Northern Lights Strain: A Woody Delight [Ultimate Strain Review]

Northen Lights Strain

The Northern Lights strain is a dazzling cannabis strain that is the favorite of many stoners. It’s perfect for veteran smokers and newbies who want something light and pleasant. Whether you live in a bustling city or a lush forest, you can enjoy these Northern Lights!

The Northern Lights strain is a pleasant Indica-dominant strain that has a mesmerizing scent of a pine forest and a sweet floral taste with herbal notes. The strain helps significantly with bodily pain and stress, making it a popular choice for medicinal and recreational use.

While most stoners have a favorite strain, this one is widely popular and appreciated. Learn about the strain’s lineage, flavor profile, effects, and growing difficulty below!

Northern Lights Strain Profile

Northern Lights’ two parent strains are Afghani and Thai. Afghani is a mild Indica while Thai is a strong Sativa, so people expect Northern Lights to be a balanced hybrid. However, the strain leads heavily toward Indica, and many dispensaries and smokers will label it as an Indica rather than a hybrid.

Some Northern Lights will be 80/20 Indica and Sativa, but people say the best Northern Lights strain will be almost 100% Indica, offering super soothing effects rather than energizing users.

The strain has a moderately high THC content, averaging 20%. Sometimes the THC can be as high as 25% or as low as 17%. For most stoners, this is a desirable THC level, and usually not too overwhelming for newbies.

As for CBD, the content hovers around 1% and also has 1% CBG content. While 1% may not sound like much, some strains have no CBD or CBG, so this content contributes to the calming effects of the strain.

The most prominent terpene in the Northern Lights strain is pinene, followed by myrcene, ocimene, and camphene. It also has a tiny bit of limonene and linalool. The combination of terpenes results in a strong pine scent with sweet notes.

Northern Lights Strain Characteristics

The name Northern Lights likely stems from its distinct and cozy flavor profile. It has a strong piney aroma that can transport you to a luscious woodland. Along with the woody smell, there are notes of spices and herbs that round out the scent. For stoners who love earthy, organic smells and flavors in their weed, Northern Lights is one of the best choices.

The taste is equally enjoyable. You get the same piney taste with some soft hints of greenery like moss. You also get the sweet floral flavors that lay under the rich earthy taste. While the smell is strong and memorable, the flavor is sweeter and more palatable than many other strains. Overall, the taste and aroma of the weed are thoroughly delightful.

The buds also have a unique appearance. The leaves are very dense and stiff, with a slight stickiness. Northern Lights has a dark color that rides the line between lavender and gray, giving it a muted, pastel appearance. While the buds don’t look thick and fluffy, you’ll be surprised how much weed you get from grinding up a little nugget.

Overall, the Northern Lights strain has a pleasant forest flavor profile, which is how it got its name. For this reason, the strain is excellent for a camping trip or stoner-centric hike. Make sure you bring plenty of water to fight off the dry mouth. While it may sound dramatic, the Northern Lights strain has a welcoming fragrance and flavor many seek out in their marijuana choices.

For stoners who try to avoid strains with a harsh chemical smell or overly pungent aroma, Northern Lights offers a balanced and enjoyable flavor profile.

The Northern Lights Strain Experience

The Northern Lights strain experience and high are beautifully balanced and give you all the best aspects of cannabis effects. You get to feel relaxed and sleepy but also happy and giggly.

Sometimes, this strain can make you zone out for a while and become quieter, so it might not be ideal for social situations like parties or daily dinners. But it won’t make you fall asleep quickly like super strong Indicas. As far as Indicas go, this strain delivers a comfortable relaxation, rather than an uncomfortable couch lock.

Smoking Northern Lights offers a lovely euphoric feeling that can relax your muscles and ease the mind. The high comes on slowly and builds for several minutes after smoking.

Unlike other strains that hit you immediately, Northern Lights has a steady, creeping effect that brings you up over 15 or 20 minutes. For many, this effect is more enjoyable, and it’s more comfortable for newbies who may feel uneasy smoking a weed that hits hard.

The 18% THC and 1% CBD and CBG are the perfect balance of high and hazy with relaxed and content. With the sleepiness, relaxation, and giggles, you’re likely to get the munchies, so keep some snacks around when trying this strain.

The strain seems to help with all sorts of ailments and conditions. It can help significantly with bodily pain but also reduces the effects of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite. While you can buy it recreationally, it’s ideal for medicinal purposes!

Like any strain, some of the effects aren’t wonderful. After smoking Northern Lights, people often experience dry mouths, eyes, and slight dizziness. But no one reports anxiety or paranoia when using this strain, which are negatives people usually try to avoid.

While dry mouth can be unpleasant, most people feel it’s well worth a little cottonmouth to enjoy happy and euphoric effects.

Growing Northern Lights

Growing the Northern Lights strain is relatively easy. If you have any experience growing cannabis, you should have no trouble with Northern Lights plants! It can flourish indoors or outdoors, growing to an average height of six feet. Sometimes they can grow taller than 7 feet!

The plants will flower between 45 and 60 days and be ready to harvest around day 65. While using top-quality soil and monitoring the environment consistently will yield the best buds, Northern Lights plants are resilient and tolerant, so they’ll put up with many undesirable conditions and still produce a decent result.

You can expect to yield 1-2 ounces of buds when growing indoors and 15 to 20 ounces when you grow it outdoors. The average yield is 475 grams per plant.

If you can control the environment, Northern Lights plants appreciate a warmer climate with low to moderate humidity. Expect dense, dark green buds with tightly-packed leaves and purple strands. Northern Lights may be one of the best strains for starting your cannabis-growing journey!

It’s also easy to find feminized Northern Lights seeds! Many cultivators happily sell these seeds to folks who want to grow their weed. Unlike some rarer strains, a simple internet search can lead you to several places where you can order the seeds to your door.

Growing weed can be intimidating if it’s your first attempt, but Northern Lights is easy and still delivers beautiful buds and a wonderful high.

Also, if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Northern Lights strain seeds, here’s a great place to try:

  • Northern Lights Regular Marijuana Seeds
  • Northern Lights Feminized Marijuana Seeds
  • Northern Lights Autoflower Marijuana Seeds
  • Northern Lights #10 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Northern Lights Strain Reviews and Prices

Reviews about the Northern Lights strain are almost always positive and glowing. From young stoners trying weed for the first time to older folks looking for medicinal marijuana, Northern Lights seems to check all the right boxes. It’s one of the best strains for relieving bodily pain. It can also help soothe migraines and chronic headaches!

Many people dub Northern Lights “the best weed they’ve ever smoked” so it’s not likely to disappoint you. People report taking one hit from a bong and remaining super high for hours. It’s also helpful for people experiencing temporary injuries like broken bones.

Northern Lights is typically affordable. You can expect to pay between $20 and $35 for an eighth or even as little as $60 for an ounce! It’s also easy to find in concentrates, edibles, cartridges, and more. Luckily, Northern Lights is not rare, so you can find it at many dispensaries across the US, from Colorado to DC.

The Northern Lights Strain: High in the Sky

Looking for a strain with soft scents and an enchanting high that will leave you happy and cozy wherever you are? If the Alaskan woods were a cannabis strain, it would be Northern Lights. It has a familiar forest aroma that can calm your mind before you even smoke it!

You can find this strain across the US at many dispensaries, so buy some the next time you order weed delivery or visit a dispensary. You’ll see why everyone loves this strain.

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What strains are similar to Northern Lights?

If you want to find strains with similar terpenes and effects as Northern Lights, consider trying Critical Mass, Purple Passion, Forbidden Fruit, Blue Dream, or Cookie Monster.

Is Northern Lights a top-shelf strain?

Yes! Most dispensaries sell Northern Lights as a top-shelf flower, but if they have a Northern Lights strain with low THC content it may sit among the mid-shelf options.

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