Get A Euphoric High With Gary Payton Weed Strain

Payton Weed Strain

Despite being named after an NBA legend, the Gary Payton weed strain won’t leave you in a state to talk, much less dunk a basketball. If you’re looking for a strong cerebral high definitely try this strain out!

A classic diesel flavored hybrid, Gary Payton will give you a relaxing, euphoric feeling. The potent strain will calm your anxious thoughts and put a smile on your face. This intense head high makes it perfect for people struggling with anxiety, stress, headaches, migraines, ADHD, and depression.

Read on to learn more about the mental and physical effects of this strain. How much should you smoke at a time? What does it taste like? And is there a way for you to grow your own? All questions we’re going to break down in this guide.

What Is Gary Payton Weed Strain?

Gary Payton is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain with a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa ratio. It is one of the strongest cannabis strains on the market and is popular for its intense mental high.

Gary Payton Weed Strain

These diesel-flavored buds will make you euphoric and relaxed. It’s perfect for people who want to calm down their anxious thoughts or unwind from work stresses. Gary Payton is mostly used to treat headaches, migraines, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

The high hits immediately and you’ll find yourself giggling and laughing. While the cerebral effects are the strongest, Gary Payton also has a significant physical effect. The strain offers an intense full-body high that will have you in a couch-lock if you’re not used to extremely. potent cannabis.

With high THC levels between 22 to 25 percent and CBD levels between 1 to 5 percent, Gary Payton has a strong effect on the pleasure receptors in your brain.

Gary Payton is best for evening use when you want to relax and eventually drift off into a restful sleep. It can also be used to improve your mood on days when you’re feeling low. Additionally, these buds have an intense gassy odor that lingers in the area and makes them unsuitable for discreet smoking outside the house.

It also tastes strongly of smooth diesel, burnt rubber, and classic pine with minor notes of citrus and berries. Since it is such a potent strain, Gorilla Cake is only recommended for experienced cannabis users. Beginner smokers may struggle to handle the intense effects of this strain.


Diesel Burnt rubber Classic pine Herbal


Pungent Earthy Gassy Peppery


Mint green nugs Purple undertones Bright orange hairs White trichomes

Positive Effects

Full body high Euphoric Relaxing
Happy Sedative Loose muscles

Negative Effects

Dry mouth Dry eyes Hungry Lethargy

Medical Uses

Migraines Depression Arthritis ADD/ADHD
Headaches Stress Muscle Spasms Anxiety

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

A hard-hitting strain, Gary Payton has a distinctive flavor and loud smell. The taste is characterized by a strong diesel base and undertones of burnt rubber and classic pine. As you exhale you’ll also notice a slight flavor of citrus, apricot, lavender, and pepper.

Gary Payton Weed Strain

Overall, the Gary Payton strain has a sweet and savory diesel taste with herbal notes. As the buds burn the flavor turns spicier. it is an incredibly flavorful strain that will appeal to smokers who appreciate the OG Kush varieties of cannabis products. If this is your first time trying a diesel-flavored strain it will take you some time to adjust.

The aroma is incredibly pungent and is best described as a collection of earthy, sour, gassy terpenes. These funky smells give Gary Payton a loud and intense odor that makes it unsuitable for discreet smoking outside the house. This strong smell lingers for hours after you’ve put your weed away.

Gary Payton has a caryophyllene-focused terpene profile which makes it inflammatory and relaxing but also gives it a pepper scent. There is also a large amount of limonene which adds the uplifting effect and citrusy taste. Finally, a small quantity of linalool makes the strain act like a sedative and gives it a slightly floral undertone.

Knowing what the various chemicals do will help you appreciate the nuances in taste and smell. This is also a great way of testing the authenticity of a strain. Of course, you also need to be able to pick out the buds on sight.

Gary Payton buds are small mint green nugs covered in thin bright orange hairs and white trichomes. The exact shades of the strain depend on the cultivation conditions of the flowers but you can expect vivid greens with deep purple hues.

Medical Benefits

Gary Payton hits you hard and fast. The effect is immediate and just a few puffs will have your mind floating in a sea of bliss. In the initial high you’ll feel euphoric and energized. This gives you a brief window of focus to get any tasks done.

Gary Payton Weed Strain

Overall, Gary Payton provides an intense mental high and its effects are mostly cerebral. That is why it is the strain of choice for people who want to shut down an overactive mind or unwind at the end of a stressful day.

Outwardly, you’ll be giggling, laughing, and having a good time, so it’s definitely a great idea to smoke this strain with your friends. These buds are perfect for treating patients suffering from headaches, migraines, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

The best time to use this strain is in the evenings when you don’t have any work left to do. Gary Payton has a slightly sedative nature so the deep relaxation can eventually cause you to drift off. Make sure you’re at home or in a safe and comfortable place.

Keep in mind that it is a highly potent bud suitable for experienced cannabis users. Novice smokers should not try and experiment with this strain, while intermediate users should regulate their dosage and start with a bowl instead of a blunt.

If you’re looking for a strain that will calm your mind, relax your body, and put you in a happy and euphoric mood then Gary Payton is the weed strain for you.

Growing and Selling

Gary Payton was bred by the famous Cookies genetics as a cross between the Sativa-dominant Y Griega and the hybrid Snowman. The result was a potent 50-50 Sativa-Indica hybrid with intense mental and physical effects.

The best part is that this is an easy-to-grow strain suitable even for people will no experience. So if you’ve been wanting to experiment with growing your own weed you can plant this strain indoors or outdoors. In line with its basketball heritage Gary Payton plants grow to a maximum height of more than 6 feet. You will need a lot of vertical space to grow this strain.

The ideal growing conditions are a warm, humid environment with regular pruning. The indoor flowering time is 7 to 9 weeks, while outdoor plants are ready for harvesting in mid-October.

Indoor plants yield around 14 ounces per square meter while outdoor plants yield around 20 ounces per plant. That said keep in mind that Gary Payton flowers have an intense, pungent odor. A high-quality odor-proofing system can help you manage the stink of indoor growing. This plant is also susceptible to moisture damage and fungus.

Most of the seeds available for this strain will be photoperiodic and dependent on seasonal changes. This is fine if you’re growing outdoors, however, if you’re planning on planting indoors purchase an auto-flowering strain.

Reviews and Prices

The customer reviews for the Gary Payton weed strain are incredibly positive with users applauding the mental high, euphoric feelings, and full-body relaxation they got from these potent buds. Reviews also show that customers were pleased with the impacts of this strain on symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Gary Payton Weed Strain

An exclusive strain, this is definitely a higher-priced weed. You can also get one-eighth oz for $96 to $106, but as far as the effects go it’s definitely worth the hype! Gary Payton accomplishes in one puff what other cheaper strains won’t do in an entire joint.

If you want to experiment with other potent cannabis buds check out the heavy-hitting Fatso strain!

Related Questions

Is Gary Payton Strain An Indica?

Gary Payton is a perfectly balanced hybrid with a 50 percent Indica and 50 percent ratio. With high THC values between 22 to 25 percent, it gives you an intense euphoric feeling and a deep full-body high. These buds are great at treating headaches, migraines, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

Why Did They Name The Strain Gary Payton?

The Gary Payton strain was bred as a cross between The Y and Snowman. In an experiment by Kenny Powers of Powerzzzup Genetics, it took 20 phenotypes to get the strain right. As any basketball fan will know, Gary Payton aka The Glove wore the #20 jersey for most of his NBA career. Naturally, it was a perfect fit!

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