous contrast revealed by its foliage from the bright green leaves interwoven with vivid violet flowers and fiery orange trichomes. The buds mark a visual tie to its indica nature due to the dense structure and medium green shades present. Touch its flowers and leaves and you can instantly feel its sticky resin. Frosty trichomes are scattered everywhere saturating the plant with an abundance found particularly on stems and leaves.

With each breaking off a bud, you can instantly pick up on its strong berry fragrance that tantalizes your senses with its potent floral and herbal undertones. Alaskan Purple’s scent is reminiscent of sweet berries you can find on fruit-bearing trees. Earthy notes provide the deepness you might expect from a notorious Purple family strain.

The burst of flavors you inhale with each smoke is a combination of sweet and spicy. The complex interplay of flavors present from the Alaskan Purple strain lend, in part, to its popularity among cannabis connoisseurs. A woodsy pine and herb taste will fill your lungs with a fresh bite. This mouthful of pungent diesel is a good mix of savory and saccharine. This strain is for strong-flavor lovers who enjoy a whirlwind of flavor and intrigue.

How Does The Alaskan Purple Strain Make You Feel?

If you’re looking for a mellow night, Alaskan Purple will carry you through with a head high that uplifts the soul. Its Brazilian genetics draws in the psycho-active cerebral euphoria that this strain is known for. The high will last roughly a few hours but will relax you to the core. Alaskan Purple can enhance creativity which makes it a good catalyst to get some artistic projects or brainstorming done. Your whole body will feel a cool calmness rocking you to a sweet sedated state that can easily drift off into a restful sleep. Make sure to have snacks and drinks on standby before you smoke Alaskan Purple since it is known to give you a serious case of the munchies.

What Are The Medicinal Effects Of Alaskan Purple?

Alaskan Purple Strain Alaskan Purple’s mysterious Brazilian origins go along with Kush’s deeply sedative effects. With the potency reaching 27%, Alaskan Purple can bring relief to users with chronic pain and muscle spasms. Its calming, sedative ride is of interest to insomniacs but can also aid those suffering from depression, anxiety, chronic stress, and fatigue. This strain could be too much for some neophyte stoners but, taken at the right amount or within a lesser THC level, it can be accessible to most.

How Do You Grow The Alaskan Purple Strain?

Alaskan Purple produces massive yields revealing beautiful dark green and purple buds saturated with frosty trichomes. The plant structure resembles a tree with berry-like purple flowers. Around its 2nd or 3rd week, the plant gains its frosty leaves that you can trim to use like coconut oil for edibles.

Both indoors and outdoors are viable settings to grow this strain. Growing it inside will yield you an average of 550 grams per square meter after 9 weeks while outdoor plants can yield up to 1700 grams per plant each harvesting time. Harvests usually come in the first two weeks of October when this strain is grown outdoors.

Seedsman offers a variety of feminized cannabis seeds which can grow through different methods. Clones are also available if you prefer that option instead. You can also try super-cropping, SoG, SCRoG, LST, or apical topping as potential growing methods. Either of those options can work pretty well but you could also let the plants grow as wild as you like. The choice is completely up to you.

Where Can You Get Your Hands On The Alaskan Purple Strain?

Alaskan Purple with its mysterious Brazilian origins and added famous Kush lineage, not only brings in that novelty factor but takes on rich berry flavors beloved by many marijuana fans. Want to know where to get your next fix? 420VL has got your back! Try searching through our wide selection of delivery shops here for your next purchase. Give us a shoutout upon ordering for a discount.

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