Alien Rock Candy Strain: An Potent Indica Hit

Alien Rock Candy Strain

Stoners from all over consider the Alien Rock Candy strain as one of their favorite indica-dominant hybrids. With a soothing song and fruity flavors, this bud will work its way up to your top shelf as a sedative representative. Its visuals are not something to scoff at either. Here we cover all the out-of-this-world details that make up this marijuana hit.

What is the Alien Rock Candy Strain?

Bred by Alien Genetics, the Alien Rock Candy strain holds a weighty 80-20 indica ratio and it shows. Its sweet tooth appeal with some sour candy notes come from its parents Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien. The cross makes for THC levels ranging from 15 to 19%, on average. Users often use it in the nighttime to help them fall into a night of safe and serene sleep.


Alien Rock Candy Strain

Alien Rock Candy Strain Profile


Alien Rock Candy has some serious jar appeal. With fluffy and light to medium-sized buds dressed in gorgeous neon green and solid green hues that are sprinkled with equally bright colored amber hairs and crystal trichomes. Its dense nugs are coated in thick resin, coating the fingers that will handle them in a sticky residue. The undertones are reminiscent of the cannabis plant’s sage leaves.

Smell & Flavor

The strain’s terpenes are much like that of many indica nugs but with an additional Kush edge. Myrcene is its prominent terpene with an aroma that is chill, filled with lemongrass and thyme. The other terpene Caryophyllene holds peppery hints while Limonene freshens this all up and complements the Myrcene well with its citrus fragrance.

The candy-like aroma comes from its fruitiness, mainly an orange and lemon combination. That’s not to say it is soft on the nose, it is sweet but also very pungent and herbal— its Kush notes. If you think its smell is a delicious confection, you might want to take a load of its decadent taste.

An overwhelming flavor of citrus, sage, and candy will take over each of your inhales as you smooth your way through each puff. Earthiness underlies the entire toking experience. The swirls of smoke are only second to the actual reason everyone loves Alien Rock Candy: it’s vanilla high.


You might feel very calm and easy in the first few minutes of using Alien Rock Candy. It is a relaxing indica after all. Your body high is uplifted with a soft, pillowy feel, a light buzz seeping in within the early parts of your marijuana night. Then, as if you cannot control a spaceship steering wheel, you will keep getting higher and higher, out of control, and in an increasingly boosted mood. All your stresses and pains melt away and creativity kicks in. Giggles explode with each passing moment. Your whole body will feel increasingly tranquil but happy at the same time.

As the high reaches you just then, a strong and sudden crash on a foreign planet. If you do not want to fall asleep you might want to stop smoking. If you are into the couch-lock, you can continue and fall into the comfortable and lovely sleep that indica lovers proclaim is their best.

What are the Medicinal Effects of Alien Rock Candy?

With its intense relaxing properties, Alien Rock Candy can help with chronic stress. This then seeps into the drowsiness it can cause, good for insomniacs. To add to all of this, its pain relief is the reason for usage among medical marijuana patients with arthritis, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and muscle spasms. Lastly, the giggling happiness caused by this sweet is a common choice for stoners with depression.


Alien Rock Candy Strain

How Can You Grow the Alien Rock Candy Strain?

Indica lovers rave about it, sweet tooths want it, but most of all, growers from all around are always on the hunt for this easy-to-grow cannabis strain. Alien Genetics has made its seeds available on the market, accessible to green thumbs and newbies. Neophyte cultivators will exclaim their success in this strain, an easy and abundant weed. The outdoor growing setup might need humid weather but these buds can grow in both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you are considering planting your own just remember to top your plants. Trim away any obstructive fan leaves. Its odor can be very strong so some odor control measures might be needed if your neighbors, other house members, or you prefer that. Carbon air filters are one possible way to help alleviate this concern.

With a high yield coming in at around 56 days or 8 weeks, Alien Rock Candy can be an extremely rewarding strain to care for and harvest.

Where to Get the Alien Rock Candy Strain

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