Is Ice Cream Cake Strain Worth Trying

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The term “ice cream cake” appears to be very simple. Although it is, if you’re searching for a vanilla-scented cookie-cheese delight, it will certainly provide it. Its scents, in addition to its tastes, enhance the flavour experience with flashes of spice. The THC content is relatively high, so new users should be cautious. Otherwise, Ice Cream Cake may be a pleasant experience.

Ice Cream Cake Appearance and Aroma

Ice Cream Cake unveils its nutty vanilla scent with a picturesque bouquet of buds. Different shades of green and purple are decorated with rusty hairs and frosty crystals. Its major terpenes include Limonene and Caryophyllene, with some Myrcene peaking through- which gives it a citrusy overtone, an almost orange aroma, mixed with cinnamon! The genuinely perceptive cannabis connoisseurs will also be able to sniff out lavender.

Ice Cream Cake Background

The strain has a convoluted history that adds to the intrigue. We know it came from Bakersfield, California, courtesy of Mad Scientist Genetics. And we know there was a wedding at some point; we don’t know with whom or when. Some people believe Dream Cookie wed Cheese Cake, while others believe Gelato 33 hooked up with Wedding Cake. The disputed genetics suggest a 75/25 Indica/Sativa mix with superb tastes that must originate from some kind of dessert-like, nutty vanilla ancestor. We’re not sure which way it’s going.

Ice Cream Cake Taste

Ice Cream Cake begins with a creamy flavour like cream cheese and vanilla before sliding into an earthy finish with citrus and herbs undertones. Its pungent fragrance is due to the high THC content in the mid-20s. Ice Cream Cake is the perfect remedy if you tend to be a workaholic who is always on the go. It provides a mental push that leaves you feeling happy, content, and positive. However, it can also have hypnotic effects and make it difficult to leave your couch once you’ve started consuming it. You’re just going to stare at the ceiling, your racing energy will be gone, and you’ll be as calm as a floating bowl of melted ice cream. Ice Cream Cake is an excellent way to combat sadness, discomfort, sleeplessness and, in some cases, Loss of Appetite and Nausea. The delicious flavours will jumpstart a picky appetite as well!

Is Ice Cream Cake Strain Worth Trying?

Ice Cream Cake is the perfect evening drink for hard workers and deep thinkers. It starts with a mental burst of energy and quickly leads to unfocused bodily sensations that eventually result in sleep. We don’t know exactly where it comes from, but we do know where it’s going – straight to bed!

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