Tick off Your To-Do List with the Apple Sherbet Strain

Apple Sherbet Strain

Reeling from a long week but still have plenty of bullets on that to-do list? If you also happen to have a sweet tooth looking for the delectable creamy sugar in an apple sherbet, this strain might be your next treatment of choice. If you want a dessert and motivator, an all-in-one Apple Sherbet strain has got you covered on all bases. Below are some facts about the sativa-dominant strain and what it has to offer you.

Apple Sherbet Strain Background

Apple Sherbet StrainA cross between two beloved honeyed strains, Apple Juice and Sunset Sherbet, Apple Sherbet is one tasty sativa-leaning hybrid with a 70-30 ratio. Everything surrounding its creation remains a mystery but with seeds available on the market no one is complaining.

What Does Apple Sherbet Look Like?

The plant itself can grow pretty high due to its sativa side. Its leaves are like spades with forest green flowers. Up top, vibrant orange hairs circle it, and frosty violet trichomes glitter across their entirety. The buds come in all shapes and sizes with each vivid color enticing you to break it apart for your next motivation session.

How Does Apple Sherbet Smell?

Apple Sherbet is not shy. When you take it out of its jar you can instantly get a sense of the celebration of zany and exuberant scents that are revealed from your bud. True to its name, it will remind you of apples with bright hints of cheese, making it a morning dessert you will look forward to. The best part about the aroma is its smooth passing through your nostrils; unlike other strains, this one will rarely get you coughing.

How Does Apple Sherbet Taste?

Confectionery strains like Banana Sherbet are hard to resist, their flavors inviting you to more than just a millisecond of this saccharine and sour touch on your tastebuds. The apple in its name comes with a pinch of sour, balancing out the sweet sherbet. This will surely wake you up enough to start picking at your backlog. When you take the first breath of this treat you can bask in its cool delight, candy filling your senses. It is the perfect companion for long nights of tasks, sweetness staying beside you as you churn out some ingenious ideas.

How Does Apple Sherbet Make You Feel?


Apple Sherbet StrainYou can already guess from its 70% sativa profile that Banana Sherbet will bring you to a euphoric high, carrying with it some energy for you to get yourself together. If you need to be productive this strain will give you the concentration you need, pulling you by the collar to do what you need to do.

The giggles and tingles will make you just happy to get down to it all while the high will give you an upbeat feeling. Just a few more puffs and you will not only have the most relaxing marijuana session but also the most prolific one. The best part is that Apple Sherbet is one of the rare strains that will not leave you asleep under the couch, unable to submit your output for the deadline. The high just slowly leave you, taking some energy with it but never rocking you to a snoring snooze.

What Are the Medicinal Effects of Apple Sherbet?

The cheery and optimistic effects of Apple Sherbet are sought after by those with mood swings and depression. Its mild pain relief can aid with headaches and mild aches. This is also a go-to for those with nausea, reloading your energy levels. The strain is also recommended to those who need to concentrate and focus on tasks.

How Can You Grow the Apple Sherbet Strain?

You can choose between the indoors and the outdoors when growing Apple Sherbet. This strain might be easier for new growers if they take the seeds inside. Temperature is an important factor to consider when looking after the strain. It prefers its 70-80 degree weather. Additionally, it does not take too well to constant showers which is why having them outdoors can be tricky especially if you do not have any means to protect your crops from the rain. Damaged cannabis can result in lesser yield.

You will start to see flowers at 55-60 days. Expect an average amount of yield sometime around the end of September or the start of October or 10-14 weeks. While seeds are available on the market they are hard to find. You might want to go the cloning route. Clippings from mature plants might be a more reasonable endeavor to acquire.

Where to Get Your Hands On the Apple Sherbet Strain

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