Is the Bio Jesus Strain Good for Relieving Pain?

Bio Jesus Strain

Believers love to use the Bio Jesus strain as part of their nighttime festivities to help wind down and relax for the night. While everyone has their go-to-strain of choice, Bio Jesus is one strain that many seek out particularly because they need something to curb their chronic pain or lack of sleep. The effects are most effective and lauded when used in the evenings or in times when you just need to unwind.

What Is the Bio Jesus Strain?

Bio Jesus StrainCultivated by crossing the pain-managing Gumbo strain and the award-winning Bio-Diesel strain, the Bio Jesus strain is a hybrid that gives off a novel combination of pungent diesel blended with a warm, summery aroma.

Bio Jesus is coveted for its high potency, boasting THC levels of up to 28%, it was developed by Denver Relief Farms whose name leaves behind no secret as to what this medical marijuana is known for. This Colorado developer is one of the pioneering cannabis retailers. Since it is an evenly balanced indica and sativa strain, it can have both that heady high and numbing, couch-locked effect.


You might recognize Bio Jesus for its light orange hairs, thick and sticky flowers as well as prominent white trichomes from which a powerful floral scent emerges. Some chunks of purple peek through its vibrant flowers and buds while its surface is completely saturated with frost-like white trichomes. The dance of oranges, purples, and light greens paired with the snow-white blanket of trichomes are reminiscent of the transition from autumn to winter.

Fragrance and Flavor

This flowery fragrance comforts those who seek it and its earthiness delights. It freshens up the atmosphere with its fruity citrusy smell, making it tangy but still recognizable with diesel hints passed down through its distinct lineage. The flavor is exactly what you would expect from its scent, earthy and efflorescent to the senses. Vaporizing might be a good option to lessen the strong experience the strain gives. On the other hand, using a water filtration device, like a bong, can bring out an herb-like smoke.

Does Bio Jesus Cure Pain?

Bio Jesus has a powerful numbing effect on the body which provides a generous level of pain relief among the majority of users. It lulls users into a euphoric cloud that alleviates pain and sends them to drift into a peaceful sleep. Insomniacs, are you listening? It is acclaimed for its potency which affects the whole body and helps with stress, fatigue, and nausea. Medical marijuana patients with bipolar disorder, PTSD, anxiety, and migraines also look to this strain for comfort.

The giggles and munchies are both common side effects of smoking this strain. Its uplifting vibe pairs well with activities like watching movies and hanging out with friends, however, these activities might not be too commonplace as this strain progresses into the stronger phases of the high.

First-timers might need to try another strain to break the ice since Bio Jesus has quite a strong effect on the body, which could easily knock them out. It suits veteran users who need a more powerful experience to get them going. Others might add that it also makes you feel hungry and leaves you with a dry mouth, however, most dismiss these effects as mild compared to the level of intense pain relief the strain presents.

Many cannabis connoisseurs who swear by this strain will tell you how it has helped them through some really painful times. It’s a noteworthy crowd-pleaser, seeing as many consider it to be one of their favorite strains.

Growing Your Own Bio Jesus

Bio Jesus StrainYou can plant this strain indoors or outdoors and it will flower after around eight to ten weeks. Most report it to be moderately difficult to grow. Some pros are that it is not prone to getting moldy and getting ruined by bugs. As for cons, it can overheat easily which growers can watch out for. Keeping track of the temperature can make breeding this plant a lot easier. This would mean monitoring temperatures is key to aiding it to full maturity.

Harvesting season is usually in the latter part of October. Its yielding would be less if grown indoors, usually at sixteen ounces per plant. Meanwhile, this number can rise to twenty ounces outside. This might be due to the vast space it has out in the open. It thrives best when grown in an environment with humidity and warmth. The optimal way to grow it would be through acquiring feminized seeds to make sure all the plants are female.

Where Can I Purchase the Bio Jesus Strain?

Bio Jesus is a beloved strain among enthusiasts in the industry. If you want some pain relief and a fulfilling snooze, try Bio Jesus by browsing the Purple Penthouse Exclusive Designer Flower to select from numerous high-quality purple strains and some of the most popular brands in D.C.

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