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How Good Is Euphoria Wellness?

How Good Is Euphoria Wellness

Euphoria Wellness – Maryland

If you’re a medical marijuana cardholder in Maryland, you may be looking for some more information on the handful of medical facilities offering cannabis products in the area. This week, we’re covering one of our favorite storefronts: Euphoria Wellness. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is Euphoria Wellness?

Euphoria Wellness is one of the first and only medical marijuana dispensaries found in Maryland. The store is located in New Market, which is a small town about 10 miles east of Frederick within Frederick County, Maryland. It is one of the first safe access locations for Maryland medical marijuana patients to obtain medical cannabis.

Euphoria Wellness isn’t limited to just Maryland, though. In fact, they got their start bak in 2015 and were the first medical dispensary to open in Las Vegas when they passed their medical program. Their unmatched levels of understanding and highly experienced team members saw great success in caring for medical marijuana patients in Vegas, and have since expanded into both Maryland and Montana.

Their knowledgeable budtenders and highly experienced staff are fluent in all things medical marijuana and can offer in-depth personalized treatment solutions to Maryland medical marijuana patients. Their dedication to patient satisfaction from service, to product and sale, and their goal to help educate and empower medical marijuana patients in new markets highlights their established experience. With a goal of improving the lives of patients through quality medicine, Euphoria Wellness should be your one-stop shop for all your medical cannabis needs.

Best of all, they offer free pickup, free delivery, and a library of over 100 products to choose from.

Euphoria Wellness Products

When checking out a new dispensary, the first question most patients ask is what types of products they carry. Euphoria Wellness has spent over 5 years refining a curated collection of medical cannabis products. Some of which include Maryland-grown cannabis flower, concentrates, capsules and pills, vape cartridges, topicals, tinctures, and edibles. In addition to dispensary products, you can also get CBD products as well as grinders, pipes, lighters, and other consumption accessories for your convenience.

Each cannabis and hemp product is sourced from Maryland vendors, so you can rest assured that the products you purchase are supporting Maryland’s own cannabis industry. Additionally, each product undergoes rigorous lab-testing before making it onto the shelves so you can sleep soundly knowing that your medical products are deemed safe for consumption.

Purchase info and discounts

To shop at Euphoria Wellness, you will need your state-issued ID and medical cannabis card to be served. The store accepts cash and has plenty of parking as well as ADA accessibility. Best of all though, Euphoria Wellness offers a ton of exciting deals and discounts to first-timers, seniors, and veterans. All First Time Patients receive 10% off their first order. They even have their own loyalty program that allows patients to collect one point per dollar and can be exchanged for discounts and products in-store.

Free Pickup and Delivery – Get in touch today

If you’re interested in checking out Euphoria Wellness for yourself, you can visit seven days per week between the hours of 10 AM and 7 PM. They are located at 11717 Old National Pike, New Market, MD 21774. Be sure to check out their menus for detailed product and store information or give them a call at (301) 882-7910.

For free, speedy pick up, you can call 301-882-7910 and place your order directly. Their budtender specialists will give you a window to pick up your medicine. Free delivery is also available seven days a week between the hours of 9AM-7PM. There is a minimum order amount for delivery, ranging from $50-$125 based on your distance from the store up to 25 miles. Just remember that Euphoria Wellness can only accept cash payments. In both cases, please remember to have your ID and medical card on hand.

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