What Is The Right Time To Harvest Cannabis?

Right Time to Harvest Cannabis

If you’re new to cannabis farming, harvesting time is probably when you want to sample your efforts. In this tutorial for novices on harvesting cannabis, you’ll discover when the best time to harvest marijuana is as well as some of the most important indicators that indicate when cannabis plants are ripe.

What is the average time it takes to grow cannabis from seed?

Marijuana plants have a wide range of growth phases from seedling to harvest. The length of the growth cycle depends on several factors, including the type of growing media used, the desired output, and the marijuana strain. Because of these elements, the average cannabis plant will need between six weeks and 16 weeks to mature. The average period from planting to harvesting is between 9 and 12 weeks, but timing is sensitive on a number of variables.

When is the best time to harvest cannabis?

When you’re a grower, you’ll be able to tell when your cannabis plants are ready to harvest by looking for these visible indicators:

Trichome color: The appearance of trichomes, the tiny resin glands on flowers, is one of the most reliable indicators that it’s time to harvest. Ideally, half of the trichomes should be white and half amber. Clear trichomes, on the other hand, suggest it’s better to hold off a bit longer before harvesting. Trichome color is the most trustworthy indicator, followed by trichome shape and size. This color change may be difficult to detect with the naked eye, so have a magnifying glass on hand.

Leaf color: The shading of the fan leaves is another good indication that a marijuana plant is ready to be harvested. The leaves acquire their green color during the production of nitrogen. When it’s time to harvest, fan leaves will turn yellow and begin to fall off as nitrogen levels drop.

Curling leaves: As the leaves on a marijuana fan turn from green to yellow, they may curl and dry. When it’s time to harvest cannabis plants, they take in less water due to the approaching end of watering.

Brown pistils: The pistils on photoperiod cannabis plants will become brown at maturity. When approximately half the pistils are shaded brown, it’s time to harvest. You’ll need your magnifying glass for this step because trichome colors are similar to checking.

Bud shape: The shape of the buds can provide a few hints about the plant’s maturity, even if trichomes are not as reliable a method to know when it’s time to pick as the see. Firm, tight buds on a cannabis plant indicate that it is ready for harvesting.

There are many visible signals that it’s time to harvest, including yellowing leaves, drooping flowers, and curling or crumpling stems. There are additional hints that reveal when a plant is either too young or past its prime for successful harvesting.

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How can you tell if it’s time to harvest cannabis?

Trichomes will signal when your crop is not yet ready for harvest, much as they do when it’s the best time to start harvesting. If the majority of trichomes are clear, it is not yet time to pick the cannabis plants. Resin production is at its peak when trichomes are clear; as a result, the resulting cannabis is expected to be less potent, flavorful, and aromatic.

Is it possible to tell whether cannabis is ready to harvest?

Look at the trichomes again and notice the color. If you see mostly amber trichomes, the cannabis flowers are ripe. The marijuana plant will have a foul flavor at this point in its growth. Furthermore, as amber trichomes take the place of milk white ones, cannabinoids such as THC begin to degrade. In extremely rare circumstances, trichomes might even begin to blacken if the cannabis was not harvested. Trichomes can also become extremely brittle in color, as well as amber. Trichomes on ripened buds may even fall apart in your hands.

It is not advised to harvest cannabis after it has gone past its prime, but harvesting prematurely may be preferable. The terpenes, which are said to have healing qualities, can become more potent with age, but at the expense of fragrance and flavor.

Following steps after harvesting cannabis

After you’ve harvested marijuana plants, the most crucial stages are drying, shaping, and curing. When these procedures are finished, your cannabis will be ready to enjoy or store for future use. If you’re storing cannabis, make sure it’s in a vacuum-sealed container in a cold, dark place with the best freshness and shelf life possible.

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