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The flavor of the Blueberry strain is exactly what you’d expect: pure blueberries. It has a lovely taste that’s reminiscent of juicy, ripe blueberries, so it’s ideal for people who enjoy sweets. The Blueberry strain is also well-known for its soothing and relaxing high and proven efficacy in alleviating neuropathic pain. The degree of complexity in a marijuana strain varies greatly. There are intricate, multi-flavor strains that taste a dozen different things at once, and there are simple, one-note strains that merely taste one thing.

It’s a simple jump to make that the more complicated strains, which have a complex flavor profile and many distinct notes, are superior. Some of the first strains to become popular in the western world were these simple strains, which are still common today because of how well they work and how great they taste despite their simplicity.

Blueberry is an excellent strain of cannabis for many reasons. It has a long history, including winning the High Times’ 2000 Cannabis Cup for best Indica. This clean and elegant tasting plant is known for its relaxing effects. Let’s take a look at this fantastic strain, its history and taste, and what you can anticipate after taking some.

What Is the Blueberry Cannabis Strain?

Blueberry is often regarded as a typical kind, having an unamusing and memorable name and a fairly apparent flavor profile. Despite its simplicity, it remains one of the finest strains available.

American DJ Short crossbred Blueberry in the 1970s from landrace strains. A landrace strain is a plant that has evolved and developed over time without human interference. The finished strain was called Blueberry for its unmistakable blueberry flavor.

Because Blueberry has such an ancient lineage, there is an enormous difference between individual plants. Breeders have been meddling and tampering with DJ Short’s original recipe for so long that it is possible that you might get some Blueberry bud only for it to be very different from the ones you have smoked before.

This is more likely to happen with crossbred landrace strains, particularly those that are as popular as Blueberry. As long as the taste is distinctly blueberry-like, you can be sure of what you have, even if it looks slightly different.

Blueberry is a hybrid that has Afghani and Thai landrace strains as ancestors, according to its creators at Sensi Seeds. It is 80% India, yet many of its effects are India-focused. The small percentage of Sativa in this strain gives it an excellent undertone of cerebral energy, steering Blueberry away from being an entirely couch-locking strain.

The Aroma of Blueberry Strain 

Blueberry’s initial smell is powerful and reminiscent of tart, spicy blueberries. Surprisingly, after a while, the scent may begin to remind you of another common strain: Purple Thai.

The smell of this Indica landrace strain is both complex and unique, with a musky quality that sets it apart from other blueberry strains. There’s a light undercurrent of skunk and petrol in this blueberry strain, far more than you’d expect from an Indica.

Blueberry has a unique fragrance that far exceeds what you would expect, with nuances that are far more profound than the taste of simple berries.

The Flavor Blueberry Cannabis 

The flavor of blueberries is one of the freshly picked blueberries, which comes as no surprise. Blueberries, however, have a greater degree of subtlety in their taste than you might expect – for example, the taste of blueberries varies depending on ripeness and season. The taste of Blueberry cannabis is slightly overripe, as if the blueberries were just recently picked. There is an in sweetness that can be a bit much, similar to tasting sugar from a spoon.

Although the first flavor of sugar may appear unpleasant on the tongue, the rich, luscious blueberries quickly outweigh any concerns. Even though you’re smoking the bud, you’ll feel a potent sensation of fresh blueberry juice exploding in your mouth. The taste of Blueberry isn’t just pure blueberries – it’s some of the best blueberries you’ve ever tasted.


Blueberry has dense buds that are similar to those found in many other Indica-dominant strains. The bud will usually take on a fascinating swirling hue of purple and red due to the high amount of anthocyanins (a pigment produced due to long sun exposure and unique Indica genetics). This will only work if it dries properly and if the plant is given enough care to reach its full potential.

Medical Benefits of Blueberry Cannabis Strain

As with any potent strain, please familiarize yourself with the medical conditions it could alleviate. Not every user of cannabis is looking for a powerful high – some are seeking helpful medicinal treatments.

Given its potent effects, Blueberry Indica is most helpful in treating stress, pain, and feelings of depression or anxiety. Blueberry is a wonderful cannabis strain to use when fighting mental health problems or general unhappiness since it works with the endocannabinoid system in such a way as to help relieve stress. If you’re under too much pressure, Blueberry can assist you in relaxing by boosting your mood and outlook on life.

Possible Side Effects of Blueberry Cannabis Strain

Blueberry, on the other hand, is a rather sophisticated strain; it has potent effects that contradict its Indica status, and its flavor profile is far more nuanced than simple blueberries suggest. However, when it comes to its side effects, Blueberry is unfortunately uneventful – it is precisely what you might expect. 

Users of Blueberry should expect the same persistent dry mouth and eyes that cannabis users have dealt with for years. If you experience frequent dry eyes, keep a wet towel on your hand and a glass of water nearby to relieve your throat. A few users have reported feeling dizzy or lightheaded. If you start to feel this way, ensure you’re in a safe place and relax until the feeling disappears.

Final Thoughts

Blueberry is a long-standing classic, one that your father and perhaps his father before him smoked in their youth. This strain has made its mark in history as one of the ancestors of marijuana use in the United States, but it’s also known for something else.

It is famous for its simple taste yet elegantly complex aroma. Its powerful relaxing effects are well known, and it has a unique funkiness that sets it apart from other strains. Blueberry is a timeless classic, despite many individuals describing it as “an old man’s strain.” The fact is that Blueberry is delicious, relaxing, and potent, which are three reasons why it is still so popular today.

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