Oreoz Strain: Potent, Chocolatey Decadence

Oreoz Strain

Sometimes you just want to sit back and experience a powerful high. A bag of Oreos would be a surprising choice but the Oreoz strain will change your mind. A descendant from the notorious Cookies family, this bud will give you a tough kick with a combination of earthy and chocolatey flavors. Below is all the info on this potent favorite.

What is the Oreoz Strain?

An indica-dominant hybrid 3rd Coast, the Oreoz strain has a ratio of 70-30. Heavily leaning into its indica effects of drowsiness, it is famous for its potency which usually reaches above 20%. Fans have a few nicknames for it: “Oreo Cookies” or “Oreos”. These bring home the familiar enjoyment of tasting the popular chocolate and cream-filled snack.

As for its parentage, Oreoz has clear influences in taste and potency as a cross between Cookies & Cream and Secret Weapon. Cookies & Cream is a favored and relatively well-known Cookies family member which tends to be heavy on the trichome production while Secret Weapon is the child of Cheese Quake and White Widow which lends to it being heavy on the sugary and pine combo inspired in the Oreoz strain.

Oreo CookiesOreoz Strain Profile


The cannabis plant is medium-green marked by long, thin, pointy leaves and lumpy buds. Resin glands are rich in the Oreoz strain, meanwhile, the nugs reveal a bright color behind it in a dense form with bright golden and orange hairs scattered throughout. Deep blue and purple spots appear along with each one, a thick layer of sparkling trichomes glitter on top to finish off the presentation.

Smell & Flavor

On the nose, Oreoz instantly reveals its herbal side with some earthy and citrus tones. A dash of diesel packs a punch of spiciness while it soothes you. It has notes of chocolate and coffee enhancing its fragrance to mouthwatering new heights.

Oreoz’s terpene profile is dominated by caryophyllene which explains its more prominent gassy side, adding a pungent edge and some much-needed relaxing effects. Meanwhile, limonene brings in the lemon and citrus aroma to provide the bud with some ripe freshness. The herbal and pine hints are derived from the presence of myrcene in its makeup.

The Oreoz strain’s spicy and smokey touch on the throat is not as rough as one might think. Each inhale goes down with just enough smoothness to bring you comfort and relief. Oreoz cacao flavor truly shines on your tastebuds with each toke; the strong chocolate flavor is what draws cannabis lovers to Oreoz. You will want to have another smoke due to its sheer decadence. Each powerful puff adds more nuttiness, sweetness, and gassiness to the mixture.


Oreoz is exactly what you want by your side if you want to just kick back and be enveloped in total relaxation. You start with a soothing calmness, each part of your body will loosen up in a sweet release. Happiness will curl a smile on your face while you reach for some food (pack or have some on hand!). The munchies are real. Your mood uplifted, Oreoz and its pure power will knock you out with its extremely high and intense indica couch-lock.

This strain is not recommended for beginners and even marijuana veterans will attest that their first time with Oreoz left them on the couch and out for the count. Puffing even a small amount will go a long way, its effects lasting hours. If you want a productive high a short afternoon with some of these nugs will bring you lots of good.

oreosWhat are the Medicinal Effects of the Oreoz Strain?

Medical marijuana patients choose Oreoz for pain relief and sedation because of its myrcene terpene. This is helpful for those with chronic pain and insomnia. In addition to this, the uplifting and relaxing staples of an Oreoz session can help people with depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. The munchies that are brought on by Oreoz make it useful for patients trying to increase their appetites.

What Activities Go Well With the Oreoz Strain?

Due to the potency of Oreoz and its penchant for bringing even the most strong longtime users to an easy knockout, many users prefer to take smaller doses of Oreoz. This way you can take it on lazy Sunday afternoons with an intimate group. It is preferred by most as a nighttime toke that you can take for a night of deep, tranquil sleep. Its effects on the body can make you very comfortable in your fluffiest corner.

How Can You Grow the Oreoz Strain?

You can grow Oreoz in different environments: indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. It is not available in the form of feminized seeds and obtaining clippings might be challenging but if you do you might benefit from the indoor approach as many growers have shared. Flowers come out at around 65 days and you will be content to see its vibrant greens, purples, and blues peak through.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an intense strain you might want a supply of the Oreoz strain and its luscious flavors. Despite its lack of hype, it belongs with some top-shelf nugs. IF you are able to get your hands on this strain, don’t hesitate! You won’t regret it, the Oreoz strain is worth all the attention and hype i

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