Vanilla Frosting Strain Review

Vanilla Frosting Strain

The Vanilla Frosting strain has several links to Gelato, its cannabis classic predecessor. The whole reason it came to be, its flavors, its aroma— Vanilla Frosting borrows much from its predecessor in ways that have transformed it into a bud with a sweet and powerful experience. Read on to find out more about Vanilla Frosting and what makes it tick.

What is the Vanilla Frosting Strain?

With potent THC levels averaging 25%, Vanilla Frosting is not playing games when you toke it. This strain wants to bring you on a glorious but equally comforting couch ride. Its 65% indica-leaning profile as a hybrid brings its nearly balanced vibe, energetic tingles adding some sativa into your session.

Its lineage is one of diversity much like the strains available on this list, Humboldt Frost OG coming with an infamous rap sheet. It is a cross between the Humboldt Frost OG X Humboldt Gelato BX3 strains. All of these names pack on the sugar, Humboldt particularly known as an effective sleep-inducing indica for the regular insomniac. In this area, Vanilla Frosting deviates from Gelato and that continues in the looks department.


Vanilla Frosting StrainVanilla Frosting Strain Profile


Differing from the short and chubby flowers from the Gelato line in recent years, Vanilla Frosting veers towards taller plants, growing wonderfully crisp olive green leaves and bright orange pistils. The nugs display the same luscious energy with medium greens underlaid with rich purples. A healthy layer of shining white trichomes blankets this bud.

Scent & Flavor

Vanilla Frosting emits the opposite of what you would expect from such a confection-like name and background. As you place the bug against your nose you can sooner expect lots of spice than pure sugar. The mixture of lemongrass, herbs, and pepper forms an aroma that is both earthy and intensely hot. The reason for all of these scents stems from the terpenes that greatly influence its fragrance.

The prominent terpene found in Vanilla Frosting is Myrcene, which gives off a chill thyme core to its smell. Pinene also adds to the herbal scent but freshens up your nose with its bright notes of pine. Additionally, Caryophyllene taps into the peppery, spicy side of cannabis, tempting your nose with a powerfully strong kick.

Vanilla Frosting is creamy on the tongue, smoothly going down the throat. Light flowery touches make for a verdant dessert that will surprise you with some sugar. Its spicy aftertaste also adds to the complexity of the strain.


The flavours pump up a powerful high with luscious decadence but the start is always going to be a calm one. While you are still working yourself up to a sweet euphoria you will have lots of time to get creative with the inspiration from the strain. Happiness will wash over you in wonderful delight. You can give in fully to the release similar to lightly floating in the sea while facing the sun; a truly relaxing cerebral high.

Its side effects come in the form of a dry mouth and dry eyes. Be careful not to puff too much Vanilla Frosting. You could become very anxious.

Medicinal Effects of the Vanilla Frosting Strain?

With 25% THC levels, Vanilla Frosting is chosen by many medical marijuana patients to aid a variety of illnesses and pains. In particular, the euphoric element it brings is used for anxiety, stress, and depression. The bump in creativity and focus is what those with ADD or ADHD come for. Its deep relaxation is also a go-to when one has chronic fatigue. Lastly, its dominant terpene Myrcene helps with pain relief like that in migraines and mild headaches.

With these long-lasting effects and its super high THC level that bottoms out at 25%, Vanilla Frosting is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, ADD or ADHD, depression, chronic stress, and headaches or migraines.

Growing the Vanilla Frosting Strain

What’s rewarding about making your own Vanilla Frosting strain is its heavy yield; you will have enough supply for a long time with your bountiful harvest. It is also friendly for neophyte growers in the cannabis community; relatively hardy and easy to grow. You can place clones outside at the beginning of June to avoid premature flowering for outdoor growers. The Gas Lantern Method sheds more light on it for those dark days.

You will see gorgeous flowers in 8 to 9 weeks and expect a harvest around October when the daylight lessens.

Final Thoughts

What are the chances you will enjoy the Vanilla Frosting strain? If you like creamy, spicy, and herbal altogether for any of your pains and anxieties you might want to try this bud. Growers will also enjoy their high yields with a lower risk of any problems. Give it a try today!

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