Miami Zours Strain: A Way To Ease Into Euphoria

Miami Zours Strain

The Miami Zours strain is an increasingly popular strain for those who crave both relaxation and a positive mood boost. Its heady but calming effects are best suited for avid cannabis users who need a soothing, full-body result. With its sweet flavor and high THC level, Miami Zours offers a vibrant way to melt away stress.

This Indica dominant strain provides a plethora of benefits aside from stress relief. Read on to learn more about the Miami Zours weed, including how to decide if you should buy zours. This strain review aims to answer all your questions.

What Is Miami Zours Strain?

The Runtz brand created the Miami Zours strain, a rare hybrid. It’s a cross between the fruity Zkittle and Gelato, which live up to their names and offer THC with the same sweet taste. The result is a strain with a sugary flavor and a heavy feel.


Miami Zours StrainComposition

The Miami Zours weed strain is primarily an Indica hybrid. Its powerful effects come from 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Though it falls short on CBD compared to other types (it contains only 1% of CBD), the zourz runtz strain has between 14% and 18% of THC.

The high THC content means you will have a lasting relaxation effect. You can expect to kick back and feel the effects of Miami Zours for up to four hours. The length of time will vary depending on several factors, such as your body composition, your overall tolerance, and what other substances are in your system. Cooking with edibles also increases the time effects last.

Plant Characteristics

You’ve probably noticed that many of your favorite strains have tiny crystals on the leaves and buds. These are called trichomes and are what give off the heavy scents on the cannabis flower. When it comes to Miami zours strain, the nugs are dense and covered completely in trichomes. That’s what makes this particular strain so effective.

The trichomes you see protruding from the plant are what create the cannabinoids. These are what provide you with several medicinal benefits and give the strain increased potency. Because Miami zours contain many trichomes, most people find it very efficient as a calming tool as well as an aid for pain relief.


There are different types of hybrid strains, and the effect and uses vary by type. While Sativa is popular for its “head high” sensations, Indica is coveted for its mellow feel and body sensations. Because the Miami Zours strain is mostly Indica, it’s best for days when you don’t need to be up and about. The hybrid combination is ideal for reducing anxiety and insomnia.

The THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the cannabis plant. Meanwhile, the CBD component has an anti-inflammatory effect and thus several medicinal uses but without giving users the “high” feeling. Generally, cannabis strains can fall under the following classifications:

  • Type I: High THC content
  • Type II: THC/ CBD combination
  • Type III: High CBD content

Because Miami Zours are high in THC and have very low CBD, the strain is a Type I. It may be helpful to some people to think of cannabis in terms of content type rather than specific strains.

Aroma, Appearance, and Taste

Miami Zours are highly aromatic, with a heavy, flowery scent. The taste is not unlike candy. Its flavor profile is deep and complex, with sugary and earthy notes.

Miami Zours Strain

In appearance, the Miami Zours strain is just as colorful and complex as its flavor. The buds of the plant are a bright emerald green, while the protruding “hairs” are a vibrant orange shade. It’s a very exotic strain and looks the part.

Effects, Medical Benefits, Usage

If you’re wondering what you can use Miami Zours for, you’re not alone. Most people who buy Runtz online are seeking solutions to medical problems.

Here are the top reasons people buy zours strain online:

  • Pain relief
  • Nausea reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Stress reduction
  • Eliminating anxiety

Aside from medical uses, the strain is basically an easy way for people to unwind after a long day and focus on relaxing. It has just enough Sativa content to provide a euphoric, joyful feel as well. While its main effect is to make you feel mellow, the Miami Zours strain also provides you with a feeling of happiness and contentment.

Additionally, many cannabis enthusiasts like the creativity boost they receive from Miami Zours. It increases focus and concentration but also provides improved clarity and creative thinking.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the potent relaxation factor may last up to three hours. In addition, you may notice that your hunger increases toward the end. If you’re trying Miami Zours, be sure to stock up on delicious food beforehand. The strain fits the stereotype of the hunger-inducing weed effects.

Growing Miami Zours

Growing cannabis plants can be challenging. As long as you ensure that the plants have the proper conditions, however, growing strains shouldn’t be a problem. The key is understanding what plants need in different climates.


Miami Zours StrainIf you want to grow the Miami zours strain, you will be happy to know that you can do so indoors or outdoors. However, for a maximum yield, the plant grows best outdoors. Outdoor conditions are better for cannabis plants because of the increased natural light and improved soil conditions. Thus, if you live in a moderately warm climate, the outdoors is your best bet.

For comparison, consider that the yield for Miami Zours is around 14 ounces per plant when you grow it indoors. On the other hand, an outdoor plant will yield 20 ounces of Zours. The ideal conditions include a temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The flowering period for these plants is between 8 and 10 weeks.

Growing Indoors

Those whose only option is to grow cannabis indoors should consider a few details. First, plants transpire as they take in water and nutrients. Humidity amplifies these effects. Thus, dehumidifiers may be practical in some conditions.

Keep in mind that humid indoor conditions promote the growth of dangerous mold and mildew. You should thus choose a room or environment that will not need constant repairs. The better insulation and ventilation you can provide, the better.

Another prevention method for mold and pest growth is to implement good pruning practices. Once your plants arrive at their flowering stage, ensure you prune them accordingly. Ideally, you want one node on every branch. Pruning correctly will inhibit microenvironments from developing, which can harm your plant.

A good rule of thumb is to lower humidity to somewhere between 40 and 50 percent when you see buds growing, and your plant begins to produce resin. To meet ideal growth conditions, you should aim to have a similar humidity in the room as the plant leaves have.

Climates with excessive humidity can ruin the THC production process. When that happens, your cannabis won’t produce enough resin. The result is a plant that tastes harsh and lacks flavor. It may also feel harder to smoke.

Reviews, Where To Buy, and Price

Reviews for Miami Zours are mostly positive. Several users report feeling satisfied with the benefits and usage of the strain. A common theme in reviews is that a little goes a long way. Because of its potency, many reviewers suggest starting with a small amount. In addition, top compliments include satisfaction with the stain’s pleasant scent and flavor.


Over the years, cannabis of all types has become easier to purchase. Today you can buy Zours strains online at several sites. Popular brands for this type include the strain Joke’s Up Zours, the York Zours strain, the Runtz strain, and the Zours strain Leafly Zours. If you happen to need weed in DC, don’t miss out on our delivery options.

According to reviews, Miami Zours is pricier than other types of strains but is well worth the splurge. A weed can is approximately $70 in the United States. The price will also depend on the form you buy the strain in, whether ready-to-eat edibles or smokable.

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The best strain will vary depending on your needs, goals, and personal preferences. Some users like Indica dominant strains, while others prefer the mental boost and energy, they receive from Sativa dominant strains.

Some of the most popular strains include OG Kush, Zours, Super Silver Haze, and Blueberry Bomb. Exploring different types will ensure you find your perfect fit.

What is the Strongest Indica Strain?

The strongest or most potent Indica strain is the legendary Purple Kush. Its effects include deep relaxation and sedation. Due to its high potency, it also has hallucinogenic effects for many users. Though it is an excellent strain for the ultimate calming experience, many people may find the effects too intense.

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