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Billy Kimber Strain

Billy Kimber is a popular strain with an Indica effect that’s desirable for bedtime or when you want to relax. This potent strain provides much relaxation but can get a little potent if you’re not used to it. However, with a unique combination of aromas and calming effects, it’s a great way to wind down at the end of the day.

The Billy Kimber strain comes from Garrison Lane and is an Indica-dominant strain. It gets its name from the famous show Peaky Blinders and provides a calming and sometimes euphoric effect.

Whether you prefer Indica-dominant strains or are interested in exploring these types of weed strains, the Billy Kemper strain is definitely worth considering. Keep reading to learn more about this intense strain, its effects, uses, and more with our guide.

Billy Kimber strainWhat Is the Billy Kimber Strain?

The Billy Kimber strain is by curator Garrison Lane in Los Angeles, California. The founders of this weed strain gave it its name from the real-life crime boss, Billy Kimber. If the name sounds familiar, you may recognize the name from the popular show, Peaky Blinders.

At one point, Billy Kimber was the most powerful crime boss in the United Kingdom, working as the leader of the Birmingham Boys in the early 1900s. He was notorious for his power, and this namesake strain is potent, to say the least.

The strain is quite rare and comes from a phenotype of OG Kush. As one of the world’s best-selling strains, OG Kush has a significant genetic profile to get that relaxing, Indica high people crave.

Because it’s grown indoors in Los Angeles, it’s not available in every dispensary around the country. However, you can find it at a handful of stores in California, Washington DC, and other areas. If you’re in the DC area, you can get your hands on this strain, other strains, and edibles from 420VL.

Characteristics of the Billy Kimber Strain

Billy Kimber is a hybrid strain of weed but is Indica-dominant. It’s 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, making it a much better option for those looking to wind down and relax. This strain is very potent, and users will feel the effects quickly after using it.

Billy Kimber is an excellent option for those who prefer a strain with a higher THC content. It has a 30% THC level, which is pretty high compared to most weed strains. That being said, some batches may not have a 30% THC level, but it will still be more potent and higher than most.

While it has a high THC level, the CBD level of Billy Kimber is much lower. On average, Billy Kimber has less than 1% CBD.

Even with little to no CBD, many people still feel the relaxing effects that CBD can provide. Because of the robust nature of the strain, it’s much more suitable for veteran smokers than newbies or those who usually eat edibles instead.

Billy Kimber strainAroma, Appearance, and Taste

Knowing what type of taste and aroma to expect when choosing a new strain can help you be more prepared and make your final decision. An array of different scents and flavors are associated with the Billy Kimber strain.

This strain has a handful of aromas, but pine and diesel are the two most prominent scents people smell. You may detect a slight hint of citrus and spice depending on your sense of smell. Not everyone can smell these two scents, but they are present.

While most weed has a very distinct smell, you may not notice the specific aromas associated with the Billy Kimber strain. Most people can recognize that it’s a weed, but without proper curing, the pine and diesel smell may not be as noticeable.

As for the flavor, it feels like you’re breathing in the great outdoors. It tastes like the woods and herbs, and it’s a little spicy. The best way to describe it is earthy. Don’t let the spicy flavor put you off; it’s smooth, and the herbal taste is fantastic.

The subtle citrus hints are a welcome contrast to the earthy profile because they complement each other so well. Some people think the citrus flavors remind them of a sour Kool-Aid. Others feel like the hint of citrus reminds them of a green Jolly Rancher, but slightly less intense.

Not all strains look alike. You can identify Billy Kimber by appearance. The buds are usually dark and light green and often look icy. You’ll see trichomes on the buds too.

Trichomes are the outgrowths and other appendages on plants. These are minimal on the Billy Kimper strain, and if you’re buying it from a dispensary, you might not see these on your buds at all. However, you might have to remove these trichomes if you’re growing them yourself.

Effects, Medical Uses, and Benefits

As previously mentioned, Billy Kimber has a very high THC level. With a maximum of 30% THC, you’ll want to imbibe slowly until you get used to how it affects you. For veteran smokers, you might not find it as heavy as more novice smokers.

The effects of Billy Kimber hit individuals fast and hard. You’ll quickly feel a calming sensation, more relaxed and possibly even euphoric. Some users report a pleasant tingling sensation.

Individuals who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, mood swings, cramps, arthritis, depression, and other similar issues find that the Billy Kimber strain helps immensely. The benefits you’ll feel from using this strain for these conditions are felt immediately.

Users feel slightly happier, washing away the feelings of depression and the tingling feeling helps soothe any muscle aches or cramps you’re experiencing. In addition, the relaxed feeling you’ll experience will help you drift to sleep much faster, beating your insomnia.

Studies have shown that THC is effective in helping those with sleeplessness or insomnia get a more restful sleep. Not only can it help you fall asleep, but it can help you stay asleep throughout the night.



Growing Billy Kimber

While some strains you can grow at home indoors or outdoors, Billy Kimber does not do well with both. Some weed strains can grow well in either environment, but Billy Kimber is a little pickier.

This potent Indica-dominant strain is strictly grown indoors by industry experts. It requires a high level of skill and knowledge about the weed strain that not many people have. Because not many people can grow the strain effectively, getting your hand on any buds to try and grow the strain is challenging.

It’ll take a lot of work if you want to try your hand at growing it. It would be best if you only grew it indoors, but it can grow outdoors under the right conditions. Billy Kimber thrives and grows better when in an indoor environment.

If you’re able to grow the Billy Kimber strain indoors, it usually takes eight to nine weeks to get a total harvest. Each harvest should produce around 15 ounces of weed per yield. But, of course, your yield can vary depending on how well the bud grew.

If you can’t provide an indoor environment to grow Billy Kimber, you can try to grow it outdoors, but it won’t thrive as well. If you’re in the northern hemisphere and attempt to grow the strain outdoors, you should time your harvest to be done by October.

If you’re able to grow this strain outdoors successfully, you should be able to get 16 to 18 ounces per plant. Remember that this plant needs a lot of TLC and isn’t the most manageable strain of weed to grow.

Reviews, Where To Buy, and Price

According to those who’ve used the strain before, most of the reviews are positive. These mainly come from veteran smokers who are used to a more potent strain and can handle the strong effects.

If there are less than positive reviews, they mainly come from those who smoked too much or aren’t used to a potent strain. The high THC level can cause paranoia and other adverse effects for those who aren’t used to it.

How much Billy Kimber will cost depends on where you purchase it. It is a pricier strain, so expect to pay over $100 per ounce in the United States. Check out our delivery options if you’re in DC and looking for a potent weed to help you relax.

Billy Kimber strain

Wrap Up

Billy Kimber is a great Indica-dominant strain that’s perfect for veteran smokers. It’s ideal for afternoon or evening use, so you can feel relaxed, calm, and slightly euphoric before you drift off to sleep. The unique flavor combination and calming feeling will make it one of your new favorite strains.

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