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Cannabis Shop In DC

Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite flower shop in the city or a visitor ready to indulge, Locals Only in D.C. is a must for anyone of legal age looking to partake in some of D.C.’s finest cannabis and shroom offerings.

With free delivery no matter your location, Locals Only is an excellent choice for the casual user, ganja glutton, and everyone in between.

About Locals Only

Locals Only in D.C. might have a modest menu, but the selections are curated with quality and value. Their minimalistic site puts the focus on the product. Avoiding the visual overload presented by some sites and shops. This makes for an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience ideal for a true cannabis connoisseur.

Locals Only keeps it classy. They keep it simple. Use their detailed descriptions of offerings to ensure you find the best product for you. And while we’re keeping things, keep in mind that Locals Only functions through donations only. More on that later.

In addition to their menu offering flowers, edibles, shrooms, and more, their blog also features product spotlights, discussions of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis, and information on micro-dosing.


New to the D.C. Cannabis Scene?

First-time customers or tourists visiting our capital might have some hesitation about partaking in D.C.’s somewhat confusing cannabis scene. The sale of cannabis is still technically illegal in our nation’s capital. But there are strategies (some more legal than others) to ensure you can get the products you need.

While some things remain to shake out in the way the city handles the purchasing and distribution of weed, Locals Only offers explanations about how weed and shroom delivery works in D.C., as well as its surrounding states, and offers thoughtful and practical advice.

Locals Only’s blog not only offers many insights into having weed and shrooms delivered. But it also offers an interesting look into Initiative 71. Including the strategies, some have used to obtain weed by exploiting (ingenious) loopholes. They also explain more about how to get a marijuana card legally to avoid a complicated purchasing process.

Navigating the (often) confusing D.C. structure for obtaining weed can be difficult. But Locals Only offers plenty of insight. This insight further establishes them as an important resource in the area.

What Does Locals Only Offer?

Locals Only offers a double whammy because they’re smart and pretty. A total catch.


1. Bud

The selection at Locals Only highlights the adage – quality over quantity. This curated collection allows consumers to find the right high for any occasion. With selections to help you relax, focus, manage pain or re-energize, there’s something for everyone.

2. Banana Milk

Looking for a boost? A strong sense of calm? Then this strain is for you. Banana Milk was created by crossing Banana OG and Purple Punch F2 to produce a new strain that has an incredible 25% THC potency. Enjoy the heavy high or use this strain for its medicinal properties. These properties benefit people in managing chronic pain and appetite loss.

3. Purple Runtz

A hybrid of Gelato #33 and Zkittles, Purple Runtz packs a punch thanks to its elevated THC content. Great for reducing stress, this strain has many fans due to its calming effect that evolves into an energizing boost. Users of this strain note that it leaves them feeling refreshed and de-stressed.


4. Super Pink Haze

Who says beauty is only skin-deep? Super Pink Haze is wonderful inside and out, from its dense pink and green to the elevating high. Users of this strain report feelings of euphoria. This makes this strain perfect for those battling depression, chronic pain, and looking to ease into a stress-free bliss.

5. Zkittles

Locals Only asks you to taste the rainbow with this award-winning strain. Zkittles is popular for its taste of orange and pine, which are enhanced by floral notes.

This champion’s crystal coating makes avoiding sticky resin a breeze. After all, there’s nothing like a good, clean high.

Zkittles hits you fast with a strong feeling of relaxation.

6. Maui Wowie

Turn your studio apartment into a beach-front bungalow with this sweet and citric bud. With notes of pineapple to boot, this bud is perfect for those looking for some tropical vibes. Whether you’re looking to let the creative juices flow or help with insomnia and stress, this bud will leave you saying wow.


7. Orange Zest

This fruity bud is perfect for spicing up your creativity. Stay calm and focused while you paint along with Bob Ross, take a deep dive into a favorite book, or, we suppose, study for exams. Orange zest leaves you focused without sleepiness. Allowing you to become the next big name in crochet…or anything else.

8. Maroon Baboon

Looking to monkey around with full-body relaxation and mental ease? Try Maroon Baboon for its relaxing benefits but stay for its notes of chocolate and spice. With an added aroma of peanut butter and chocolate, this indulgent blend will make you go bananas. In a good way.

9. Shrooms

One thing that makes Locals Only stand out on the cannabis shopping scene is its small offering of magic mushrooms. When trying out their cannabis wonders, they make it easy to spice up your high or try something new.

Whether you’re an experienced local or a tourist looking to have a little extra fun, Locals Only is there for you.

(Note: Unlike other vacation spots in the U.S., what happens in D.C. does, in fact, leave D.C. Consider yourself forewarned.)


10. Albino Malabars

Often used for spiritual purposes in India, this product offers a gentle high leaving users with a sense of (often spiritual) euphoria. While users new to shrooms often report sensing a feeling of anxiety, Albino Malabars avoids that sense. Making it a solid introduction to the path to enlightenment.

11. Golden Teachers

Hot for teacher? We certainly are. These mushrooms might have been around for a while, but the classic high is something that never gets old. Teacher’s pets and class clowns alike will enjoy this go-to favorite.

12. Penis Envy

These cutting-edge shrooms offer a more intense visual experience paired with revelatory introspection. Want to feel a profound connection to the world? Find your place in the universe? Navigate the chaos that is mortal existence? Then these shrooms are for you.

Looking for a good time without a profound reckoning with the meaning and purpose of consciousness? Then these are also for you. But with a little sprinkling of zen. As a treat.


Other Products

Locals Only offers more than just cannabis products. It also offers a small (but potent) selection of gummy bears and magic mushroom bars, as well as carts and other disposables. Give them as a gift or treat yourself. Either way, you’re in for a good time.


Did we mention the free shipping? Locals Only has got you covered with free delivery, no matter your location. Always. And if you’re in a rush (and who wouldn’t be, with these products?), express delivery is also available. So you can have these products to your doorstep in an hour.

Locals Only also offers great deals on bud and edibles. As well as opportunities for wholesale purchases and freebies with certain purchases.

And if you’re yearning to be the hero of any party, their party pack, featuring pre-rolled joints, exotic flowers, shrooms, and edibles will ensure you remain the stuff of legend. People will be singing ballads about you decades from now. Maybe centuries.

Locals Only seeks to provide a high quality high with high-quality savings.

How To Order

Once you’ve found the strain you’re looking for, it’s time to order. Call (202) 713-0451 to place your order and select your delivery time and place.

For those looking for a little more guidance, the Locals Only staff of experienced bud tenders is also standing by to help you discover the perfect product for you. This staff is known to be charming. So prepare for top-rate knowledge with a little extra razzle-dazzle.

To ensure the safety of their staff, Locals Only does require one-time identity verification. But once you’ve completed that step, you’re well on your way to enjoying some high-quality bud or other wonders.

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