Gelato 41 Strain: A High Price But A Higher High [Worth A Try?]

Gelato 41 Strain

If you’re interested in trying a new hybrid weed strain, a friend or budtender may have recommended the Gelato 41 strain. This hybrid is potent and tasty, with a melding of flavors and scents that will surprise you!

The Gelato 41 strain is a high-THC hybrid that has a complex flavor that blends flowery scents with earthy tastes. It’s considered the ideal strain to smoke during the day and stay productive!

Keep reading to learn everything about this popular strain, from the flavors to the high to the prices and more!

Gelato 41 Strain Profile

Before getting into the effects and flavor profile of this strain, let’s talk about its genetics and lineage so you have an idea of where it came from and how it came to be.

Gelato 41 is a hybrid that leans slightly toward the indica side, despite having sativa-like effects. The parent strains are Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbert, creating a distinct blend of flavors and effects.

Gelato 41 is a strain from Flavour Chasers. They wanted to make a relaxing but uplifting afternoon weed strain with high THC levels without making you groggy, and they certainly achieved it!

The Gelato 41 strain has a whopping THC level of up to 30%, or as low as 19%. In addition, it has about 1% of CBD and 1% of CBG, adding to the relaxing effects without making you sleepy.

The grandparent strains include Durban Poison, OG Kush, and Pink Panties, all of which have high THC and invigorating effects. Between its beautiful hybrid-indica parents and mix of sativa and indica grandparents, Gelato 41 takes on some lovely qualities from both varieties of weed.

This strain is one of the most phenomenal hybrids, as it beautifully combines the relaxing effects of an indica with the focusing effects of a top-notch sativa.

The strain is so fantastic it won 1st place in the indica category at the HighTimes California Cannabis Cup! So this indica has awards for being such a fabulous strain!

While users love this strain, its high THC levels make it less than ideal for newbie smokers. If you’re still new to smoking and have a lower THC tolerance, maybe steer clear of this unless you want a powerful smoking journey that will knock you over. Who knows, maybe you’ll create incredible art from the high this gives you!

Gelato 41 Characteristics

It’s always fun to smell and smoke new strains so you can experience the weed’s flavor and aroma. Most users have a particular flavor profile they gravitate toward, but will Gelato 41 appeal to your tastes?

Gelato 41 has an interesting and slightly conflicting flavor, as some report an earthy, peppery taste, while others think it’s sweet and floral.


  • Earthy
  • Lavender
  • Diesel
  • Sweet
  • Tropical

Despite the name, Gelato 41 doesn’t taste or smell like ice cream. Instead, it has a distinct earthy flavor mixed with hints of floral and pine. Some gelato 41 nugs have a strong gasoline smell, which is a significant departure from the sugary, sweet smell of gelato.

The smell is robust and earthy, but the taste in your mouth when you smoke takes on a sweeter flavor, which may be the reason for the dessert-y name. But most people associate this strain with terpenes like pinene or linalool, found in trees and flowers.

A less popular characterization, but still worth noting, are hints of tropical tastes and smells. Some say it tastes like a peppery pineapple while others liken it to flavorful citrus fruits like grapefruit or oranges.

If you enjoy flowery and natural-smelling weed strains, you’ll likely be head over heels for this stinky strain. The many flavors and smells can be tough to decipher, but this strain does not lack pungency. If you were hoping to pack up this weed and cover the smell, good luck. It reeks.

The appearance of Gelato 41 is pretty standard. It takes on a soft green color with super dark purple hues and subtle amber accents. And it’s quite a sticky strain, so you can expect it to stick to your fingers, your grinder, your couch, and just about every other surface.

If you want to know what the Gelato 41 strain smells and tastes like, you’ll have to try it yourself. But you’re guaranteed a surprise from the unique and complex flavor. While most strain names give you a clear idea of how the strain will smell and taste, Gelato 41 keeps you guessing, luring you into a dispensary to give it a whirl.

The Gelato 41 Experience

Not every strain is ideal for every situation. Some can help you wake up and focus, while others are ideal for lulling you into a deep sleep. Let’s take a look at what Gelato 41 offers users.

Gelato 41 offers an energized, focused, yet relaxing high that is perfect for any occasion. Whether you play video games all day or get work done, Gelato 41 is the best way to relax and still be productive.


  • Euphoric
  • Energized
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Happy

Unlike some strains that cast a fog on your mind and turn you into a couch zombie, Gelato 41 offers a beautiful body high while keeping your mind clear. Flavour Chasers made Gelato 41 to be the ideal strain to enjoy during the day when you still need to get things done.

This strain is excellent for a work-from-home day or when you toke and run some errands. The strain doesn’t necessarily make you social and talkative, so it’s not the best choice for a party atmosphere. But as mentioned, you don’t retreat into your mind either, so you can be present when hanging out with friends or family.

Gelato 41 is ideal for relieving anxiety and depression as it tends to lift the spirits, providing a happy and euphoric high rather than a sleepy, sluggish effect. It can spark creativity, putting you in the perfect mood to paint, draw, make music, or play games.

For smokers who need to blow off stress on the weekends without being couch-locked, Gelato 41 is perfect. It’s known to relieve symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

However, in people with low THC tolerance, it can create a paranoid, uneasy feeling. It can cause worry and stress if you aren’t used to such high levels of THC.

You may also experience dry mouth and dry eyes. Some users also report that as the effects of the strain wear off, a minor headache can come on, prompting you to smoke more weed.

Growing Gelato 41

Be warned, this strain is tough to cultivate, as it can be very finicky about soil, nutrients, sunlight, water, and temperature.

Gelato 41 is one of the hardest weed strains to grow because it does better indoors and requires a ton of space and fancy equipment.

This tricky weed strain yields far more when grown inside, so it’s best to keep it indoors if you have the right equipment. Indoor yields average about 12 ounces per plant, while outdoor yields average closer to 5 ounces per plant, making the best growth strategy obvious.

While this strain grows much more successfully indoors, it can grow as tall as seven feet, so you need plenty of space. They have a 70 to 76-day flowering period and are typically ready to harvest around day 85.

Unless you’re a highly experienced grower with lots of time to dedicate to your plants, you will likely not have success growing Gelato 41. Try an easier strain and stick to buying this one at the dispensary. However, you can easily find Gelato 41 seeds on Flavour Chasers website if you want to give it the old college try.

Gelato 41 Strain Reviews and Prices

Since your best bet for getting your hands on the sticky goodness of Gelato 41 is buying it at a dispensary, let’s talk about how much it will cost you and how easy it is to find!

Because Gelato 41 was such an intentionally-designed top-shelf strain, it’s not the cheapest. It typically costs about $40 per eighth, depending on where you go or where you get your weed delivered from.

Unlike many other strains, you don’t get a decent discount when buying bulk. So a full ounce could potentially cost you $300, which barely saves you money

But for daytime smokers, the high price tag seems to be worth it. People who enjoy smoking while they work or do creative activities say there is no better strain for them. The strain is worth a try, but if you love a hazy, sleepy high, there are more affordable strains that will do the trick.

Also if you want to get your hands on some high-quality Gelato 41 Strain seeds, here is a great place to try.

Wrap Up

Some users go as far as to say Gelato 41 is the best strain they’ve ever smoked, but that will always be up for debate. If you’re willing to pay the steep price, try out Gelato 41 and decide for yourself if this top-shelf weed is worth it.

Related Questions

If you have questions about Gelato weed strains, refer to the questions below.

Is the Gelato strain the same as Gelato 41?

Yes, this strain is the original Gelato weed strain, so some people refer to it as “Gelato”.

Are there other types of Gelato strains?

Yes, there is Gelato 3, Gelato 42, Apple Gelato, Gelato 45, and more which are slightly different from Gelato 41 but have overlapping lineages.

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