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Berner Cookies Strain: Sweet and Slow-Creeping High

Berner Cookies Strain

While Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) can instantly bring to mind a fresh batch of tasty treats sold by the Girl Scouts, GSC’s child, the Berner Cookies strain, comes with it a different famous name and a unique, lemony flavor. Despite all the intrigue and prestige, Berner Cookies is known not because of all the names attached to it but because it’s creeping high, unexpectedly bringing you to soar to greater heights. Below is all the info you need to know about the Berner Cookies strain.

Berner Cookies Strain Background

Within the family of some big classic giants like Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet, Berner Cookies has Californian origins and a Cookies family reputation to live up to. Even its name marks its fame— Berner being a well-known rapper from the area and friend of Wiz Khalifa. Berner cultivated Berner Cookies which are also referred to as Berner’s Cookies. He also used to run a cannabis club from 18-25, the start of his love affair with the Cookies genetic line.

Berner Cookies is a kind of GSC, a special variety with unique smells, flavors, and effects. With THC levels reaching 26%, this strain is ideal for those who need an intense hit. It sometimes walks the balanced line between sativa and indica but typically runs 70% sativa-leaning.

Berner Cookies Strain

Berner Cookies Strain Profile


Berner Cookies as a plant can produce very chunky buds. With bright, thick leaves and flowers, Berner Cookies appear quite vibrant. Vivid amber hairs stick out, coated with orange crystal trichomes. Its nugs are tiny and compact. Some might say Berner Cookies also resemble small balls made of moss.


Much like GSC, you will love the vanilla notes that come with this bud. Its nutty and sweet scents are taken over by its dominant terpene: caryophyllene. This creates an overall tone of spiciness combined with diesel, dankness, earthy smell, and pepper. Some vanilla notes add hints of sweetness. Other terpenes of limonene and humulene give it that citrus and hoppy accent.


Upon your first inhale your lungs will be filled with luscious vanilla, fruity, and citrusy flavor. The pungency of the aroma is rounded out by its saccharine taste which adds to its surprising mix.


This is the part that all Berner Cookies fans keep coming back for its slow creeper effect and potent high. Cannabis newbies might not take too well with this one as it could knock them out pretty easily simply because your session usually starts with a simple and relaxing feeling and builds into an intense experience. You get a soft buzz that can make you sociable, focused, and chatty. Slowly you will start to feel tingly and creative, inspiration hitting you from all sides. Then, you will not even notice but each puff takes you soaring through new highs, its potency finally getting the best of you as you end with a couch-locked state.

Luckily, Berner Cookies does not leave you there. You can rest peacefully through its sedative effects. Even just a small amount of bud can pack a punch with Berner Cookies so remember that before you decide to go overboard.

Medicinal Effects

Its THC levels contribute to Berner Cookies’ medicinal effects. The nugs can help with chronic pain and appetite loss. It’s more well known for alleviating depression and chronic stress. Meanwhile, some insomnia also prefers it for its slow and sudden high which puts you to sleep.

Recreational Use

Because of its uplifting high and ability to make you feel cheerful, talkative, and friendly Berner Cookies will be great for your next batch of party treats for an intimate group of friends. You can relax and connect with others because of the focus it compels you with.

Additionally, its effects on creativity might be great for artists looking for an inspirational companion on long nights of work. You might want to write some drafts for your new book or design just to get the wheel turning. Still, many others want some Berner Cookies on lazy days, simply content with its bursts of flavors and sleepy finale.

Berner Cookies Strain

How to Grow the Berner Cookies Strain

You can grow Berner Cookies indoors and outdoors; however, this is one of those rare strains that produce better yield indoors. It is easy to grow because it can be very consistent and stable no matter where you plant it. It can withstand varying temperatures but would benefit from a range of 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The strain also prefers more organic nutrients instead of chemical ones. Reduce its nitrogen intake in the flowering stage to cultivate a richer flavor and aroma. If you want to boost its trichome production you can expose it to UV-B lights for some potential increase in its production.

Where to Get Berner Cookies

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