The Ultimate Guide to Tahoe Og Strain: Effects, Benefits, and More

Tahoe OG Strain

So you’re thinking about getting some Tahoe OG from the delivery service. If you’re looking for potent high and sedative effects, you’re in the right place. But make sure you know what you’re getting into.

The Tahoe OG strain is a hybrid strain that usually leans slightly toward Indica. It has its roots in California, from a Ganja Guru cross of OG Kush and SFV OG Kush. This perennial favorite of marijuana connoisseurs is a potent strain that can be remarkably uplifting.

However, that burst of initial energy and euphoria subsides and the effects can vary. Keep reading to make sure you know all there is to know about Tahoe OG so that you can enjoy it safely and to the utmost.

What Is the Tahoe OG Strain?

The Tahoe OG strain is a hybrid. But, it may vary from slightly Indica to slightly Sativa dominant, depending on the source. It has a fresh, pungent, and skunky aroma, and its smoke is spicy. Notes of lemon and pine are apparent, and the flavor is quite overpowering.

The Tahoe OG strain has plenty of THC, with some varieties exceeding 20%.

Most users will feel an initial rush of excitement as the herb’s first wave washes over them. But, as the effects continue to flow, the initial energy boost diminishes. For the well-initiated, the second wave of sedation might lead to a lazy afternoon on the couch with a favorite beverage and a snack.

But, for those who are less used to a potent bud, the mood may turn unpleasant. Feelings of paranoia are common, and some who turn overly-introspective might become a little sad. So, this is not a strain for casual or newbie smokers.

Tahoe OG is a standard setter for fans of couch-lock and opioid-like sedation. It’s a sure bet for insomnia sufferers and those battling anxiety or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Just make sure to anticipate a bit of narcolepsy and the potential for some adverse side effects if you overdo it.

Tahoe OG Strain Profile

  • Hybrid
  • OG Kush strain and SFV OG Kush strain
  • Ganja Guru
  • pine, earth, lemon
  • skunk, fresh
  • relaxed, sleepy, euphoric
Helps with
  • pain, insomnia, PTSD, nausea, depression
Side effects
  • paranoia, sedation, sadness, cottonmouth
  • THC level: 19.5% +
  • CBD level: <0%
  • CBG level: <1%
Dominant Terpenes
  • Myrcene

Genetics of the Tahoe OG Strain – Lineage, Type, and Content

Tahoe OG comes from a cross of OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG Kush. The strain is often a true 50:50 hybrid, but each specimen might lean a bit one way or the other. The CBD level of a sample of Tahoe OG is almost always above 19% and can sometimes be much higher.

While the THC level of Tahoe OG is always high, the CBD and CBG levels are extremely low. Tahoe OG’s most dominant terpene is myrcene, marijuana’s most common.

But, there are also sometimes limonene and caryophyllene present, and they help create the citrus and spicy flavors of this bud.

Tahoe OG Strain Characteristics – Appearance, Smell, Taste, and Flavors

Tahoe OG is a dense bud with lots of trichomes. Nuggets typically feature bright green calyxes and borders on a neon appearance. When cured properly, Tahoe OG has a punchy aroma that permeates the room, so this is not a strain that’s easy to conceal in plastic bags.

The skunky smell of high-quality, potent marijuana will become apparent as soon as you open a jar of this bud, and it will linger long after smoking it. The smell has earthiness and citrus flavors, which go into overdrive when you light up.

The taste profile of Tahoe OG builds on the aroma, as notes of lemony, pine-flavored, skunky weed develop on the tongue.

Using Tahoe OG Strain – Effects, Benefits, and Side Effects

Tahoe OG has medicinal uses for treating insomnia, anxiety, pain management, and muscle spasms. Its uplifting effects can markedly improve a user’s mood. However, that buoying feeling will ebb as the numbing and sedative effects of this powerful strain begin to take over.

Tahoe OG is ideal for those with aches and pains, and even hardcore users are likely to end up zoning out after a few good hits. The more you use, the more the effects will amplify.

For recreational users, this strain is ideal for a quiet, rainy day at home. And, if you don’t use too much, you might have a longer window of euphoria that might even allow for some creativity or DIY energy.

Remember that overconsuming Tahoe OG will likely lead to at least three hours of extreme relaxation. Plus, the transition from body buzz and energetic euphoria might come along with some feelings of paranoia.

How To Consume the Tahoe OG Strain

The Tahoe OG strain is very pungent and it is enjoyable to release its power as flowers or concentrates. As much as possible, you’ll want to eliminate harshness and boost the flavor, so water filtration is a top choice.

For those who prefer to light a spliff, remember that the smoke tends to hang around for a long time. The heavy odor of Tahoe OG may linger much longer than that of other buds.

Since this bud packs a heavy punch, it’s best to avoid alcoholic drinks while using it, as the combined sedative effects may become overwhelming. But bright, fizzy drinks are an excellent counterpoint to the dry mouth many get when smoking Tahoe OG.

Since you’re also likely to get a little sleepy and lazy, a cup of strong coffee is an excellent companion for a few tokes of Tahoe OG.

Tahoe OG Strain Grow Info – Flowering Time, Harvest Time, and Yields

Tahoe OG grows reasonably well indoors or outdoors, given the right environment. As this is a California bud, you’ll want a sunny and warm location with relatively dry humidity.

Growers should expect a flowering time of between eight and ten weeks, so an outdoor planting in late April will deliver buds in late October or early November.

Expect a plant that is bushy but not overly wide. It may stretch out a bit as well, so trimming is essential for high yields. Keep an eye out for mildew and mold, as they can set in if the bottom branches block airflow to the plant’s core.

When you get it right, you will see yields of 10-16 ounces per plant, or even more when you time your harvest right. Utilizing the sea of green technique can help you achieve high yields in a relatively small space.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Tahoe OG seeds, here is a great place to try.

How Tahoe OG Strain Compares to Others – Similar and Alternative Strains

Tahoe OG is a dense strain, but it’s not as thick and weighty as similar-sized nuggets of a super-dense herb like AK-47. That makes Tahoe OG easier to grind, easier to cure, and easier to smoke.

Out of all the OG Kush strains, it’s among the most potent. If you can’t find Tahoe OG, and you’re looking for a similar sleepy effect, look for nugs like Purple Kush, Platinum OG, Haracept (AKA The Hog), and XXX OG. They all have high THC, low CBD, myrcene terpene dominance, and sedative nature.

Where To Buy Tahoe OG Strain, Pricing, and Review

Tahoe OG should be pretty easy to find at any dispensary. However, it seems like sometimes it’s hard to find pure flowers. That might be because there is a lot of competition in the hybrid marketplace.

If you don’t see Tahoe OG flower, you can likely find concentrates featuring this pungent and potent THC champion.

Expect street pricing in the $120-170 per ounce range, with high-tax dispensary pricing slightly higher. This is a sought-after strain among some smokers, so, it won’t be the least expensive on offer. But, in today’s market, it probably won’t be a ‘top shelf’ nugget.

Each user’s experience is different, but as a reviewer, this is the insomnia antidote. Since it comes on strong and packs a massive body buzz right after smoking, Tahoe OG is ideal for kicking your boots off after a long day at work.

Each sample of Tahoe OG might be a little different, so make sure you have as much information as possible. You don’t want to expect a slightly Indica-dominant experience and end up with a Sativa feeling.

Final Thoughts

The experienced smoker can’t go too far wrong with Tahoe OG. It has the power you want and delivers a balanced high. The effects are predictable and consistent, especially when you have a locked-in supply.

If you’re thinking about trying Tahoe OG, contact your local delivery service today!

Related Questions

If you still have questions, we answer a couple of common ones about the Tahoe OG strain below.

What is Tahoe OG strain good for?

Tahoe OG is good for achieving a balanced high. It starts with a strong body buzz and accompanying mood boost, and some might even feel a kick of creativity. The initial energy burst fades and you’ll feel a strong urge to relax.

Is Tahoe OG good for sleep?

Tahoe OG is an ideal sleep-inducer. It hits hard and fast, helps you relax the entire body, and slows a racing mind. It’s perfect for bouts of insomnia and when not overused, it can soothe anxiety.

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