High THC and Dense Nugs: Uncover the Secret of Zours Strain

Zours Strain

Some marijuana strains are worth searching for. The Zours strain is one of those. Featuring high THC levels and an aromatic sweet taste, it’s a unique and amazing form of cannabis. From the well-known Runtz cannabis brand, Zours is a cross between Zkittle and Gelato marijuana strains and results in quality Indica-dominant cannabis.

The Zours strain of cannabis is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70% Indica and 30% Sativa). Featuring dense, small to medium-sized nugs, it provides between 14% to 18% THC and less than 1% CBD. The sweet taste and flowery aromas are pleasant, and the effects last approximately two to four hours.

In this Zours strain review, we’ll go over all of the fine details about this incredible Zourz Runtz marijuana strain, including where it’s from, what the effects are, and where you can find it. We’ll also give you a secret tip about a growing style based on generations-old technology. You don’t want to miss out on the best information for the Zours strain online.


 Zours StrainEverything You Need to Know About Zours Strain

Zours is an Indica-dominant strain of marijuana. It is part of the Nero Cut edition of strains from the brand Runtz, which usually creates marijuana strains with a sweet taste (like the namesake candies) that are loaded with THC. Nero is one of the Runtz owners, and his expertise shines bright in this strain. The popularity of Zours cannabis is sweeping across the nation. Even if you prefer to buy weed online, you can still enjoy Zours.

The Zourz Runtz strain is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, usually resulting in THC levels of 14 to 18 percent and a low CBD level of less than 1 percent. Some Zours tests show more than 20 percent THC. The THC to CBD ratio is therefore quite high, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the ultimate euphoric impact.

As an Indica-dominant strain, its effects lean more toward the heavy-hitting couch lock, combined with vibrant euphoria. It impacts users for about two to four hours, depending on weight and consumption amount and style. Cooking with it in edibles will usually extend the time of effects, while burning a large bowl through a water pipe will be the quickest hitting and shortest lasting.

This Zours weed is full of tightly packed nugs covered in THC crystalized trichomes. While there are some reports of a black Zours strain, this strain of marijuana is purple and is usually covered in vibrant green, purple, orange, and yellow hues. Many people report that vaping Runtz strains, including Zours, is the best way to consume them. The dense nugs work well as ground-up flowers for fresh herb vaporizers.

Zourz Runtz strain has a sweet taste, like most of the candy-inspired Runtz marijuana strains incorporate. While Zours candy might be hard to find, you can find the Zours strain online. There are reports of a New York Zours strain and a Miami Zours strain, but it is believed that Runtz created this in the Bay Area of northern California. This marijuana strain is the Nero version of a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato strains, two previous marijuana strains that Runtz has used.


 Zours StrainZours Weed Flavors, Aroma, Appearance, and Taste

Zours marijuana strain is covered in THC and has a bright appearance. The tightly-packed nugs are a good small to medium size, with not overly obvious stems. When you buy Zours strain online, it feels great in your hands and doesn’t fall apart as other marijuana strains can. This Zours weed is dense and sticky.

The smell coming off of Zours is incredible, filled with lemon and the typical skunk spice which radiates from many intense strains. Citrus and berries can also be discovered if you search, and that has come to be expected from the Runtz brand name. Most of the Runtz cannabis strains offer a sweet yet spicy combination, and Zours weed is no different.

Since it is a cross between Zkittlez, a multi-time Cannabis Cup winner, and Gelato, the Zours marijuana strain has a smooth yet sweet taste. It is a popular choice if you like berry-filled and fruity cannabis strains. It’s not easy to win a Cannabis Cup, let alone multiple ones, so you can be certain that this strain is coming from a top-tier creator and is going to be well worth the price.

As you smoke or vape Zours cannabis, its flavor and scent become enhanced and fill you with a light yet powerful smoke. Upon exhaling, the fruity aromas are drawn out. If you like smoking from fruit-flavored blunt wrappers, this strain of marijuana might be an excellent candidate for filling them. Just be prepared for the Indica consequences coming your way and have a good spot on the couch reserved.

What are the Zours Strain’s Effects and Medical Benefits?

You might be wondering what comes out more in the Zours strain, Indica or Sativa? Well, this Indica-dominant strain has the classic Indica effects. Yet the lighter cerebral impact of Sativas is present too. Overall, a very pleasant feeling comes through, and this Zours marijuana review gives an overall positive grade for Zours.

At first, the head high comes with some euphoria and ever-present smiles and laughter. Eventually, the Zours strain jokes up and the couch lock begins to set in. Increased appetite is likely to hit you hard too, so get ahead of the game and call in a GrubHub order or make a run to the store for some good munchies before sparking up.

While not quite as heavy as pure Indica cannabis strains, it still leaves one feeling relaxed and ready for a good movie or gaming session. One can expect couch lock to last for one to three hours, with a more cerebral impact before and after that timeframe, for a total effect of two to four hours. This depends on your weight, how much you consume, and the type of device you use.

Although the CBD is minimal in the Zours weed, it still has many health benefits, including reduction of nausea, insomnia, pain, and stress. After buying Zours strain online, you’ll feel relaxed and free from anxiety. Those looking to alleviate pain or simply gain an appetite to eat a nourishing meal can check out this marijuana strain for relief.


 Zours StrainHow to Grow Zours Weed for Maximum Yield

Zours weed can be grown indoors or outdoors, but reports indicate that it produces more in an outdoor setting. That is almost always the case with strains of marijuana today. Even though we try hard to replicate natural growing environments inside, outdoor grows seem to be where marijuana flourishes the best. Perhaps it’s due to the natural changes in light, or maybe we can’t quite replicate the soil found outside and how it changes over time.

For Zours, the approximate indoor yields are 14 ounces per plant. If grown outside and under ideal conditions, Zours cannabis can get up to 20 ounces per plant.

It has an estimated flowering period of eight to ten weeks and prefers moderately warm temperatures in the 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (around 20 to 25 Celsius). If grown outdoors, the typical harvest period is during October.

Runtz brand marijuana strains are often quite popular, and the Zourz Runtz strain is no different. If you see this weed and want it, you should buy it before inventory runs dry. There’s no telling how long it will last.

If you’ve ever considered growing bonsai cannabis, this might be the perfect strain to give it a try. That’s right–cannabis can be grown bonsai style too! You can harvest lovely marijuana from a miniature version of a full-size plant by training and trimming the trunk, branches, and roots.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Most of the reviews for Zours weed are very positive, speaking of high-quality buds that offer an excellently fruity smell and taste. The Indica-dominant Zours, as a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato, comes through in most reviews, and people report that you can use a small amount of marijuana to get the desired effects.

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 Zours StrainRelated Questions

Is Zours strain Indica or Sativa?

Zours marijuana strain is an Indica-dominant strain of weed, with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. The Zours Runtz strain will have some more cerebral Sativa effects paired with the typical Indica effects of relaxation and couch lock.

Where is the Miami Zours strain from?

It is reported that Nero from Runtz cannabis is the creator of the Zours strain of cannabis. They appear to be located in the Bay Area near San Francisco, California. Miami Zours is likely an eastern replication of the original strain.

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