What Is the White 99 Strain and How Should You Use It?

the White 99 Strain

Hybrid strains like the White 99 strain can create different unique highs. These mixed strains can mellow the harshness and amplify the good effects of the varieties used to make them.

They can also provide variety for those who want to try something new but don’t want to experiment with a completely unknown strain.

The White 99 strain is a hybrid cannabis strain created by combining sativa-dominant Cinderella 99 and indica-dominant The White strains. It induces a fast high known for relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Let’s look at the properties of this variety. If you’re interested in this strain, keep reading to learn more about it and how it might benefit you.


What Is This Hybrid and Why Is It Special?

White 99 is a sativa dominant hybrid strain. It combines the strains The White and Cinderella 99.

The Cinderella strain used to create it is a mix of Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer. While Shiva Skunk is indica-heavy, the Jack Herer is a classic sativa strain.

The hybrid Cinderella strain, called Cindy for short, is a sativa-dominant mix with an 85% sativa makeup and up to 25% high THC concentration. The strain has a sharp, fruity flavor that leaves an aftertaste reminiscent of citrus candy.

The scent is skunky, with a heavy scent of pine and citrus, and a smooth feel in the throat. Buds are thick and sticky, with orange hairs twisting among leaves that look coated in sugar crystals.

The effects take about 15 minutes to kick in and stretch for upwards of two hours for a long, mellow high.

The White has a THC level of about 25%, with a fast high that melts into sleepiness and relaxation. It’s 85% indica with a 2% or less CBD concentration.

It is known for a blank flavor and almost no smell, even though it looks similar to earthy, pungent OG Kush. The buds are dense and frosty-looking, as if dusted in white powder.

As a hybrid of these two, our strain is sativa heavy with 70% sativa and 30% indica. The CBD content usually measures at less than 2%.

It has an effective THC content that measures between 20 and 25%, like both parent varieties. The mental euphoria can feel like a rush of creative energy, associated with a desire to be productive and mentally active.

Parent Strain Cinderella 99 Parent Strain The White This Hybrid
85% Sativa 85% Indica 70% Sativa
CBD: <2% CBD: <2% CBD: <2%
A long, euphoric high Best in evening because of sleepiness Calming, uplifting, and relaxing

This strain offers a head high and can energize you mentally. On the back end, it provides relaxation and mood-boosting properties.

It’s a favorite strain of patients who use medical marijuana to relieve depression and anxiety. Moreover, its relaxing qualities can help users manage negative emotions while also boosting mood.


Appearance, Aroma, and Flavor

This White hybrid strain has dense, tight buds, orange hairs, and a heavy covering of sticky trichomes. It’s not as frosty as parent-strain The White, nor does it lack an aroma the way The White does, either.

It inherited a more pungent scent from Cindy, with an herbal, earthy scent steeped in lemon and orange fresh citrus flavors. Although rich, it’s not as skunky, and the smell will linger longer than you think it should in the same way.

Crushing the buds will give you a preview of the smoke scent. It’ll leave a zesty pine perfume and sticky residue on your fingertips.

The taste goes from sour to tangy, with a heavy pine flavor and citrus aftertaste on the exhale.

Medical Benefits, Effects, and Usage

The terpenes in cannabis offer therapeutic effects like anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties. The main terpenes in this strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene.

This combination of terpenes helps provide a head high popular among people experiencing depression and anxiety. A burst of productivity can help people shake off the cloud of depression to get things done and take the edge off their worries to reduce anxiety.

Since the high is much more euphoric and head-focused than the full-body high that more indica-heavy variants offer, this strain might not help everyone with chronic pain relief.

If you’re looking for a strain with a citrus candy taste but with higher CBD levels for more pain-relieving properties, try the Ace of Spades strain.

This Cinderella and White variant has little CBD, but the high THC level may help with the anxiety from PTSD, insomnia, nausea, and fatigue.

As it is a highly potent strain, consider going easy if you are new to weed or try it in the evening at first. It can make some people extremely sleepy as it wears down, so stick to evening or night use until you know how it affects you.

It’s a fast high, taking about ten minutes before the effects appear, so be patient and wait fifteen minutes before smoking more. Overconsuming it can cancel out its pleasant effects.

You won’t feel an energy boost, but you also shouldn’t feel easily startled or slightly paranoid like you might with other sativa-heavy strains.

Practiced smokers will likely appreciate the calming cerebral buzz and uplifting effects from the high level of THC and upwards of 2.5 hours of mellow effects.


Growth, Yield, and Sales

You don’t need a clipping to clone the strain as you do with The White. Indeed, you can grow it from seed indoors or outdoors, though a clipping will get you to maturity faster.

This strain doesn’t offer the high yield of its other parent-strain Cindy but provides a small to average result. It’s an easy strain to grow if you can find a clipping or seeds, so it’s worth trying for even a beginner cultivator.

Indoor plants yield about 20 ounces per square meter, and outdoor plants provide about 22 ounces per plant. It takes about eight to ten weeks to flower.

To harvest at the peak of terpene and cannabinoid content, don’t gather when the calyx turns yellow like you would with many other strains. Though, if you wait for amber coloration, it can help the weed give you more of a full-body high.

For the highest THC levels, harvest when milky-white trichomes cover the buds. If you do it too early, you may lower the potency and the yield.

Dry the buds, then cure them in jars to preserve the THC level and quality.

The small yield can keep sales from being too profitable. But because it’s fairly rare, the demand can drive up the price.

Reviews and Where to Buy Near Me

Some reviewers report that this strain makes them more social, but plenty of others say it doesn’t change how outgoing they feel. The level of depression and anxiety a person feels before smoking probably affects the social benefits of the strain.

It’s widely believed to relieve anxiety, depression, nervousness, and lethargy. While it won’t make most people jump up and want to do high-energy activities, it may make you feel more mentally energetic, sort of clearing the clouds.

A few individuals have observed that it’s a tricky strain to find and often more potent than they expect when they do find it.

Online prices run from $20 to $40 for three to four grams, though when supply is short, the price goes up. Look at medical and adult-use dispensaries in your area, or go online for seeds if you can’t find the flowers for sale.

If you can’t find this variety, consider the White Buffalo strain as it is a sativa-dominant strain with similar properties. It also reportedly enhances happiness and creativity while relaxing the mind, though it has an average THC level of 15-20% instead of 25%, making the high less potent.

Barry White is also a sativa-dominant strain with up to 23% THC that offers a cerebral high and euphoria that fosters creativity.

Whether you’re looking for weed in DC or anywhere it’s legal across the country, ask the dispensary’s employees questions. They’ll be able to help you find a strain with qualities closest to this one if it’s not available.

You might find your next favorite buzz by trying to get as close to its properties as possible. You also might be able to order some or get an alert when they have it in stock.


Related Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about White 99.

Is White 99 better than Cinderella 99?

If you want to feel more socially outgoing and energetic, Cindy will probably give you a boost better of the two. White 99 is more calming and soothing and less likely to turn you into the life of the party. That is unless the only things holding you back are feelings of anxiety and depression.

Is sativa or indica more euphoric?

Sativa strains typically offer more energy and euphoric head highs, while indica strains offer soothing effects and body highs. White 99 is 70% sativa but isn’t like to give you a burst of energy. You might giggle and feel more productive in a calm way, with relief from negative feelings and anxiety.

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